Video: priceless – TIG group’s first ‘Facebook Live’ appearance has to be seen to be believed

Inaugural appearance boasts, “We’re coming to you through technology”.

On Tuesday, the ‘TIG’ group of quitter MPs broadcast its first ‘Facebook Live’ session – a ‘Q&A’ in which questions as stunning as ‘Do you have policies’ would have made it hilarious as it was.

But the beginning of the session was broadcast with Chuka Umunna, Angela Smith and interim leader Heidi Allen shown sideways – until a panicked intern or flunky hastily and noisily put the camera the right way round:

The TIGgers may have no intention of turning politics on its head, but for a minute or so they at least turned themselves sideways.

If anything could illustrate the absolute lack of substance of the quitter group, it’s hard to think of something better – and more fun. It would be overclaiming to say you couldn’t make it up; you could, but nobody would believe you.

And yet the video is the proof – still on their Facebook page, but filmed above by the SKWAWKBOX for posterity, with enough of the surrounding page included to prove that nobody has tampered with the original, woeful video.

The TIG group became known as the TINGE group on its first day of existence, after Angela Smith managed to become embroiled in a racism scandal not even two hours after the group’s official launch, by referring to ethnic minorities as having ‘a funny tinge’.

It then went on to launch a 20,000-wordleaflet‘ that appeared to contain nothing of substance, then announced it had applied to become an actual political party – only for a well-known charity to complain that it wanted its name back and was consulting its lawyers.

It also launched a Twitter account whose followers appear to be being – badly – rigged with fake accounts in an attempt to mask falls in numbers.

And now it launches its new concept – by technology, no less – on its side.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The TINGErs appear to be extremely well – and opaquely – funded, but you can’t buy substance or hide the fundamental uselessness of those involved, as they lurch from immediate disaster to the ongoing variety.

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    1. @SteveH
      What are you talking about? You hold exactly the same position as the Independent Group on Brexit.

      You are a complete fraud.

      Go and troll another website.

      1. … and your evidence for this is?

        I’m not the one behaving like a child.

      2. Stop reducing everything to your one dimensional views on Brexit Internal Affairs.We will have to deal with neoliberalism in or out of the EU,and that includes its foot soldiers like Umunna and co.

  1. Tinge and Chukka, reminds me of Screaming Lord Such and his party, yet Chukka is considered as main stream now. The World really has turned on its head!!!!

  2. So the three leading Tingers/Tiggers were initially photographed sideways.

    Camera-person courtesy of Fawlty Towers!

    What a coterie of plankers!!

  3. Swawkbox says the flaws in the video were probably corrected by some panicked intern. Lets hope the poor sod was paid for their trouble. Most of us remember that Chuka, when a Labour MP ( albeit in name only), advertised for an intern to work for him free of charge ( presumably the honour should have been enough). This of course was contrary to our party policy and of course any concept of decency. Now of course Chuka is a Tigger and can exploit as many interns as are daft enough to ruin their careers before they begin by associating themselves with this smug, smooth and clearly incompetent individual.

  4. Well at least it’s taken everyone’s mind off the shear banality of their performance. It’s yet another PR disaster for them and It underlines how entirely dependent they have been on the skill and support of others to have got elected in the first place. If they were under the impression that their election was due to their own sparkling intellect and appeal then they are going to be very disappointed. I can’t wait for the next installment.

  5. chukka ” I am your MP for Stretham” no you’re bloody not mate , nobody voted for you as anything else than a Labour MP under the Labour banner and it’s policies . Put yourself up for election you fraud , along with all the other cowards in your tawdry little group.

  6. Fraudsters Fraudsters! Tony Blair recently admitted that he has been talking to his EU Commissar chums Donald Tusk & Michele Barnier…….yet another extension to provide time for MSM to manufacture consent for Remaining.

    Owen Smith now guarantees that the only red line that the Labour Party demands from Maybot is the 2nd vote. Judge people by their friends?

    1. steve richards 10/04/2019 at 1:24 pm

      This all seems a little pointless, it is also undeniable that the Brexiteers have more than their fair share of unsavoury characters.

      1. Pointless? Campbell; Smith; Blair & other members of the Labour Party who are anti-Corbyn & anti-Brexit? Then there is Margaret Hodge………..shall I continue, the list is extensive? You have to get behind somebody B4 you can stab them in the back!

  7. So schools are resorting to crowdfunding:


    And deserter Ann Coffey claims that the answer is not money and even chastises the Blair government for its education spending.


    These lot aren’t even Blairite “centrists” they are so far right, that they may as well be licking Rees-Mogg’s boots. I suppose the answer is to get the outsourcing companies or Saudis in eh Ann?

  8. What a bunch of plonkers! How did these people ever get selected for Parliament! The CLPs responsible should be investigated to make sure that they’re not Tory infiltrators who are attempting to undermine Labour! Mind you, there’s still quite a number of these types continuing inhabit the PLP so, perhaps the Party looks very carefully at the top of the Labour tree as well as at the roots! Cor, blimey!👿

  9. No holds barred with this crew. Lies, smears, illicit relationships with dubious bubblers ( Westminster, not West Ham) and vile, murderous regimes. Oh, I forgot, we’re one of those now. GE now, get ready for some real foul accusations but we shall rise above it all and win. Why? Because we are the on the side of decency, empathy and love of our fellows and we don’t shoot kids and glory about it in the media. XX from Scarborough in tropical North Yorkshire.

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