Irish PM’s seal of approval to Labour’s Brexit plan is of huge significance

Leo Varadkar’s confirmation that Labour’s plan will work is enormously important

Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has confirmed that, in his view, Labour’s plan for Brexit based on a customs union with the UK is eminently realistic. The news was tweeted by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

Varadkar went further, saying that the EU would want to be ‘generous’ in the terms of such an agreement – ensuring that the UK would not merely be a ‘silent partner’ in any wider deals agreed by the EU, but would have a say on the agreement.

Labour’s plan was already welcomed by EU leaders as ‘heavenly’ – but with the Irish border and the associated ‘backstop‘ in Theresa May’s original withdrawal agreement so central to the deadlock in Parliament, a green light from the Irish PM is of enormous significance.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Yet again Jeremy Corbyn is seen to be the party leader providing actual leadership and solutions.

Corbyn’s handling of the thorny Brexit issue has been close to flawless, with even normally-hostile commentators conceding recently that he has ‘played a blinder’ – as the SKWAWKBOX had already flagged more than two years ago.

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn, the REAL Prime Minister of the UK

    Time he was given the official title and a residence at 10 Downing Street.

    Time for May and the Tories to go. Their time is long past.

  2. I have said for a long time that JC has been the only politician in the room as far as post- referendum matters have been concerned ( add to that my view that our current shambolic Tory-criven state is the natural outcome and end of the Thatcherite dispensation so thoroughly endorsed by New Labour).
    We just have to hang in there.
    Although my own view is that our current status in the EU is better than anything outside.

  3. But it’s a betrayal of democracy and even worse than staying in because we’ll be subjected to the rule making of other nations with no voice of our own.

    Should it go ahead, can we opt out of this at some future point in order to honour democracy and the majority vote in the 2016 referendum? Or do the EU hold the whip hand over us permanently?

    Or will the Brexit (i.e. “Out” decision) the people clearly voted for be quietly shelved as the knighthoods and peerages are handed out to the traitors of all parties?

    This has to be questioned and Socialism or not, Labour government or not, Jeremy Corbyn will get no blind, cap doffing obeisance from my quarter.

    1. … and a result gained because if law breaking and fraud????? That was not democracy, that was manipulation. It was merely advisory…… but then again some people believe that the aim justifies the means.

      1. Yes. One only had to observe what’s going on in Brussels to see what a sad case the UK looks on the world scene because of the pursuit of the fool’s plastic of Brexit. Any party that endorsed it ends up becoming part of the club of village idiots.

      2. Cameron’s 9 million pound glossy paid for buy the tax payer didn’t count as expenditure & if you really believe that the people voted ‘Leave’ because of law breaking & fraud you need to substantiate your accusations. Was anybody influenced. by Aaron Banks…only Channel 4? It was probably the Russians or kids from Macedonia meddling ‘online’ in British politics, only the ‘Remainers’ are so naive. Big business & Corporates are funding the Remain campaign. There is still no ‘Lexit’ campaign whatsoever.

        Advisory? Once in a lifetime? The will of the people or a refusal of 80% of MPs who campaigned & voted to Remain, to implement decision of the British people to ‘Leave’ the EU & you call that democracy? Parliament is in contempt of the people.

      3. The main external influence was easy to diagnose : it was propaganda from the expatriot billionaire portion of the MSM. The fictions have been sown over decades.

    2. 1) We will not be leaving the EU (with hindsight, I wish I’d bet on this)

      2) What democracy?

      3) Labour have sold out their core vote. There will be a cost.

      1. The majority of Labour members and voters support staying in the EU.

  4. This is the only way to ensure no hard border in Ireland and no border down the Irish Sea which would result in Northern Ireland being aligned with the Republic of Ireland rather than GB – a situation which would be unacceptable to both Ulster Unionists and UK Unionists.
    Labour made this proposal over a year ago but Theresa May dismissed it out of hand. If she had listened and not been so arrogant and pig headed we would not now be going cap in hand to the EU pleading for an extension of time.

  5. Should we attach any significance to the new exit date coinciding with Halloween Day?

    1. Donald Tusk said, “Please do not waste this time.”
      What he meant was, “Please do not waste time this time.”

    2. In my opinion:
      Oppose May’s Brexit Deal.
      Support a Custom’s Union Brexit Deal.
      Oppose No Deal.
      Oppose 2nd PV/Confirmatory Vote.

  6. Varadker is being pragmatically polite – suggesting that a bullet through the toe is better than one through the foot.

  7. In the Customs Union the EU will be able to impose on Labour Britain without its say-so any number of CETA-type, TTIP-type deals which empower corporations and enfeeble governments.

    It is also highly unlikely that the EU would agree to such a Union without control of UK industrial subsidies (state aids).

    Goodbye democratic socialism.

    How Skwarkbox goes into raptures every time a new hardened neoliberal establishment figure lauds Labour’s plans!

    1. All the more reason to cancel this ridiculous nonsense and stay in the EU where we will have some influence over our future.

  8. Varadkar’s comment is positive. But does Theresa May give a shit? Categorically no.

    She is still pushing her three-times defeated vanity project of a ‘deal’. Corbyn is right to attempt to reach some agreement on Brexit terms – not to do so would have saddled him with the blame for any eventual ‘no deal’ outcome. However, his is an unenviable task. Clearly he has ‘red lines’ relating to finding a Brexit deal that will protect the rights of working people, lines that May will not approach under any circumstances.

    As I have said elsewhere the only solution is a GE, a people’s vote not for or against Brexit, or any Brexit deal, but for a new government. An electoral victory will enable Corbyn to assemble a negotiating team to send to Brussels. Progress on an agreement should be rapid, as much of the groundwork has already been done.

    We now need to wait, hopefully not too long, for Corbyn to table a vote of no confidence in the Tory government. Let us fervently hope that his judgement on timing is sound and his aim true. The Tories HAVE to go, and go very, very soon.

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