Hilarity as Tinge-group ‘Change party’ launch – and Change.org say “Hands off our name”

First ‘TIG’ launch was a disaster – and party launch is no better

The TIG group of quitter MPs became known as the ‘Tinge group’ when one of its MPs was embroiled in a racism scandal barely a couple of hours after the group’s launch, after a handful of centrist MPs left the Labour Party – subsequently joined by a peppering of ex-Tories.

MP Angela Smith appeared on the BBC immediately after the launch, only to outrage millions by describing black and ethnic minority people of having “a funny tinge”.

Today, the ‘group’ announced that it had applied to become a political party named ‘Change UK’ – and it just as disastrous as their initial launch.

Campaign group Change.org immediately took issue, announcing it was consulting lawyers about the proposed new party’s choice of name:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Leaving aside their utter absence of policies and principles, the quitters couldn’t organise the proverbial knees-up in a brewery.

However, all is not lost. The ‘Tinge-Change Party’ appears to be still available.

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  1. Perhaps they should have put their thinking caps on and come up with something original before they opened their mouths again.

    They’d have been better sticking with The Tinge Fringe …

    1. Fringe Party would actually be much, much better than Change Party. At least, it sort of mean something, some people might actually identify with it.

  2. This is all highly amusing. To think the man presented himself at a meeting with May as if he were actually the leader of a serious Parliamentary Party. I shouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the squitters haven’t already decided to dump the whole ill conceived project and go their own way. A snap GE and they will all be toast anyway.

  3. “Tinge-Change” seems to be fitting. They’ll keep their policies vague, they’ll never commit to anything and slightly adapt their discourse to their target audience of the day. Their colour will change and adapt. Red Tories, Blue Labour …

    “Chameleon Party” would also be suitable.

  4. On another day of Brexit misery at least this has made me laugh out loud.

  5. I wonder if the others have noticed that Change UK could be shortened to Chuka’s?

  6. Does the name “Change” Party is for “small change”, as in what will be left in the pockets of the average workers in a decade or so if the current neoliberal ideology continue its course?

  7. “The Corporate Party”.

    Perhaps their logo could be a combination of Anglian Water and the Saudi Flag.

  8. Ladies of a certain age might be even angrier at the splitters than change dot org.
    “Fringe” and “Tinge” might also prompt unfortunate quips by poets less cultured than Bazza.
    Serves ’em right anyway – it said “WORMS” on the can and “MINEFIELD” on the minefield.
    Not “CAVIAR” and not “PICNIC AREA.”
    Deluded w⚓️s need a rapper to write for them.
    I hear T-WAT’s going to be available soon.

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