Video: the absolute state of May’s attempt not to admit EU CAN keep UK in ‘backstop’

may shifty
Theresa May on Ridge this morning, trying not to answer the question

After Jeremy Corbyn’s assured and authentic performance on Sky News’ Ridge this morning, Sophie Ridge interviewed Theresa May – and the result was the fidgety, shifty avoidance and dense nonsense you’d expect.

Especially when it came to the contentious ‘backstop‘ in May’s dismal excuse for a ‘deal‘ with the EU.

As Ridge pointed out, the wording of the agreement ties the UK into the backstop, requiring joint agreement for the UK to ever leave it – giving the EU effective control over the UK for as long as it wants.

She demanded a ‘yes or no’ answer from May whether this was correct – and the nonsense that came out as May squirmed to avoid a straight answer was something to behold:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

May’s ridiculous ‘insurance company’ comparison would mean that we’re all tied into our insurance policies forever, until the insurance company decides we can cancel.

Assuming we can even afford insurance under Tory policies, which for millions is not the case.

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  1. They’ll just keep on lying to us to get their own way until we start throwing them in prison for subverting democracy.
    Proper prison with smackheads, murderers, paedophiles and the overpowering smell of cabbage – not white collar prison with quail’s eggs, tennis and dainty little organic smoked salmon sandwiches.

  2. She really should have stuck to her normal policy of a malfunctioning hologram and avoided answering any questions completely. She’s lost a lot of sympathy there trying to act clever.

  3. When, if ever, will they start treating the electorate with some respect. I’m just fed-up of being lied to by Tory politicians.

    1. I’m with you there Steve. Lies and nonsense are all the Tories have had to offer for several years now. You only had to see their last conference to see how bankrupt of ideas they are. It’s high time for a government that treats people with respect.

      Don’t forget to tell your MP to vote against this ridiculous “worse than remain, worse than leave” deal. It’s utterly obscene that the Tories have wasted two years negotiating this. What this demonstrates is that they aren’t only liars who only care about themselves – they’re also completely incompetent.

  4. a very good read, she’s like a fish out of water floundering mouth opens & closes . . . needs her plug to be pulled out that’s for sure . . .

  5. Meanwhile, good that Shami and Jeremy said on TV that UK needs freedom over State Aids (state support for British industry) in any deal with EU. They need to stand firm on that.

    But they also need to say UK MUST have total freedom over the extension of public ownership. Intolerable for socialists otherwise!

  6. Imagine there’s a snap election, we win a good working majority and Jeremy’s negotiating Brexit.
    Imagine also that Jeremy offers to ditch Brexit completely for one single concession – our right to re-nationalise in those sectors not in competition with other EU members like rail, NHS, telecoms, water etc.

    Zero actual cost to the EU, done at the stroke of a pen and we all get back to running our countries and continuing to collaborate on those projects we’d no longer support after Brexit.

    I very much doubt they’d refuse – but would that concession be enough to swing left wing Brexit opinion here in favour of staying?
    Of course there are other issues with the EU – but wouldn’t that one concession prove that the EU was open to persuasion and that working to change the EU from within is worth the effort – or are there other demands Brexiters here on Skwawkbox would insist must be dealt with all at once?
    The anti-immigration brigade won’t be satisfied obviously but fuck them, we can explain it to them later.

    Please don’t anyone just say that it’s impossible – might as well say we can never win against the massed forces of the right in the UK so we should give up trying.

    1. Excellent point again, David. I’d say you’ve come up with the solution there.

      It beats me why more people haven’t recognised Corbyn’s long experience in negotiations and would give him a chance for that reason alone. Actually, it doesn’t beat me. I’ve been watching our wonderfully impartial media!

      Anything would be better than an obnoxious bunch of wannabe aristocrats doing the negotiating, with their entitled, high-handed, “don’t you know who you’re dealing with?” imperialist attitude…

  7. Good to see the steadily growing acknowledgement, on this site and elsewhere, that any LP position on Brexit (as it unravels). Has to take account of the manifesto commitment to an element of state intervention/public ownership.

  8. ”Imagine if that insurance company pulled the plug without you having any say in it – what would you think?”

    Tells ya what, tess. Come with me to any jobcentre of your choice, on any given weekday & I’ll show you a fucking multitude that have had that exact thing happen to them because of YOUR government.

    Godawful, stuttering, useless twunt. I hope you & fellow rats die screaming.

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