Quitters’ exit was one-way door: CLPs told to prepare for new candidate selections

Labour members: preparing to move on

Any foolish hopes the seven ‘quitter’ MPs – or the lamentable Tom Watson – might have harboured that Jeremy Corbyn or Labour members might run after them and beg them not to leave have been dashed.

The SKWAWKBOX can reveal that moves are already underway for the seven now-unburdened local parties to start the process of selecting new candidates who will actually represent the Labour Party – closing the door to the quitters even if any should come back and plead for re-admittance.

The first stage will be for the National Executive Committee (NEC) or its Org Sub (organisational subcommittee) to meet and ratify the start of the selections process – a green light for CLPs (constituency Labour parties) to put together selection panels and for would-be candidates to begin to signal their interest.

No date has yet been circulated, but it is expected to take place very quickly – and the CLPs in question have already been told to get ready.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Seven MPs jumped ship on Monday morning in a flailing, chaotic belly-flop.

Labour’s ship sails on – and members are already preparing to replace the obsolete models that staggered out of the one-way door with newer and better.

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  1. I expect Co-op MPs will welcome this little diversion – hoping it distracts Labour members’ attention from the fact that they’re still nurturing cuckoos.

  2. The Labour Party has a very strange relationship with the Co-operative Party. I should imagine that very few Labour Party members are aware that it is a relationship that is based up on nothing more than a 92 year old electoral pact and the fact that Labour’s rules permit its members to also hold joint membership of the Co-operative Party. Membership of any other party other than the Co-op Party is not tolerated by Labour and indeed under Labour Party rules transgressors are automatically expelled.
    Despite only having as few as 11,500 actual members the Co-op Party has however 33 MPs and 1,500 local councillors. Extraordinarily this means that over 10% of the party’s members are elected politicians. That’s a lot of influence for 11,000 people and a cut of the £650,000 shelled out by the Co-op Society to keep its sponsorship of political
    parties and other organisations that support Co-operative values going.

  3. I complained to the BBC that having carried the Hodge dossier story on their main news page they should have given equal prominence to Ms Formbys rebuttal rather than hiding it at the bottom of an article on their politics site. I also suggested that by continuing to carry Hodge’s allegations on the main news page they were in fact promoting fake news. The BBC replied that where stories were placed was an editorial decision and not everyone would agree with that decision. Today on the BBCs news page is an item about the Labour schism which carries a link to Hodge’s allegations,again with no mention of Ms Formbys comments.Is it not time the Labour press team made some comment about BBC political coverage?

  4. This is NOT America ,(THANK GOD), we don’t want twin parties contesting each other over which one could do a better job imposing capitalism on workers.
    That was the case under Blair/Brown. It worked for awhile until the people caught on to the deception and rejected Milliband’s attempted revival last time !
    Now we have a Socialist alternative that the disgraceful MSM is doing its best to discredit with the help of a cohort of careerist flunkies!
    The British people are not Trump’s Base . Here , we think clearly ! Corbyn’s manifesto is our ticket back to civilisation and humanity ! No amount of stupid play-acting by the Tory-light brigade is going to cloud our vision !

  5. The Dead Centre 7 constantly voted for War; Military Interventions & Renewal of Trident. Most voted for Iraq War & accuse JC of being on the wrong side, from Russia to Syria & Venezuela. Up Chuck cites JC lack of support for NATO as a reason why Jeremy cannot become PM. Goodbye Warmongers.

    1. SR Stirring it up.
      The agent provacateur’s fate.
      Hoping some Labour members.
      Will take their petty bait.

      This is a good move by Labour to get on with things and to show the ‘Irrelevant 7’ that they are.
      No one is bigger than the Labour Party.

      1. “SR Stirring it up.
        The agent provacateur’s fate”

        What is your fevered imagination concocting?

      2. Agent Provocateur, moi? If ever a man was misunderstood. Stirring it up? What on earth do you mean, I simply observe, like the fool on the hill & make harmless comment? The voting record of the Dead Centre 7 makes interesting reading.

  6. the news of the quitters is rather fresh yet, but it seems from this side of the pond anyway, this will all backfire on them. it’s not like they’re actually popular figures. quite the opposite.

  7. Sorry if this has been covered before – I believe donations over a certain amount have to be declared, is that correct? If so, is there some sort of grace period to allow a new party to organise or are larger donations supposed to be declared immediately?

    There hasn’t been time for donations to flood in from their mums so if they’re as well funded as I think Skwawkbox said, when do we get to confirm whose Bwair-wabbits they are?

  8. Yes it probably will back fire. As the disparate 7 drink their morning coffee, they pass their cup over a saucer of water. I think that is a reference to tom Watson, the King over the water .He may soon find he has no followers to join and lead.

  9. This is what I’ve waited for and I want these buggers out now. I don’t have a problem with differing views hell! I’m even happy to have Baby Kinnock while he keeps to the script.
    I certainly don’t agree that 7 people are right and over 500k are wrong so I don’t see any need not to knock these people into touch and forget them. We should be standing up to them.

    1. Well said! Somebody at the top needs to stop playing nice and start laying into the Zionist catspaws that are determined to destroy the Party rather than see Corbyn in No. 10.
      Nothing, but nothing, brings the Party into greater disrepute than false accusations of antisemitism. Members making such accusations should be booted out and non members should be sued.
      It is impossible to appease these people so we shouldn’t try.
      It horrifies me, a calm laid back septuagenarian hippy, just how furious this makes me.

      1. I agree with you that it is time that ‘antisemitism’ slurs and false allegations are treated with the same stringency as real antisemitism. Both are vile. But the former is benignly tolerated.

        I think it’s time to recognise in actuality two forms of ‘antisemitism’ : the familiar derived use of the term that refers to prejudice against jews, and the original sense of the word entailing prejudice against people of semitic origin – in this case, the particularly support of discrimination towards the Palestinian people and their advocates – particularly as practised by the Israeli state and, implicitly, by LfI.

  10. Perhaps the deadbeat 7 are hoping that the Co-op Party is happy to fund their little escapade? I actually think it’s time to break the link with the Co-Operative Party, I realise the history but they don’t seem to back many left wing MP’s, so perhaps we should say thanks but no thanks!

  11. I am all for a broad church as long as the church is the same fundamental belief.

    I would be quite happy to vote for an old school socialist Brexiteer like Dennis Skinner, or a new school socialist Remainer like Clive Lewis (even though I am for Brexit).

    I would be quite happy to vote for one of the up and coming socialist ladies such as Angela Rayner, Rebecca Bailey or Cat Smith.

    I’d be quite happy to vote for Corbyn, McDonnell, Lavery, Burgon or Carden.

    I would be quite happy to vote for soft left candidates such as Ed Miliband, John Healey, Andy Burnham or Dan Jarvis.

    I’d even be quite happy to vote for figures such as Jon Cruddas or Kate Hoey – as their economic views are of the left.

    But I will not vote for those who back privatisation, suck up to Saudi Arabia, are in the pockets of big multinationals and bankers, support mass bombing and back the likes of TTIP. The sort who see G4S and Serco as benign, support corporate bankers having stalls at conference, who distrust the trade unions, who won’t get behind strikers, who would rather side with the Tories and even leap frog over the Lib Dems to get there, whilst condemning any co-operation with Greens or the TUSC.

    To use the church analogy again – a broad church would accept many types of Christians and would welcome other faiths with similar worldviews. But too broad a church cannot welcome utterly opposing beliefs such as Satanism or fraudulent money driven beliefs such as Scientology.

  12. IF there are anti semites in the Party then NAME them and explain how they are anti semitic , or shut up !
    So far , it’s just a slur or rumour . Where’s the evidence !
    Put up , or shut up !

  13. Local authority elections are coming up on the 2nd of May so I fully expect more defections in the next couple of months which will be timed to attempt to commit maximum damage to the Labour Party’s prospects.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the Establishment favourites – Reeves or Cooper for example – jump and of course there will be the usual smears from the likes of Freedland, Toynbee and Rentoul about how the loony Left have ruined the Labour Party.

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