Video: Trump wants NHS ‘on table’ in any trade deal – no objection from May

US President’s comment provoked no disagreement from Tory PM – Trump went on to praise and meet Brexit party leader Nigel Farage, whose wish to exchange NHS for insurance-based private system is well known

Visiting US president Donald Trump was asked today during a press conference whether the UK’s National Health Service should be ‘on the table’ in a US/UK trade deal. He responded that it should:

Theresa May did not contradict, object or even interrupt – and she cannot claim not to have heard the question, as she repeated it for Trump before he answered.

Trump praised Nigel Farage and left to meet the Brexit party leader. Farage’s views on the NHS and his wish to swap it for a private, insurance-based system are well known and recently confirmed.

A number of leading candidates to succeed Theresa May as Tory leader have expressed similar views.

Jeremy Corbyn, by contrast, spoke passionately in defence of the NHS in his speech to the anti-Trump rally:


A note to the people of Peterborough: if you vote anything but Labour on Thursday, this is the future for your already-collapsing services.

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  1. Trump wants deal which includes our NHS…what a surprise! If we Brexit, the Tories are just the people to give it to him in a scramble to claw back all the trade we’ll lose from the EU.

    Brexiters take note, the chlorine washed chickens are coming home to roost.

    1. As you say, Jack T – “Quelle surprise!”

      But it’s all OK – Brexit, backed by that seer, JPenny – assistant to one N. Farrago, tells us so; it’s the EU that’s the real threat!

      You couldn’t f.ing make it up.

      1. You’re unreal. You come here with your “the polls say” cobblers and think a massive gift to Labour (the NHS’s on the table) will result in the end of the NHS and that it’s all because of Brexit.
        Well Mr Polls are true, what effect will negative polling have on Tory negotiations with America? Even Johnson knows that he can’t give the NHS away.

      2. …..you have to give it away a bit at a time, like Tony Blair started. Otherwise the people won’t allow it.

      3. … and your point is, lundenial – after denying election results and polling ??? …. Brexit is other than a gift to the Trumpeters and the Lexit mates of Farago?

        I know it’s tough when contrary predictions come true.

    2. And in the current neo liberal EU we cannot stop the privatisation of NHS,
      We have no manifesto if we remain, never mind a second referendum has not a red Tory snowflakes chance in hell of getting through
      Only solution is Labour brino

      1. I think that the current Tory + Blair – (not EU) devised situation of the NHS – even if not what we want in those terms – is a f. sight better than it might be under a Trump-agreed deal!

    1. I agree lundiel. Preventing the sell of our NHS should be our first manifesto pledge
      I am absolutely horrified and disgusted that the Tories who have been angling for on a deal with Trump post Brexit are willing even consider selling out our NHS in order to get one.
      This has been rumoured for quite a while but now we have it straight from the horses mouth.
      We must never allow the NHS to be privatised . We cannot risk becoming like the USA. It is an uncaring and uncivilised society where e.g.victims of road accidents are left untreated until they can produce their medical insurance and where most people who get cancer, MS, Parkinsons or other chronic illnesses end up in severe financial hardship and frequently face homelessness. In the USA if you can’t pay you don’t get medical assistance no matter how serious your situation is.
      Also on the table for any trade deal is the import of USA chlorinated chicken. The process of chlorination is utterly disgusting – stomach turning. We cannot allow that either.
      Trump is used to getting his own way, bullying and riding roughshod over any and all opposition. The Tories are already kowtowing to him, letting down and undermining the country as usual. Well Trump will not overawe, browbeat or intimidate Jeremy Corbyn which is yet another reason we need Jeremy in No 10 asap .

      1. Exactly, which is why you now have prime ministerial hopefuls falling over themselves to declare “not on my watch”. This is the best present Trump could give Jeremy Corbyn, he should use the gift wisely.
        Meanwhile, our resident LibDem mouthpieces should reflect on the EUs desperate attempt to rescue TTIP, or something very similar, from the ashes. Trump might be America first…Europe is business first.

      2. Agree that the NHS should remain free at the point of use and always be part of the public sector.

        The USA has one of the highest infant mortality rates. Especially those with heart lung issues and disabilities. Those that have survived through to adulthood with long term conditions have a lower life expectancy, struggle to get any insurance and face tough choices as they try to survive. The USA puts profit before patients and there is very little transparency in some medical facilities.

        The Trump administration has a new war tactic of sanctions and starvation. We definitely need to say no deal to Trump. It is up to the UK to public to decide if it wants a public health service not Trump or the leader of any other nation.

      1. “A great thing for the American worker what we just did,” said Donald Trump as, with the stroke of his pen, he cancelled the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP). Trump will also scrap the European equivalent, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which has only just been agreed, and renegotiate (i.e. dismantle) the North American Free Trade Area (Nafta). Candidate Trump described it as the “worst deal ever”
        It may have been very unpopular with European activists, but it was/is hugely popular with the European Council… The true leaders of the EU, along with the ECB.
        You are either wilfully blind, impossibly naive or at odds with the truth Jack T.

      2. Keep up Linda:

        “A Council decision of 15 April 2019 states that the negotiating directives for the TTIP are obsolete and no longer relevant.”

        There is no desperate attempt to rescue TTIP. However there are negotiations, as there are with many countries, to establish free trade in certain goods. We of course as members of the EU will get the benefit of those negotiations as we did with EU/China negotiations recently

  2. Just seen this on the Indy rag comments ,, brilliant


  3. Yes Trump the right wing Neo-liberal Barbarian wants the NHS privatised supported by the Neo-Liberal Tories and the Neo-Liberal Brexit Party.
    The Blairites in Labour started it and the Lib Dems in the Coalition Govt have their fingerprints all over this too.
    It is interesting that the establishment and capital seems to be throwing its weight now behind the right wing Brexit Party having failed so far with the Labour Right.
    Perhaps we could pull the rug from under the Neo-Liberal Right Wing Brexit Party and Tories by being clearer in supporting Brexit and if we win we do our own deals but I understand why the Left Leaders feel the need to be tactical.
    I do support a wall in the US – around Trump Towers would do – to keep Trump (a ‘moron” according to Bruce Springsteen) in!
    The sooner the Right Wing Barbarian fecks off back to the US the better!

  4. When we finally get a GE in 2022 it will be too late. Can anyone see Trump’s America letting a Labour government renationalise US owned assets.

  5. Tango-man won’t stop with the NHS being “on the table” as a prerequisite for any and all trade negotiations. He will want to get his grubby mitts on everything, defence, education, infrastructure. The whole lot, public and private, he will demand that American business gets 1st dibs and preferential terms and no protections for our own businesses. While still keeping our businesses locked out the US markets.
    Those die-hard “brexiteers” will be facing the stark reality of what they have inflicted on the country,

  6. And the NFU have categorically stated that farming would be wiped out,
    One day to go and let’s see how MSM play this over Peterborough by – election, in normal circumstances it should wipe the floor with Brexit and Tory parties

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