Labour First’s first paid ‘anti-Corbynite’ organiser loses branch election

Matt Pound defeated in Streatham Hill AGM bid
Labour First’s anti-Corbyn organiser Matt Pound

In late 2016, right-wing Labour pressure group Labour First launched a fundraising appeal to employ its first full-time organiser, with a brief to ‘counteract Corbynistas’.

The organisation subsequently appointed Matt Pound to the position and he described his role as ensuring that candidates friendly to his employers win ‘internal elections within the Labour party’.

This didn’t quite work out in practice last week when Mr Pound, until then chair of Streatham Hill branch, was unsuccessful in a bid to be re-elected to the exec during the branch’s annual general meeting (AGM). Pound had stood down as branch chair and stood for another position, but was defeated.

This is not the first such defeat Mr Pound has suffered. At the Streatham CLP (constituency Labour party) AGM in March, he was among a raft of right-wing hopefuls defeated when the left won a near clean-sweep of executive positions in the wake of the departure of now-LibDem MP Chuka Umunna.

Matt Pound has been contacted for comment.


In spite of the best efforts of the party’s right, Labour continues to remake itself in its true form at all levels across the country.

But there is a long way to go and left Labour members need to maintain focus and continue to turn up and organise to see the job through.

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  1. Biggest problem is the MPs, still too many are right wing Blairites or New Labour relics, get rid of ’em all that is why we members urgently need open selection so we can get the power to deselect them once and for all!

  2. Instead of a Love in at party conference this year,we need answers from the NEC and mps .The NEC need to restore confidence in the member’s that the rules are for the many and apply to everyone including mps and councillors.Clearly the executive are not enforcing rules and sanctions against the traitors in amongst us and and encouraged by a shambles within the NEC. We need to have answers on why not one single mp has shown the courage to stand against Watson’s treacherous deputy leadership? What is the point of our campaign’s to convince the voters when we are continually undermined by half the plp and renegade councillors. We need to be strong and assertive knowing our backs are covered by those we elected and by party employees working together with the member’s for a Labour government.We demand answers at the conference this year.!No More excuses please?

      1. Bay no organisation can survive if they have paid plotters looking to undermine and sabotage the party at every opportunity they get.We do not need mps that are committed and happy to see the corbyn project destroyed!.

    1. Delegates @ Party Conference represent their own personal beliefs & they can & will promote & vote for their own ideologies & often not what has been agreed in their constituency meetings.

      1. steve richards, in the information age we don’t need delegates.
        The technology exists to enable all-member online voting, we should use it.

    1. The bung that Ryan received from the Israeli embassy must have run out by now,no wonder the plotters are panicking!.It’s a jungle out there!

  3. Any relation to that other useless crying twunt, stephen pound?

    Not arsed anyway, to be honest. they’re both pointless.

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