Splitters split, quitters quit: Change UK in tatters as MPs bail out after catastrophic start

Six of 11 MPs do a(nother) runner


It seems that quitting is habit-forming.

Heidi Allen, Chuka Umunna, Sarah Wollaston, Angela Smith, Luciana Berger and Gavin Shuker have left Change/TIG to become ‘independent independents’, leaving Anna Soubry to become the remnant’s new ‘leader’.

Perhaps the racism of the new party was simply too much to bear, though it’s odd that the godmother of tinge, Angela Smith, went with them. Or perhaps, let’s call them ‘New Quitter’, want to distance themselves from their own catastrophe.

It’s interesting that two of the former-Labour quitters haven’t quit a second time. Perhaps Joan Ryan and Chris Leslie are what the departing group is fleeing.

Interesting, too, that the New Quitters haven’t fled to the LibDems. Perhaps even the yellow Tories have more sense.

What’s left of Change UK limps on, probably more in hope of avoiding being the shortest-lived political party in history than anything else. What was left of the credibility of either faction disappeared long ago, so it seems the ‘quit the quitters’ group felt it had nothing left to lose by doing another runner. And still the people of the eleven constituencies are denied the chance of a say in a by-election.

So much for fixing broken politics.

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  1. Lol Ffs. Will someone please think of the Gapes ,no more Nandos !! Complete shambles from a bunch of w#%kers.

    1. Did you mention ,morality? Wash your keyboard with new, improved, anti-novichok wipes. Regards.

  2. Vince Cable was saying that he’d been contacted by some of the new quitters. Obviously, the Lib’ Dem’s better watch out if they join after all their egos will take some satiating. Before you know it they’ll do the same for the Lib’ Dem’s! On second thoughts they should all join, that’ll sort the Lib’ Dem’s from taking seats of Labour ever again!

  3. This lot are now a mere pointless diversion. Time to focus on the Labour Party’s problems.

    1. RH 04/06/2019 at 6:07 pm

      ”This lot are now a mere pointless diversion.”

      You heard it here first, folks 🙂

    2. ‘…Time to focus on the Labour Party’s problems.’

      Actually, we have and always have been. The only process left – which i wouldn’t call a problem – is ridding the party of the rest of the reactionary right wing PLP members via deselections and their doomed neo-liberal economic agenda so that we can reinstate the original Clause-4.

      The biggest “pointless diversion” is BREXIT debate, when there shouldn’t be none, as we have clearly voted to leave. ‘We’ here meaning the majority, as their decision is binding on the rest of the UK population under democratic form of governance.

  4. Really not a good day for Twatson &Co . his bolt hole is now up in smoke and LList poll says he’s toast .Shame tho as we now have to put up with him and his under-miners , still when we get the NEC green light for selection ……….. YESSSSSSSSSS .

  5. I doubt it matters they have left their shiny new Party, most of them were on their way out anyway, I have to say the standard of MPs in all Parties is as poor as I can remember, not sure of the reason but since Thatcher and Reagan it seems most have detatched themselves from the people, most have outside influences, it is why Labour were hemorrhaging votes prior to Corbyn becoming leader,

    1. PPE – SPAD – safe seat, and choose your party based on where you can best advance your career.

      That is what is wrong with Parliament.

  6. tcliverpool
    the country was screaming out for clear red water after the 2015 GE,
    the membership exploded and then came JC, to give us back our party,
    it wasn’t rocket science and its here to stay,
    which cannot be said about cheap and nasty tory party
    sit back and enjoy watching them disappear up their own backsides,
    as for snowflake red tories, where the hell do they go, they havnt even got a arse to disappear up

    1. We can console ourselves with the knowledge that we won’t ever have to live under another Tory govt.

      You gotta get your hope where you can!

  7. “A Comedy of Errors”!
    You couldn’t make it up!
    Infamy Infamy, they all have it Infamy!
    What’s left could form a band and play to empty houses!
    Unfit for Purpose!

  8. It was like watching a group of absolutely clueless fifth formers trying to produce an edition of a very bad school magazine and failing horribly.

    Very entertaining though. I especially liked the bit about the hands. Unfortunately like 99% of the population I didn’t understand any of it but it was an absolute joy watching Ryan struggling to explain the non existent metaphor. The upside down panel discussion came very close though.

  9. I think this article is way too negative. ChangeUK are so committed to the concept of change that they absolutely refuse to maintain cohesion for more than four months at a time and demand that at least 50% of the members leave bianually. This is written in the Change UK rulebook. No, wait, I think they’ve changed that.

  10. I have just seen that Allen has said that Change UK might “merge” with the Lib Dems. “Merge”??? I ask you. Five people joining the Lib Dems constitutes a merger – does it?
    The over inflated sense of self importance and self worth of these people is absolutely hilarious. They couldn’t even sustain a party with eleven people in it what abject failures they are

  11. ChangeUK is an irrelevance – best ignored. It’s function has been to discredit the model they attempted.

    The real issue is the doubling of the LibDem percentage vote – a gift that kept giving as Labour’s cunning plan unravelled.

    1. RH,
      One hates to rain on your parade, but alas its necessary.
      Regardless of present Polling, history indicates that Labour will gain a minimum 30% of the vote at any election, this based on all post 1945 Polling data. Indeed, the Centrist Labour Party in 2015 had a plan to win an election with approx. 35% of the vote in a three/four way race of Parties standing. Given latest polling data indicates a clear majority of the UK electorate endorse the common sense ideas of the 2017 Labour Manifesto, why should I share your defeatism. Indeed, a wiseman usually emulates his enemies and their strategies when necessary – Nazi Germany was defeated this way by the Soviet Army, it copied much of the German Military’s Strategy, and we can defeat Toryism and Centrism if we do likewise.
      Yes, Milliband lost in 2015, yes, Corbyn surprised in 2017, but, with the Brexit Party, LibDems, Tories and Old Labour in the running, don’t think the UK electorate want more neoliberal austerity or platitudes, hence I’m confident that Labour will get 34-36% of the actual vote come the GE, enough, given our corrupt FTTP system to get JC into Number 10.
      Now go stick this in your pipe and inhale deeply.
      No more defeatist talk, its what Centrists desire, so are you a Centrist RH, or just a Remaniac Nutter?

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