“There’s no room for quitters to come back to Labour. We’re an anti-racist party”

Hopes of return underlines quitters’ detachment from reality
Hoping to return. No.


Several news outlets are reporting that the ‘Change UK’ quitters are talking to other Labour MPs in the hope of finding a way out of their self-inflicted disaster – and back into the Labour Party.

“There’s no room for them. Labour is an anti-racist party.”

The fact that the ex-Labour quitters could entertain even for a second the idea that Labour – and Labour members – would accept them back simply underscores the utter ego, self-absorption and detachment from reality that has driven the whole sorry exercise.

They bought a one-way ticket – and did their best to trash the boarding area on their way out.

A Labour insider was blunt, telling the SKWAWKBOX:

They’ve got to be kidding. There’s no room for them. Not only would the members never tolerate it, they’ve burned their bridges with many MPs. Besides, Labour is an anti-racist party.

The ex-Labour quitters are in la-la land. Labour’s better and stronger without them – their incompetence, arrogance and absolute vacuity have been exposed and they’ve failed to learn a single lesson from their ‘calamity’.

The best thing they can do all round is finally call by-elections, so their members can get a real Labour MP – and the quitters’ deluded misadventure is brought to its conclusion as swiftly and mercifully as possible.

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  1. WHAT !!!!!!

    It took us long enough to get rid of them NO WAY BACK for any of the back stabbing self seeking quitters.

  2. Hahaha. Not sure if they have big balls, or big stupidity? Maybe a little of both…

  3. I agree with the sentiment of SB’s post but it is very unlikely (inconceivable) that there will be any by-elections. All the quitters will be hanging on in there to maximise their ‘golden goodbye’ payment and their pension entitlements.

    1. I suspect that most of us on here are old enough to remember “were you up for Portillo?” in 1997. Whatever happens at the next election night, we’ll have a few “Were you up for Chukka/ Ryan/Berger?” moments to look forward to.

      1. ….though on second thoughts they’ll probably deny us that satisfaction. Somehow shortly before the General Election they’ll decide that politics is no longer something they want to be involved in, and that they’ve found lucrative employment elsewhere.
        …just to clarify, for the benefit of Joan Ryan and her chums, my post here does not contain the words ‘as bankers’. Given what we know from The Lobby about her tactics I thought I’d better make that clear☺

  4. Under labour rules they wouldn’t be allowed back anyway, because they supported a different party…. By joining it!

  5. I do not think there are any rules which prohibit ex members from returning once they left, since they presumably commit to supporting no other candidates. The history of former SDP members indicates this position.

    The other problem Labour faces is that some existing Labour members are even more damaging to Labour than some who have left. Watson, Phillips, Streeting, and Hodge and more recently less prominent types than Margaret Prosser and Adonis come to mind. So excluding current political Party opponents, just because they were less astute tin leaving than some smarter versions who chose to remain may be too difficult to sustain.

    1. I always thought they were testing the water and the possibility of return under another leader was on the cards. The only logical reason for a split is if you have a PR voting system. The whole thing was doomed from the outset and seems to have been an idea that the party would hoover up all remain support and become a major force in UK politics. Shows how much remain propaganda influenced these politicians…they started to believe their own spin.

    2. I agree with Felicity about the damage being done to us by some of our allegedly loyal MPs and others.
      Regarding the MPs – we need a clear out. This can be achieved by CLPs with unsatisfactory MPs deselecting them. It is the only way because they will never go voluntarily especially now after the TIG fiasco.
      We also need to enforce the rules against MPs and others who seek to undermine us, make inaccurate statements, exaggerate our perceived failings and do all in their power to prevent a Corbyn led Labour government.
      The Disciplinary process with penalties up to and including expulsion should be taken instigated against these people.We have to do this not for the sake of the party but for the sake of the millions of people being broken by Tory austerity every day and who desperately need us in Government.

      1. ” the damage being done to us by some of our allegedly loyal MPs and others.”

        Out of interest, do you include the anonymous ‘northern Labour MP’ (could be one of a a number of right-wing or left suspects) and Kinnock in this condemnation?

        Just asking.

  6. I think Labour needs to rely on the fact of defection and not on the notion that Labour is an anti-racist party.

    If Labour were seriously an anti-racist party it would not be the major party of Remain. After all the EU is a racist organisation. It has fashioned Fortress Europe, it connives with the systematic drownings of non-white refugees in the Mediterranean Sea and it colludes and helps to fund the concentration camps in brutal North African states for non-European refugees – camps which inflict rape and torture on non-white children.


  7. This is what careerism does to clueless gobshites. Their collective sense of entitlement overwhelms everything else…apart from their snide.

    Leaves me almost drooling at the looming political demise of these self-centred twunts. The sooner we have a GE to rid usof this slime, the better…But some just won’t let go, will they?

    I digress. Please hurry up and let the mofo’s crash & burn and die screaming. (Metaphorically, of course; wouldn’t want to upset the bubble-dwellers again, would I?)

    1. It is unfortunate that more MPs did not leave.

      Still, better than nothing.

      Their big donors are going to lose their money if they are not careful.

      This could be even worse than when the Folletts lost £100, 000 on Yvette Cooper in 2015.

  8. I find it hard to believe that any member of the tinge group would contemplate facing the riddicule they would meet by trying to return to Labour, It is nice to hear stories like this though that the Progress faction realises the grass isn’t always greener, they will never be bigger than the Labour Party. the whole fiasco shows the Ego of some MPs grown within their Westminster bubble to levels that far surpass their competence

  9. Why would these people want to be members of our party which they alleged – shouting from the rooftops- is institutionally anti semetic ?in which they never really felt comfortable? which is dominated by hard left bullies?
    The answers are simple – they are well aware that our party is neither anti semetic unwelcoming nor bullying. We are a socialist party seeking power in order to make positive changes for the betterment of ordinary people’s lives .They aren’t Socialists and so they left inflicting as much damage on us as they could on the way out.
    However the penny has eventually dropped with these people that come the next election they will all be out of their well paying jobs, losing out on generous expenses etc.So they want back. The cheek – they must think we are as stupid as they are. They are out and to quote the old saying – they made their bed , now they can lie on it.

  10. I reckon this is a bit of a non-story. Certainly some of them might be dim enough to think there’s a way back (did everyone catch Dave Hinchliffe’s letter to the Groan about Chris Leslie back in 1997? Here’s a re-run for those who didn’t :

    “I was reminded of being on a train travelling south with Chris Leslie, then MP for Shipley, not long after his election to the Commons in 1997. During a conversation with another northern Labour MP, Alice Mahon, and myself, we were both astonished when he informed us that he had always wanted to have a career in politics but had been genuinely unsure as to which major party to join.”)

    … but there’s no way back.

    The interesting bit will be to see what they (individually or collectively) do now they’ve realized that the ground is already occupied and harsh reality has blowed cold. I can’t see either of the likely alternatives opting for soiled second-hand goods after this debacle . Will any try standing at the next election? – That would show a taste for humiliation. Or will it be simple ‘take the money and run’? (Tho’ flogging ‘influence’ might be a bit of a challenge).

    1. Conceivably some might be invited by the Tories to stand in Labour marginals just because the public know their names.
      That final humiliation would sweeten our pie nicely 🙂

    2. I feel this story about Leslie is probably true and could apply to many Labour MPs, we are inundated with many MPs who were Political science grads who chose the party for no other reason than opportunity, It is probably why many of our MPs could not grasp why the the membership was so angry at the casual abstensions of the worst welfare bill in history and why they chose Corbyn as leader,

  11. Has Chuka caught wind that there will be a labour leadership challenge if we have poor EU results? And he wants his opportunity to stand .Oh dear he misses the boat yet again . What sorry individuals they all are

  12. It will be the money that talks, their backers are equally as thick, it would be cheaper to pay them all off, get rid
    For Labour the whips need to get message out, zero tolerance for those who bring party into disrepute,
    Join others on scrapheap or shut up and hope your CLP doesn’t get rid of you
    On This Week last night Ian Austin and Melanie Onn, hard to distinguish which hasnt left the party
    Shame she put Chukup in his place on Daily Politics, by asking him if he would be standing for leadership of the Tory party
    my question to both is
    What do you say to the Jewish community who support JC and Labour party.
    From Cable Street to Downing Street

  13. It’s not just JR who’s a problem in Enfield Steve did several exclusive blogs on this exposing the election irregularities
    This just in from a local online magazine

    “Back after a two week break and it seems that the ‘civil war’ in the Silver Street tower has gone from bad to worse. This week stories about families and gardening; you need to be a genealogist to understand who is related to who in the new Labour cabinet!

    Community miscellany
    Last week the new Enfield Council cabinet was announced and it seems to be a game of happy families! We have not one but two mothers and daughters in Enfield Council’s cabinet.

    Cllr Nesil Caliskan retains her position as council leader. Cabinet members are:
    Ian Barnes (Deputy Leader)
    Alev Cazimoglu (Health and Social Care) (mother of Nesil Caliskan)
    Mary Maguire (Finance and Procurement)
    Mahtab Uddin (Public Health)
    Nneka Keazor (Community Safety and Cohesion)
    Guney Dogan (Environment and Sustainability)
    Gina Needs (Social Housing)
    Rick Jewell (Children’s Services)
    George Savva (Licensing and Regulatory Services)

    Associate cabinet members are:
    Claire Stewart – Enfield West (daughter of Mary Maguire)
    Ahmet Hasan – Enfield North
    Mustafa Cetinkaya – Enfield South

    What’s more, Cllr Susan Erbil, (elected May 2018) has been appointed as Chair of the overview and scrutiny committee (OSC), a job normally held a senior councillor. Cllr Erbil is the cousin of Cllr Guney Dogan, who is the cabinet member for environment and sustainability.

    Is this not somewhat unusual, warranting more investigation?
    Winchmore Hill’s own councillor Ian Barnes (elected May 2018) has received a meteoric promotion to deputy leader. WH’s other Labour councillor Dinah Barry has resigned/lost her job as Associate Cabinet Member for Enfield West. It seems they are on different ‘sides’.

    Meanwhile Cllr Daniel Anderson has resigned as deputy leader, stating that working with the leader Cllr Nesil Caliskan was “intolerable”.
    On his Facebook page (Screenshot below) Cllr Anderson describes how his “journey with Cycle Enfield, Quieter Neighbourhoods, Dockless Bikes and related concepts has sadly come to an abrupt end”.

    Read Cllr Anderson’s response on the Enfield Dispatch website, which has caused quite a stir.

    Does all this party squabbling matter? Yes, these are serious charges being made against the current Labour leadership team, which is interfering with the ‘effective’ running of our local authority.

    No doubt the Labour Party’s own investigations into the Enfield Labour Party with continue and may be escalated. What’s more, does it mean that Cllr Anderson is more longer to be held accountable for the A105 ‘Experiment?

    1. Indeed – Boris and certain Lexiteers do seem to be in close alignment. Which is interesting.

  14. Let them back in? I wouldn’t trust a single one of them as far as I could throw Boris Johnson.

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