Enfield council leader Caliskan found guilty of second standards breach this month

Right-winger’s second adverse judgment in just over a week
Nesil Caliskan, front right, with her mother (left) and now ex-Labour MP Joan Ryan

Enfield’s right-wing Labour council leader, Nesil Caliskan, has been the subject of a series of complaints and protests by local Labour members and councillors, as well as of action by the party’s Governance and Legal Unit (GLU), following a series of revelations by the SKWAWKBOX – which were picked up, without credit, by ‘mainstream’ media.

Caliskan was Labour’s local campaign forum (LCF) secretary when she oversaw an array of ‘irregular‘ selections of her allies, who promptly elected her leader of the council after last year’s local elections. The process also saw every BAME councillor in the borough deselected, to the outrage of local community groups.

Local members and half the Enfield Council cabinet demanded an investigation, while all the female Labour group officers resigned except for Caliskan herself in protest at bullying and intimidation. The resulting disciplinary process saw the Enfield Labour group placed into special measures – and Caliskan was rebuked for ignoring binding instructions issued by Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC). Many of the council’s cabinet members refused to stand, saying they could not work with her.

Caliskan responded by alleging that she is the subject of a racially-motivated smear campaign and originally told members that the party’s investigation into her had been abandoned, which was untrue.

Earlier this month, Caliskan’s defence began to fall apart after an independent solicitor appointed by the council’s Monitoring Officer to conduct an investigation into her behaviour found that Caliskan’s had bullied fellow councillor Yasemin Brett.

Now, barely a week later, she has been found guilty of a second standards breach. An independent solicitor appointed by the council’s Monitoring Officer has concluded that she had attempted to exert undue influence on Derek Levy, the chair of the council’s ‘overview and scrutiny’ committee.

Caliskan emailed Levy to ask for regular meetings so that he would be “more closely aligned to key decisions” of the council Labour group she leads.

The function of the overview and scrutiny committee’s role, as its name suggests, is to provide independent scrutiny of Enfield Council’s decisions.

Levy’s response to Caliskan’s approach warned her that her email was “inappropriate, compromising and incriminating” – but the following day she emailed to again ask for a meeting, at which Levy made a formal complaint to the Monitoring Officer.

The investigating solicitor’s report stated that Ms Caliskan’s behaviour constituted a significant threat to the the council’s overview and scrutiny function, one which had only been avoided,

because of the experience and confidence of experienced councillors who took steps to protect the integrity and independence of the overview and scrutiny function.

Last month Daniel Anderson, the council’s former deputy leader, published a letter saying that he could not work with Cllr Caliskan because she was ‘unfit for holding public office‘.

An extract from Daniel Anderson’s open letter, as published by the SKWAWKBOX

Nesil Caliskan has previously said that she does not wish to be contacted for comment by the SKWAWKBOX.


It is time for urgent change in Enfield. The council is acting through its own processes, but the Labour Party must also take action.

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  1. Methinks
    Boris will have his feet held to the fire by Farage when he joins cheap and nasty Tory party in July

    Who is the hatchet gadgie in Labour party,
    Answer – No one,
    There is no one to enforce the rules and maintain discipline
    Lost track of cases against red Tory snowflake neverender bitterites

  2. ridiculous how red tories get away with these kinds of actions and great LW people like Chris Williamson are suspended. Sickens me and makes me not want to be part of the Labour Party TBH

    1. ‘Sickens me and makes me not want to be part of the Labour Party TBH’

      Yes, exactly, and I have little doubt that many left-wing members feel the same. But THAT is precisely what the saboteurs want, and do what they do precisely so as to make us feel that way, because they know that just about EVERYONE on the left has a very strong sense of justice, and they have witnessed so much INJUSTICE in the LP during the past three years or more they can’t help feeling bitter and angry about it. It goes to the very heart of what the LP stands for.

  3. Surely she has brought the Labour party into disrepute and therefore should be disciplined?

    I am not sure if this has been reported in the local press; it has been covered by a a local online paper in nearby Palmers Green.

    If there is an election in the near future this may effect perceptions of Labour in the three constituencies that Enfield council encapsulated.

  4. I’ve just come back to this page after composing and typing out a comment, and I see that other people have since posted making much the same points as myself, but I’ll post it anyway:

    In his letter, Daniel Anderson, the council’s former deputy leader says (of Nesil Caliskan) that:

    ‘…colleagues have been regularly briefed against, where colleagues have been smeared on trumped up and persistently FALSE allegations of racism and sexism…’

    There is no doubt of course that the allegations made against members by Nesil Caliskan WERE false and fabricated and trumped up, but did she ever at any point actually make any formal complaints to the NEC about any given individual, or individuals, as you obviously would. I doubt it somehow, but it would be interesting to ascertain whether she did, or NOT. Perhaps Steve/skwawkbox could enquire. The Big Question is: Given all the complaints made againt HER, why hasn’t she been suspended LONG before now! Seems to me that a lot of other people have been suspended – and remained suspended for extended periods of time – based on the most spurious of claims/allegations, and some of THOSE then expelled from the LP. Ken Livingstone (suspended, then eventually left of his own accord) and Jackie Walker (suspended for around two years then booted out), to name but TWO! It’s outrageous beyond words, and has to come to a stop.

  5. The NEC are beginning to resemble the judean popular front from the life of Brian film featuring the crew from monty python sketch.!They manage get nothing done and keep pushing new rules that none of them can agree on and generally put forward motions whilst brian(Christ )ends up being crucified..It would be amusing ,but the jokes on the Left wing and we continue to watch members being crucified for the cause.Sacrificed whist the traitors walk away unhindered by rules or party discipline..My patience is definitely wearing down,and I am beginning to suspect that we elected a so called loyal group to dominate the NEC and have been duped again as many of us were with tTom Watson’s deputy leadership election.Not again I hope?.We urgently need action not talk!

  6. She’s bang in cahoots with Joan Ryan some of her family even work for Joan isn’t that right Steve? Some of the Cllr’s and those promoted have no or next to no experience promoted way past they’re capability makes them easier to control I suppose ..

  7. Liz,would that be the Joan Ryan that was filmed taking money from an Israeli embassy official.looks like Ryan has been sharing out the million pounds she was given.l wonder if Watson has had is nose in the trough as well?

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