Video: Sky News brutally captures ‘Change UK’ abject self-humiliation in Peterborough by-election

Former ‘TIG’ group caps disastrous first months with craven decision not to stand in by-election – summed up brutally on Sky News

The ‘Change UK’ party’s first months of existence have been a catalogue of cowardice, shame, embarrassment, scandal and downright incompetence.

The former ‘TIG’ group was embroiled in a racism scandal in its first two hours and again when it announced its candidates for the European Parliament elections. Its first attempt at fulfilling its claim of using technology to ‘transform’ politics was a disaster when its inaugural ‘Facebook Live’ session was filmed on its side – and the TIG Twitter account was exposed by the SKWAWKBOX ramming in fake followers to maintain its profile.

And infamously, it not only failed to trigger by-elections when its founding MPs quit their parties – it also said it would prop up Theresa May to avoid a general election.

Now it has managed to limbo-dance under even those low standards – by chickening out from its first opportunity to make a mark by contesting the parliamentary by-election for the vacant Peterborough seat.

The ‘Tinge’ party has had an astonishingly easy ride from the media so far, with commentators failing – at least publicly – to challenge the trite soundbites of Heidi Allen, Chuka Umunna and co – and sometimes even fawning over their vacuousness. But if Lewis Goodall’s brutal assessment on Sky News tonight is any indicator, the honeymoon period may be over:


Has any party ever made such an appalling start to its existence? When even Sky is mocking a ‘hard centrist’ outfit, it’s looking pretty grim.

The only real surprise is that anyone is surprised that the echoing heads and empty hearts of these self-interested incompetents have yielded the results they have – even Sky’s Goodall seems to have initially fallen for the idea they were ever about changing anything.

Perhaps they should try another renaming – ‘the Headless Chicken party’ appears to be free.

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  1. They are a disaster but come the next election they’ll all be out of jobs and their constituencies will once again be represented by Labour MPs. It is unfortunate we have to wait until the next election for this but none of the MPs concerned have sufficient integrity to do the right thing and stand in a by election in the meantime.

  2. It’s only a matter of time before the splits start to appear. When you look at them they left their original parties for a variety of reasons e.g. personal ambition, Brexit ,some leaving before they were thrown out etc etc. There’s no real common ideology or goals hence the absence of policies. There’s not even a desire or the ability to contest elections. What they all have however is very over inflated egos so sooner or later some sort of public row about the whole ridiculous pantomime is on the cards.

    1. Split into what – No Change, New Change and Can you spare some Change? 🙂

    2. Nice picture and they all appear to use the same dentist and never forget to floss. From your hilariously tinged correspondent in North Yorkshire. Aren’t the ones who are not members of the Penocracy as beautiful as they think they are? Mmm… Change. Lovely.

    1. He also can’t get his facts right. The SDP did not win the Warrington by-election which was held on 16 July 1981. The seat was retained by Labour’s Doug Hoyle, who launched an official complaint afterwards about how the media had reported the election. They were presenting it as an SDP victory whilst ignoring the fact that Mr Hoyle had actually won. The British media was as biased then as it is today. It also shows that Goodhall prefers myth over fact.

  3. MPs get some very tasty offers of post-parliament employment.
    Obviously the Tories more than Labour, just by the nature of business.
    I imagine the more right wing Labour MPs get more offers than the lefties for the same reason.
    An MP who leaves Labour’s softie wing after nine years to form his own party and take parliament by storm might enhance his future employability – but only if he makes a decent fist of the job.
    So far he’s had the impact of a soggy custard pie, the poor deluded Wally. Might have made himself virtually unemployable for those companies looking for the kudos of an ex-MP 🙂
    (I like “hard centrist” btw – kinda like ‘determinedly indecisive’ or ‘unswervingly wishy-washy’)

  4. Time for a group hug or falling backwards to be caught by people you can trust. Well the hug would be safer than having that lot behind you. If you were in the trenches you would go over the top on your own. Tinge and Racket are over, done, shamed and with nowhere to call home. The workers need you, come back. Nah, only kidding. Was our silky, bootboy fancier meant to join. You just don’t know who to trust anymore. Never mind, go out and prepare for government, sorry, unemployment. Bye bye Tingers.

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