Video: BBC mic picks up damning verdict at quitters’ presser: “He’s mad”

Reporter’s assessment of Umunna’s jaunt says it all

A reporter’s take on Umunna’s speech

A BBC mic picked up a muttered, embarrassing – and damningly frank – verdict from one of the political correspondents at the press conference thrown by seven MPs to announce their long-awaited departure from the Labour Party this morning:

Other unflattering commentary was also overheard at different points in the dreary and self-obsessed speeches, in particular a repeated “They’re f*cked”.

A big hat-tip is due to Twitter user Colin Farley for the spot.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

None needed, except it’s a pity that those with genuine mental health issues were lumped together with this ego-driven delusion!

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  1. Just seen Sam Tarry shut down in a BBC interview for accurately assessing the state of play and making reasonable assumptions and predictions .
    Iagree with Sam that this is the start of a drip-drip of anti-Labour propaganda and tittle tattle.
    But JC’s response was masterful.

  2. Who ever stated that Chuka Umunna is “MAD” should have utilised a far better turn of phrase, namely, Umunna’s speech was pure drudgery, banal or plain boring – to add anything else would be an insult to most of our combined intelligence on this thread.

      1. Trying to project sadness at being “forced into leaving by the tyrant Corbyn” I expect.

  3. Bet it was written by a well know New labour PR chap no other then Campbell Jesus it sounds like new labour because it is.

  4. What are the rules about petitioning for a by election when your MP goes rogue? 10%? Surely these are already being prepared?

  5. Hmmmm, amusing story, BUT the BBC and Guardian have issued a (essentially pro splitters) version of the soundtrack that would appear to be by a (Right-leaning) Labour supporting journalist – saying ” we’re fucked” ( ie, inferred to be Labour, by the split) , and “it’s mad, mad” ( ie, inferred , the split-off is a mad disaster for Labour) , rather than “they (The splitters) are fucked” or “he’s mad” vis a vis the undoubtedly very strange, Chuka. Which version is correct ? The soundtrack version on the Guardian website appears to support this pro Splitter version I have to say – much as I love Skwawkbox’s scoops. Or are there now two rival recordings ?

  6. It comes at a crucial time. The likelihood is – as it always has been frankly – that May will get her deal through Parliament. Unionists were never going to shoot the golden goose and most rightwing Tories have a long history of surrendering at the last moment in EU matters. Cowardice or ‘loyalty’, they will come crawling back. May will be hailed as WonderWoman and she’ll contrive for a general election. All the Brexit quarrels will be forgotten in an orgy of Corbyn Leftie bashing of a reassuringly traditional sort. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel when you have the media baying for blood right behind you. Mind you I’m sure the Labour Party will survive -and thrive- because of their message of radical change being urgently required in so many areas of our lives.

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