BBC confirm: Corbyn played #Brexit exactly right. Dugdale must resign #GE17

In February, the SKWAWKBOX analysed Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of the difficult situation around the Article 50 vote in Parliament. This blog judged that Corbyn had played a bad hand with extraordinary skill, that he had got it ‘exactly right’ – and Blairites derided the SKWAWKBOX for that judgment.

During tonight’s General Election coverage, the BBC’s panel looked at the results coming in from around the country and observed that Corbyn was winning votes in both remain and leave areas.

In other words, he played his Brexit hand exactly right.

corbyn dugdale

Bravo Jeremy Corbyn. The night is not yet done but if he doesn’t end up in Downing Street by the weekend it will only be because of the astonishing idiocy of Kezia Dugdale in Scotland, who told voters to vote Tory – an offence that would have any ordinary member ‘auto-excluded’ from the party – which so far has fuelled Tory gains against the SNP that are shoring up what would otherwise be a Tory disaster.

Corbyn’s fitness to lead is beyond question. Regardless of the balance of results by the morning, Dugdale must resign.

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  1. Well, I don’t forget that it was Corbyn’s campaigning in the EU Referendum that actually put him on my radar just over a year ago, having been totally disinterested with the Labour Party prior to that. I described my position on the EU Referendum as ‘reformist remain’ and I identified that Corbyn’s stance was also reformist remain, and I admired his honesty to admit that both leave and remain have significant issues. So rarely seen in British politics, it caught my attention, and so I was paying-attention when, from the morning of the referendum result, Corbyn was blamed for the result of a referendum that he did not call and to the extent of triggering a coup!!! So then I knew that I had to support him – both because of his brilliant, well-reasoned, democratic approach, but also to defy the media bias – and I did so with hundreds of thousands of others!

  2. Frank Field won his Birkenhead seat last night. But back in the 1987 general election he advised Wallasey voters to switch to Tory when it looked like Socialist Lol Duffy was about to win. He ended up losing by a few 100 votes thanks to Field. Dugdale may have got the idea from him.

  3. Jeremy was so unfairly treated by Media. If Media all were fair they did not need to favour to Jeremy just asked to be fair to every sides of every parties, Jeremy would have gained much larger majority. May got so much favour from Media yet lost majority shows that May is not fit to lead the Country as everybody knew except Meida.

  4. Well yes Dugdale will hopefully be got shot of soon BUT what a fantastic result considering what we the left were up against and the bloody hard work that JC and his team plus all the volunteers have put in.
    Conference this year will be SPECTACULAR and I hope we see some real fundamental changes like the Gen sec is elected by the WHOLE membership not the few ! That the make up of the NEC is altered to a more balanced representative one. This result has decisively proved all the PLP rabbles , moderates ? naysayers within the party WRONG . The British public has a real desire for a more SOCIALIST fairer Society
    Support us and JC or leave

  5. Never been a fan of the ineffectual, impotent dugdale. Never seen the point of her, tbh.

    And even more so now, having seen E.Scotland become overwhelmingly tory. (I hope that’s not forgotten once a Labour Govt finally gets hold of the UK reins).

    But then again, I listened to the godawful john woodcock this morning…Dear God – The sooner their type are purged completely, the better.

    1. Wonder if the backstabbers will keep their knives sharpened for when they sense the first opportunity to lunge and stab at the leader? The snake Chuka Ummuna would be my choice of likely assailant.

      1. Aye – he was a right weasel early this morning, too.

        But don’t forget, he’s a spineless get anyway.

  6. who is backing her in my days the roman catholic church pulled the strings behind the scenes in the Labour party

  7. Regarding the “Dugdale must resign” point – it’s quite astonishing and disgusting, but I find it hard to believe that someone promoting the Tories would jump before being pushed. May should have resigned before the election but didn’t, and even now still hasn’t!!! We shouldn’t wait any longer for Dugdale to resign; she needs to be expelled!!!
        Furthermore, this incident calls strongly for selections. I was very disappointed that most of us in the Labour Party couldn’t choose our candidates, including in Shrewsbury & Atcham, as was decided by the National Executive Committee back in mid-April. Supposedly there wasn’t enough time for the democratic process, which really reflects badly on the Tories’ decision to give us only 6 weeks claiming that it’s in the “national interest” – the nation wants democracy, not this half-baked mess!! But as 6 weeks notice is apparently allowed, ideally, then, we should have already done the selections ready for such short notices.
        Now I want to see membership-driven selections in each constituency that either:
    • the membership are unhappy with; or
    • is not currently held by Labour.
    I’m not suggesting that existing elected Labour MPs be replaced now, but to have that selection ready means that they may not simply be an incumbent candidate at the next general election.
        Furthermore, I’d like to see official Labour Party policy that declares a new formal role of ‘bank candidate’ and requires a selection whenever either of the following conditions occur:
    (a) The Constituency Labour Party membership become unsatisfied with the current candidate.
    (b) The candidate has lost or failed to gain the seat in an election.
    (c) The candidate resigns from the commitment of being the bank candidate.

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