TIG/Renew merger proves: they really ARE ‘all the same’

Accusations centrists of any party ‘all the same’ borne out by ‘merger’

The longstanding accusation that centrists are the same regardless of the rosette they wear – which led to the dismissive description of ‘red Tories’ against ‘Labour’ MPs who subsequently quit the party – appears to have been proven true.

Few might now remember, but after the EU referendum a few centrists set up the ‘Renew’ party – funded by a series of large donations almost entirely from a single individual. While the party has remained largely out of sight, it did contest last week’s Newport West by-election, even hiring a plane-drawn aerial banner. It received 3% of the votes.

The ‘Independent Group‘ of MPs who quit the Tory and Labour parties did not put up a candidate.

However, Renew appears to be enamoured of its timid cousin and today issued a press release announcing what amounts to a merger – a decision to “wind up operations as soon as the Electoral Commission gives ‘Change uk – The Independent Group’ the all-clear to run in the [European] elections“:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Tories and ‘Labour’ deserters banding together to form a policy-free party should be proof enough that there’s not a cigarette-paper’s width between any so-called ‘centrists’ – but to remove all doubt, they’re now to join forces with yet another group.

And in spite of their lack of policies, ideas, vision or respect for democracy, ‘TIG’ is an attractive proposition to Renew.

They really areall the same‘.

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  1. The electorate will never support them, whoever they call themselves, unless they are substantially different to the liberals, or have a gimmick like the Greens. This is just another step on the way towards PR and permenent “centrist” policies similar to much of mainland Europe. We can then look forward to “identity politics” by the bucket load and no change whatsoever to social economic policy, total stagnation under the guise of more democracy.
    This is managed democracy (inverted totalitarianism) in its purest form.

  2. hmm may is not going to take us out heresa May is always happy to be photographed with our armed forces. But throughout 2018, she signed five separate EU military union directives that reliquished British control over them…..and kept Parliament in the dark about her neocon treachery. Secrecy has always been her preference. Her unconstitutional power-grab continues to march on, largely undetected by The People – and unreported by the mainstream British media.

  3. Not quite sure what all the fuss is about. MPs not resigning their seats after leaving the Party through which they were elected is dishonest. We know that.

    But beyond that? Bears crap in the woods. The joining up of the two miniscule parties is much as might be expected.They’re taking (at the moment) mainly from the Tories, along with the Kippers.. What’s not to like? It’s the LibDems and Greens that are a potential problem for Labour.

    1. Wrong RH. This lot are a single issue pro-EU party in capitals. They are never going to stop shouting to an eager media that Jeremy Corbyn is the cause of Brexit, not Theresa May, not Nigel Farage, but Jeremy Corbyn who went against 101% of the members etc…..you know the lingo, you use it every day on here. They have one purpose beyond staying in the EU at any cost….the destruction of Jeremy Corbyn in particular and the left in the Labour party in general and for that they will be given all the funding they could ever wish for.

      1. No, lundiel. I just express the majority will of the Labour Party and those who voted for it – the obvious route to sanity by abandoning Brexit, rather than pursuing the minority cult that supports it.

      2. No you don’t RH. You support the LibDem/tinge/business narrative. The only thing that ties you to left thinking is your views on Palestine.

      3. Still in lundenial, I see. Your eccentricity – in the root sense – is remarkable – claiming to speak for a ‘left’ that is defined by yourself rather than by the membership of the Party. The irony is that it involves compliance with extreme right wing Tory policy! Wow! How ”left” is that?

        I am impressed only by your solipsism and detachment. Again, it reminds me of the proud parent noting that their son was the only one in step at his passing out parade.

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