Breaking: Corbyn speaks on Brexit talks’ “natural conclusion”

Labour leader spoke to Sky News

This morning, the Labour Party announced the end of its talks with the government about Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Jeremy Corbyn spoke just now to Sky News about the end of the talks.

Corbyn said that ‘fundamental differences’ persist, but did not rule out that Labour may support ‘indicative votes’ that fit with its policy position – and emphasised that Labour’s focus is on bringing people together and on the real issues facing the UK after nine years of Tory mismanagement:

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  1. So, now that obvious conclusion has been reached, and there’s no GE on the horizon, it looks like a new referendum is the policy option left on the table. Might be a good idea to get that out there before next week to stem further vote leakage.

    1. And what does that do to the vote in the North?
      A General Election is coming in the Autumn and Labour will win it if we don’t betray the Heartlands

      1. I live in the north. Forget the ‘betrayal’ nonsense. Most Labour voters here voted to Remain – those who supported ‘Leave’ mainly voted Tory or UKIP. The idea of a ‘core’ ‘working class’ ‘Leave’ Labour vote is one of the myths of our time based on nostalgia and hot air. A sor of Loch Ness monster – a fabulous beast. No electoral analysis supports it.

        The Labour Party is a Party based on an alliance between the progressive electors of the working and middle classes. The Tories, UKIP and now Brexit sop up the reactionaries. And, as shown in the local elections, an important part of that *real* core vote is going walkies.

  2. There was no call for this fine display of Ramsay MacDonaldism in the first place.

    The stance should have been from the outset: “we are fundamentally different from the Tories: they want to keep capitalism, we want to transition to democratic socialism; so given that the EU Treaties presently provide constitutional protection to capitalism, there is no point in engaging the Tories on what sort of treaties we should have with the EU once we’ve left”.

  3. Has the Grenfell Tower report been delayed so that it doesn’t ‘influence’ the vote in any upcoming GE.

  4. Jezza & the new Tory leader will come back to the masses just before Halloween with this threatening spectre:

    1. Remain
    2. Customs Union
    3. Leave (or NO DEAL for added impact)

    …thereby splitting 2 and 3 and keeping us inside the EU. Brexit boxed off. 66.04 million betrayed.

    There’s that “betrayed” word again RH.

    1. Wirral In It Together 17/05/2019 at 7:46 pm

      As you well know we can avoid the obvious perils of splitting the vote (in any way) by using an STV system.

    2. “There’s that “betrayed” word again RH”

      Yes indeed : the sure marker of feverish and fatuous dramatisation (and, Im afraid – innumeracy in this case 🙂 )

      The real ‘betrayal’ would be to deny a choice now that reality has struck.

      1. Again, Wirral, you are using unreal generalisations. You talk of ‘the population’ being ‘betrayed’.

        There is no such entity as ‘the population’ in any coherent ideological way in this ‘them and us’ world that you portray.

        One thing the whole Brexit shambles has illustrated is that ‘the population’ is divided right down the middle on the dominant issue of the time. There is no coherence – and there’s a lesson there about the evils of simplistic populism manufactured by the Tories.

        As to ‘the politicians’ – I’m pretty sceptical about the quality of the HoC as its developed over the past 30 years (locally, I’ve known 3 successive MPs) – but what is happening in parliament over Brexit is, in actuality, a pretty accurate reflection of the divided country as a whole.

        If there is blame to be laid at the door of politicians, it isn’t about the non-existent ‘PeepleSwill’ – it’s about letting the whole daft shambles erupt in the first place through sectarian interest, cowardice and lack of knowledge and foresight.

        The most significant fact about it is that it was never an issue for the vast majority of people before Cameron decided to placate the far right.

    1. Of course the media is manufacturing ‘populism’ – that’s what Brexit is about – another scam on behalf of the funny money brigade!

      Thus the manufactured ‘betrayal’ and ‘PeepleSwill’ rhetoric that is the language of their right wing fairyland.

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