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Enfield council leader no-show as bullying finding upheld

Right-wing Labour council leader’s appeal attacking integrity of monitoring officer and bringing statements of support from various problematic right-wingers rejected
Nesil Caliskan

A bullying finding against Enfield Council leader Nesil Caliskan has been upheld after she appealed against it. Caliskan, a controversial figure close to ex-Labour MP Joan Ryan and previously accused of involvement in undemocratic candidate selections, did not turn up to for the hearing.

The council’s Chief Monitoring Officer gave evidence and again demanded that Caliskan retract her allegations against him of bias and political motivation.

The Conduct Committee found that the council had followed the law and correct procedure and upheld the decision of the independent lawyer-led investigation that Caliskan was guilty of bullying Cabinet colleague Yasemine Brett.

The committee decided on the following sanctions:

  • that professional mediation must take place between Cllr Brett and Cllr Caliskan by end of October
  • that Caliskan must issue a written apology for removing Cllr Brett from Cabinet, with the text approved by the Deputy Monitoring Officer
  • that a statement must be issued by Caliskan to the November Full Council Meeting acknowledging that the decision to remove Cllr Brett was done with undue haste and in an inappropriate fashion that was contrary to the Code of Conduct

Failure to comply will result in the Conduct Committee placing an advert in a newspaper publishing their decision and the sanctions, and posting the same on the Council’s website.

Caliskan has also previously been found guilty of attempting to interfere in the council’s scrutiny process and has been criticised by fellow councillors for her behaviour toward council employees. Her part in the ‘irregular’ selection of councillors is being investigated by the Labour party.

Cllr Caliskan has previously said that she does not wish to be contacted for comment.


Nesil Caliskan’s position has long been untenable, yet she has attempted to divert blame onto those accusing her of wrongdoing and has even falsely claimed that Labour has acted to protect her when it intervened to prevent right-wing bullying and has ignored the party’s instructions as to her behaviour.

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  1. I don’t understand why she is still a Labour councillor, surely this is bringing the Party into disrepute in the most public way ?
    Just what the NCC is doing Ive no idea

    1. She is still a Labour councillor because she is a right winger.
      On the essential issues- solidarity with snipers killing kids in Gaza, opposition to the Party’s elected leader and other indications of moderation- she is OK.
      The Party apparatus is dominated by enemies of democracy, some sporting right wing, others left wing professions. The Party is run by rightwingers and rightwingers pretending, for electoral purposes, not to be.

    2. I agree Rob, others have been expelled for far less, and publicly too, I think of Marc Wadsworth as on example.

  2. Caliskan has most definitely brought the party into disrepute by her gross misconduct her continuing actions to thwart the process. She could be joining the TIGCUK mob anytime soon, I would imagine.

    1. She can be nailed under conduct of a councillor whatever the party she’s in if the NCC do nothing as per usual….The sitting councillors need to report her to make sure she doesnt stand again under a different flag

  3. I was bullied out of my career by two different councils. What had I done to deserve it? I blew the whistle on a financial scam at Wirral Council and lodged a complaint at Cheshire West & Chester Council.

    Both times they opined, ‘Paul is out of step with the rest of the team’. They thought they were telling the truth when they said that. And they were. I certainly WAS out of step with most people, who feared what might happen if they stepped out of line.

    “Fear of the consequences” is the biggest open prison in the world. I escaped it twice.

    I wiped the floor with both sets of senior director bullies. And the last time – at Cheshire – I won my 32-year pension and retired.

    If anyone out there reading this is being bullied, be honest, be straightforward, use their own policies and procedures against them. Keep your calm. Keep your dignity. Take it all the way to the top and don’t back down, be intimidated or show them any undue deference.

    UK Councils are slewing with these greedy, aggressive, deceitful creatures.

    My ten-year anniversary of escaping the rat race comes this week and I am celebrating. You can do it too.

      1. And Wirral’s my council, unfortunately.

        And by Christ does Paul make himself a thorn in their flesh (With right honourable mentions for John Brace and wirralleaks).

        Sterling work, Paul. We’re grateful.

    1. Got the tee shirt.
      Isn’t it satisfying though, bumping into those powerful, wealthy people who thought they with their expensive lawyers would crush you – long after you’ve humiliated them in court?
      You smile and they pretend not to have seen you as they hurry away.
      Priceless 🙂

    2. Wirrel init together…….I must agree with you and I encounterd much the same myself as a councillor.I couldn’t hardly go away on holiday,without the group leader asking for a special mtg to nail me…..unfortunately for him some councillors fought my corner.And its always money thats been the issue….and instructions…to not talk about it……or show more loyalty to the group…..official secrets act….the council try every trick to maintain the nice cosy status quo!I……I walked away sickened by having to watch my back…and the demoralizing blairite policys inside Labour councils…..We gave away our council houses to an officer newley formed housing association and made the officers,,,,,directors millions overnight…..council propery in prime Surrey commuter belt…..That was the last straw.I am pleased you did better than me comrade.Somtimes though its better to move on and help were people realy appreciate it……and thats why I am posting from Cambodia for now!

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