Video: Umunna confirms: we’ll be working with LibDems because we’re all the same, really

Umunna inadvertently confirms to Sky that his Quitter group will be taking up Vince Cable’s offer to work together – and admits barely a hair between them but there are no policies

Centrist quitter Chuka Umunna has given an interview to Sky News’ Sophie Ridge in which the most remarkable thing for most of it was how similarly vacuous his ‘new politics’ is to the defunct Blairite politics he loved while wearing a Labour rosette.

However, there was one short exchange where he may have given away more than he intended:

Last week, LibDem leader Vince Cable made a televised offer to work with the quitter group – and Umunna’s description of ‘shared values’ included people from the ‘Liberal tradition’. As there are no LibDems (officially at least) among the quitters, this appears to be a clear confirmation that he and his fellow-travellers will accept Cable’s offer.

Umunna also confirmed – as Luciana Berger and Heidi Allen did on the BBC’s Marr programme this morning, that the quitters – whichever party they left – don’t have anything resembling a policy between them and are the epitome of ‘they’re all the same’.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The ‘We’re all the Same’ party launch must be imminent. Labour’s set of strong and popular policies – under a leader with a track record of integrity and substance – does not appear to be under any threat.

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  1. I think that Linden will loose trust from voters again like they have lost after having joined the conservative cabinet that was not only unbelievable but betray for members and lost confidence. This time the same. You cannot be opportunist.

  2. Chuka Umunna….. “We cannot have a second referendum”, “we must have a second referendum”, “there is no antisemitism in the Labour party”, “antisemitism is endemic in the Labour party”

    The mans a compulsive liar.

      1. Is he still a member? Surely not! I have always had a bad feeling about some of these leavers. Very weird bunch all around.

  3. Whenever I hear stuff like this from the likes of Umunna, I recall how Chris Leslie is remembered by Dave Hinchliffe as saying he ‘always wanting a career in politics’ but ‘not being sure of which party to join’.

    Sort of sums up a lot of the Blair parachute brigade, doesn’t it? ‘Principle’ ?? No – that would entail resigning the seat. I’m not holding my breath.

  4. These people are an utter disgrace!…Can’t get your own way? Throw your toys out of the pram..Remember Jeremy Corbyn is your elected leader, elected by the members..So, what’s your problem?…Get behind your leader..Fight to get the Tories out~ Jeremy Corbyn is not the enemy…Hang your heads in shame…

    1. I’m sorry to say that those ex politician’s have absolutely no shame at all at their betrayal of the electorate, CLP’s & the Labour party. They are still collecting their salaries fgs. No ethics no honesty & certainly not a shred of integrity

  5. not sure if folks here have signed this yet but might be something positive all be it remote in trying to get justice on these bastards.
    Automatic by-election petition …..

    petition.parliament.uk/petitions/242193 … –

  6. Apologies for changing the subject, but I was just doing a search re Seumus Milne and “the enemy within”, which the Sun, amongst others, has been disseminating today, and I came across an article in the DM from March last year in which Theresa May and Co are calling for Seumus Milne to be sacked because he said that Putin could have been framed (re the Salisbury poisoning).

    It was of course all staged, and no-one was poisoned with anything, and it served a number of purposes. But the one objective of the whole operation which HADN’T occured to me before, is that it sought to once-and-for-all put to bed the mistrust in the ‘authorities’ born out of Iraq and the WMD falsehood (and OTHER related Big Lies), and THAT is why they came up with something so elaborate that for most people it would be inconcievable that it was all staged and contrived. As for the two Russian agents, they no doubt showed up in Salisbury because they were duped into doing so. And I doubt it would take even five DAYS to determine – from CCTV – who they were, let alone five MONTHS!

    Drag it out as long as possible to make as much capital out of it as you can, fully indoctrinate Jo/Joe Public with endless repetition, and then wrongfoot the cynics – the ‘conspiracy theorists’ – by coming up with concrete evidence of the two Russian agents wot done it.

    Anyway, here’s the article:


  7. Yes Iraq was for oil for Western TNCs as is Venezeula (plus for their gas and gold) and then perhaps the US with a puppet Venezeula regime will get control of OPEC to raise oil prices to aid US Fracking Big Business (which needs a minimum of $80 dollars a barrel to survive and Fracking has an energy ratio of 1:7 whilst petroleum is 1:30)?
    So perhaps if we tolerate the attacks by Trump (lost US election on popular vote by 3m and perhaps the World should recognise Bernie Sanders – cheated by the Democrat Party UNELECTED Super Delegates – their full time organisers – as President!) on Venezeula then the Socialist Leader of Mexico will be next?
    The tragedy for a brilliant-Corbyn-led Labour is they are being constantly pushed to be reactive by the Right Wing and Neo-Liberal media and Right Wing Labour.
    Perhaps Labour needs to adopt the broken record technique with the truth (they are dealing with claims of AS) whilst continuing to be proactive like Broxtowe – getting out direct to the public to engage with diverse citizens re their IDEAS!
    When it comes their ideas – Labour has the many, the Neo-Liberals have the few!

  8. There are still one or two (or three or four or more) ‘Labour MPs’ from the chicken coup who are in the wrong party. Time for Socialism not Tom Watson.

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