Video: Boulton’s perfect trolling of Tinge – ‘no change party’

Sky News presenter Boulton’s ‘slip’ perfectly captures quitter group reality

Adam Boulton made a freudian slip this morning on his Sky News programme that perfectly summed up the reality of the so-called ‘Change’ party – and was captured by the excellent ‘Ealing Labour for Corbyn’ (EL4C) account:

Perhaps it was a pure slip and the thought has never crossed Mr Boulton’s mind, but it’s certainly no news to many that ‘Change UK’ – assuming they’re even allowed to keep the name – represents ‘more of the same‘.

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  1. I really doesn’t matter what they call themselves they will all be Liberal Democrats (or should that be “Changed Liberal Democrats”) wiyh a couple of years.

    1. I see that they are referred to as CHUK by the polsters. The chuck up party? Yes, I know it’s childish…….but it does reflect how I think about them.

  2. More of the same:-
    70 Labour MPs sign a letter demanding Assange’s deportation?

    When will NEC ditch the Zionist IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism, or will Lansman always prevent that?

    The cancer is eating us!

    1. its a dilemma of a point , I can’t help thinking that perhaps those MPs thoughts for wanting him to go to Sweden to face charges might be better than being deported to USA / Then again what exactly would happen post Sweden is not clear to me .
      I am with you on the IHRA and Lansman , he needs to go or put himself up for democratic election . Whats he so afraid of ? Democracy which he so promotes in Labour ????

  3. Boulton has been promoted way beyond his capabilities.
    I watched him throwing a hissy fit this morning (18.4.2019) whilst ‘interviewing’ a climate protestor. Shouting them down, accusing them of ‘fascism’ (oh! the irony), his ‘how very, very, dare you’ sense of entitlement, this is modern journalism in the UK.
    Meanwhile, in an extradition hearing near you…….

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