Labour’s blueprint to win the coming election

Cummings and Johnson are trying to manipulate the people and the left. Here’s how to prevent them succeeding

Boris Johnson and his adviser Dominic Cummings are trying to manipulate the left into positioning him as the anti-Establishment, insurgent candidate to appeal to leave-supporting working class.

Ridiculous as it may be to present an old-Etonian former Bullingdon Club member as the ‘man of the people’, that’s their plan – and the hard right achieved something similar for Trump in the US.

The five strategic components below are how the left can counteract the ploy – and win the coming general election:

  • do not allow Johnson achieve his aim of being seen as the anti-Establishment candidate – keep emphasising his privilege and, even more importantly, his long history of support for elites. There is no shortage of material
  • concentrate on a broad-based issues campaign. What really matters to most voters is how they will pay their bills, what kind of lives their children have and will have, the safety, health and security of their family – and all the many and varied ways in which the Tories have blighted the lives of ordinary people for almost a decade
  • this will be a Change election, so think big and positive – present hope, vision and optimism in all your campaigning
  • resist negative, personality-focused campaigning
  • dictate the agenda by concentrating on your own game – don’t dance to the enemy’s tune

How you apply those in your own campaigning is up to you – but the principles involved will help to ensure that Labour fights the election on its own terms and not those Johnson would prefer.

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  1. to true, hear so often about parents worried where they going to afford school uniform, bullying in schools because of the uncaring culture, things that are nothing to the likes of boris Johnson. there are men they don’t want to admit about things and would rather put on a brave face than admit they cant afford to keep their families. a lot think all politicians are the same, we have to start showing it can be better. not get personal, whats the point >?facts and figures are important.

    1. Let’s fervently hope Boris Johnson and his globalist neoliberal spiv Cabinet , and the cunning plotter, Cummings, don’t manage to dress him up successfully in the ’emperor’s clothes’ of the ‘end of austerity big spender on the NHS, police, schools, etc’ and the ‘champion of the popular will in the 2016 Referendum’ – but the recent confusing antics of our PLP over Brexit and calling an election haven’t helped to forestall this grim possibility. See this incisive Morning Star article sounding a timely warning today:

  2. I live in USA. Trump has told his friend Farage to coach Johnson. He will try and dominate the media. It will be a two headed monster. Do not forget the neo liberals do not like Trump. There is a split in the ruling class , open it up. Link Johnson to Trump but stay on economic justice stay on the issues that people want such as ending the free movement of Labour & capital. Anti austerity. Push a economic bread and butter agenda. Do not get into liberal. Identity correctness. . Working class people want their bread and roses not the flowery feel good. Jobs free college the environment investment peace in Ireland . Put Britain first

  3. Whilst it is important for Labour to try to undermine Johnson’s claim to be anti-Establishment, on its own it won’t be convincing: Labour has to actually outflank him on being anti-Establishment. The worry is that the momentum has all been in the opposite direction over the last few months with Labour looking pro-Establishment. I agree with Mike Mitchell above that we have to emphasise the interests of the British working class not liberal identity politics.

    1. Yes and Tories including Johnson (and Lib Dems) first thing they did was to give tax cuts to millionaires and Big Business Corporations TO PROTECT THEM FROM AUSTERITY but for US it was and is AUSTERITY FOR WORKING PEOPLE!
      Now after 10 TERRIBLE TORY YEARS of Johnson’s cuts and pay freezes they have pushed HS2 back by 5 years to pay for short term election bribes!
      Labour will end austerity and pay freezes, have a living wage £10 ph, address poverty & homelessness, build the homes needed, have private rent controls and better security of tenure, will address climate change including banning Fracking, have state-led public investment to stimulate the economy which will feed the private sector supply chain, take rail into democratic public ownership to sort it out, have 1m Green jobs (many located in areas of industrial decline) and more!
      This is what Labour offers but if the Tories get in and Johnson does a trade deal with Trump it will be chlorinated chicken coming to shops near YOU and NHS bills FOR YOU as private US Healthcare companies are given the NHS by Johnson, and you may have to work until you are 75!
      VOTE LABOUR – you know it makes sense!

  4. The good news is that Corbyn is more Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton. Were Labour running a Blairite against Johnson, the dynamic would be very similar to that which got Trump elected.

    This is where it could actually be an advantage that the Westminster bubble and the media has spent the last four years “othering” Corbyn.

    1. Ultraviolet, good point about the establishment’s possibly self-defeating marginalisation of Corbyn.
      The danger I think is that the floating vote may be so angry at parliament’s failure to resolve anything after three years that it holds all parties and all MP’s responsible.
      If a GE were held today the protest vote might well be larger than we’ve ever seen – why wouldn’t it be?
      If it goes to those deemed ‘uncontaminated’ by parliament we get populism Trump-style.
      It would be ironic if the only check on Prime Minister Farage turned out to be the house of lords ‘~’

      Doug, to most people Marxist, Stalinist, Communist and Trot are interchangeable.
      I wouldn’t want to try to explain the differences here, let alone on the doorstep 🙂

  5. Previous mention of email from Jennie Formby opening nominations on wednesday and closing today at 5pm is explained on LabourList,
    It applies purely to vacant seats where there is no current candidate

    One small debating point, when JC and others are called Marxists, can we respond with the urge for a fairer society runs through most human beings and compared to casino capatalism that has given us food banks, starving children and period poverty, we will take Marxism,
    Besides hugely preferable to having Harpo Marx as your leader

  6. Remind people of the proposals to raise the retirement age to 75. Make sure ‘man of the people’ Boris Johnson is regularly asked about it and challenged about it.

    Each canvasser could print off an article about it and show it to the voter when they talk to them.

    This would be very effective.

  7. Johnson’s persona reminded me of this;
    Old King Cole was a merry old soul,
    And a merry old soul was he;
    He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl,
    And he called for his fiddlers three.
    Every fiddler he had a fiddle,
    And a very fine fiddle had he;
    Oh there’s none so rare, as can compare,
    With King Cole and his fiddlers three.[3]

    I like the lots of fiddlers

  8. On the question of Johnson’s persona – @Rachael_Swindon tweeted “Johnson is a compulsive liar.”

    That got me thinking about what the persona he affects publicly might tell us about other character traits he’s not so keen on projecting, including the fact that he’s an ̶i̶n̶v̶e̶r̶t̶e̶b̶r̶a̶t̶e̶ inveterate liar.

    Starter for ten: What does clowning indicate about a person?
    I’d say it dates back to a child’s desperate desire to be liked.
    Clowning would be one of the few ways the scion of very minor toffs in the toffiest toff school on the planet could gain the acceptance of far richer and more historically-entitled peers.
    I can imagine such brats might see it as their duty to make the lives of common oiks in ‘their’ school quite unpleasant if the oik sons of mere millionaires don’t ingratiate themselves in some way.

    Analysis of his other affectations like the cod-Churchillian hunch-slouch, declaiming a shopping list like it was Shakespeare, that hair, pronouncing “too” as “tyeuwe,” the desperate bumbling attempts to pretend some remnant of youthful sporting prowess… I’ll save for later.

    1. I’m not sure he’s a ‘compulsive’ liar; more an inveterate, calculating one. It’s a tool of the narcissistic psychopath.

  9. My worry is that waiting till after 31st October and listening to our treacherous PLP and giving the momentum to the TORY party time to regroup will inevitably cost us the election and also give rise to a successful chicken coup?…….you’ve been warned!

    1. Errr … Joseph – have you looked at the indicators and the political weather? I wouldn’t lay bets of any precise figure, but the Tories are certainly currently ahead in the polls as some of their core vote comes back from the Brexit Party.

      You underestimate the level of political ignorance and susceptibility in the country. Many have absolutely no concept of the truth about Johnson – they are fed media images that conceal that truth. The current time is *not* propitious for a Labour win. Sometimes patience – coupled with hard work and canny game play is indeed a virtue.

      My guess is that whatever the precise circumstances, there is no point in an election until the Toad’s bluster game of blaming the EU and the opposition has had time to be shown for what it is.

      No rush – just careful calculation to maximize his pratfalls. It’s test cricket, not the short game of rounders with a flat bat 🙂

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