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Journalist ‘forgot’ Labour’s great women front-benchers – stood vs Diane Abbott in 2010 general election

Guardian columnist also claimed Corbyn needs “suitable female pet”
Original version published by the Guardian and its author (inset)

Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore has published an anti-Labour article in which she claimed Labour has a ‘shortage of women’ in Corbyn’s ‘inner circle’. Moore name-checks Jess Phillips and Stella Creasy, but manages to leave out any mention of the Labour front-benchers who are without doubt in Corbyn’s closest team, such as Dawn Butler, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Laura Pidcock and others.

Moore also seems to dismiss those she has omitted, questioning their ‘intellectual depth and mental agility‘. While she might claim that comment was a barb at the supposed sexism of Labour men, she also used language that many would consider unambiguously misogynist toward Labour women who support Labour’s leader, saying that Corbyn needs to ‘groom‘,

a suitable female pet.

But Moore’s glaring failure to mention even the names of Labour’s strong female front-benchers has been compounded by information posted by Twitter user ‘Mike X‘, who remembered that Ms Moore stood against Diane Abbott as an independent candidate in the 2010 parliamentary election:

The Guardian subsequently changed the title of its article to remove the ‘inner circle’ reference, but the original wording can still be seen in the article’s URL and on the ‘Muckrack‘ journalism site, as well as in the screenshot above.

Suzanne Moore has been contacted for comment.


The recent centrist tactic of attacking Corbyn’s closest supporters continues, this time the outstanding women who outshine their so-called ‘moderate’ counterparts daily and who are considered by Labour supporters as genuine future leadership candidates. ‘Forgetting’ them in order to attack a supposed lack of leading women in the party, of course, cannot be accidental on the part of a political columist.

But the arrogance, wilful amnesia and astonishingly offensive thinking that drips from Suzanne Moore’s hit-piece exposes the entitlement and sourness of the centrist Establishment that led former deputy PM John Prescott to dub them ‘bitterites’.

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  1. I don’t mean this to be controversial but I honestly think that if one of Jeremy Corbyn’s female inner circle became leader now (I’m aware of their potential lack of experience), I think Labour would have a far better chance of winning the next General election with a comfortable majority.

      1. How about Angela Rayner, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Dawn Butler, Laura Pidcock. All are highly capable in their roles and would be a natural progression to promote Jeremy’s policies. But let’s get Jeremy in to No10 first.

      2. ”How about Angela Rayner,”

        Used to have a fair bit of time for rayner, given her background.

        That said, she hasn’t really shown any leftist credentials or views, and she abstained on that welfare vote a while back. I was prepared to overlook that, though.

        Now she’s referred a fellow labour MP for homophobic comment’ because he agrees that people should be allowed to protest about their kids’ education?

        That’s borderline jess philips/weaselly screeching in my book.

        No. Look elsewhere.

    1. Joe, you’re being controversial. There is no one, man or woman, in the LP who could give us better GE results than Jeremy Corbyn.

    2. Trolls out in force today!
      I suppose we should thank Suzanne Moore “The Trolling Man’s Columnist”

  2. The Guardian ‘bitterites’? Oranges are not the only fruit, more bitter & twisted lemons from a newspaper that has just been publicly thanked by the MOD for re-establishing links with Britain’s ‘intelligence services’.

  3. Ms Moore is on the shortlist for the 2019 Orwell Prize, which will be awarded next Tuesday. Last year’s winner was Carol Codswallop so it’s clear this is an award much like the Nobel Peace Prize, truly Orwellian. If she wins, they will be hanging it on the wall in the Guardian staffroom next to the portrait of Big Brother. Orwell’s real name of course was Blair – perhaps Moore’s is O’Brien?

    1. I was astonished to see she was on the short-list, too, rather than, say, Aditya Chakrabortty, the last investigative journalist at the Graun.

      Ah, I think I just stumbled on the reason why not!

  4. Mediocrity continuing its line of attack in trying to undermine Jeremy’s colleagues and supporters one by one, whilst promoting mediocrity.
    Though he was far from a Leftie old Denis Healey had a good line:
    “Like being savaged by a dead sheep!”

  5. 258, I’m surprised Suzanne Moore doesn’t have a weekly spot on “This Week” with Andrew Neil!
    It’s full of losers!

  6. Which is why I could never be a feminist,
    bought a pair of high heeled pit boots once, didn’t like the colour
    I do love wimmin though, can do a length underwater
    I’m lost is Suzanne Moore practising misogyny or misandry
    Forget anything from Grauniad they cant even spell priprly

  7. I agree that it’s disgraceful to ignore Abbott – a good second vote supporting candidate who represents the mainstream view in the Party.

  8. I’ve read the article, despite all links and mention of it have been removed from the main page and the opinion page of the app. I have to recognise that it’s a masterclass: sexism, racism and classism all rolled into one while still pretending to be written from a feminist point of view. Wonderful example of doublethink. Would the term “gaslighting” apply to it?

    The article summarised (my take): if you’re a working class and/or black women in the shadow cabinet, you are not capable of thinking by yourself, no smarter than a dog. You are insignificant and really not worth mentioning.

    1. Ben’s cartoon made me think of “Drunk octopus fighter got smacked up by Winnie and Piglet”

      While there I noticed something on Buzzfeed I hadn’t seen before – lots of “If you answer these twenty questions we’ll tell you [your favourite Taylor Swift song]” or some other such apparently fun and trivial clickbait.
      I’m betting that the questions will seem innocent enough but unless one of them is “What’s your favourite Taylor Swift song?” they’ll be designed to extract answers revealing far more about you than you’d willingly volunteer.

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