Video: BBC News covered Corbyn assault without sound. SKWAWKBOX fixed it for them

When BBC News finally covered the violent assault against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this morning, it broadcast a short segment about an ‘egging’ – rather than the punch that struck Corbyn in the head, described by eyewitness Diane Abbot: “He punched Jeremy very hard“.

The BBC broadcast the segment with no sound.

The SKWAWKBOX has added subtitles to the video to represent the kind of commentary that would have accompanied the coverage – if the national broadcaster genuinely represented the nation and was concerned for balanced, honest reporting:

The BBC broadcast with sound included half an hour later – and need barely have bothered. Their coverage persisted in trivialising the incident as an ‘egging’ – and did not even mention the fact that the assailant had been charged with ‘assault by beating’.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The Establishment media must really fear the exposure of the consequences of their smear campaigns against Corbyn – and the results of any sympathetic portrayal of the Labour leader.

Or even an honest one.

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  1. I don’t know why anybody pays a licence fee. I haven’t for years. You don’t get any news from the msm any more. I say if they want to broadcast blatant propaganda and smear campaigns they are not using MY money to do it with.
    And they call out Russia for propaganda? Our establishment can beat the KGB hands down!

    1. “I don’t know why anybody pays a licence fee”

      … because the Beeb isn’t just television and isn’t just news.

      It’s one of the few things we’ve got left in public ownership – despite the demonstration of the dangers of political control in the nationalisation stakes.

      Just don’t watch the news and current affairs output.

      1. ‘Public ownership’ and controlled with a private agenda. Stuff the bbc and all its output.

  2. The BBC is getting beyond a joke now. It is blatant propaganda, and they don’t even bother hiding the fact. I’m so glad I do not pay for a tv licence.

  3. I’d sooner have Alan Partridge or Jonathan Pie presenting the news – more chance of the truth – and that is nor even a joke.

  4. Good stuff and I have started leaving newspapers in pubs but add a few comments to more enlighten readers, like putting people right on Venezeula (see John Pilger piece Morning Star).
    It is interesting how the BBC News web page hardly allows comments on anything but bloody Brexit and what are they worried about – citizens offering a more critical perspective?
    Keep up the good work SB!

  5. For the last three years right wing Labour MPs, the BBC, Guardian, and most of the rest of the British press and media have been relentlessly engaged in an Orwellian like two minute hate campaign against the leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition.

    Their hatred and demonisation of Mr Corbyn, and their incitement of the public to hate him too by misrepresenting and allowing unconstrained, unchallenged vilifaction of him on their broadcasts and in their publications, has created the environment of hate which led to the physical attack upon him.

    Having been the originators of the attack it should be of no surprise that the media is attempting to minimise the crime by inaccurately reporting it and failing to correct their inaccurate reporting. Rather than admitting their own part in this hate campaign, right wing Labour MPs are doubling down on their vicious slanders and bullying, abusive attacks on the leader, inciting further hatred and violence against Mr Corbyn.

    It is reasonable to conclude that the Fourth Estate is not functioning. Not only is it failing to hold power to account, its bias and lack of impartiality has endangered the life of the leader of the Labour Party.

    I believe the failure of the Fourth Estate to hold power to account, and its campaign of inciting hatred against Mr Corbyn, which has endangered and continues to endanger the Labour leader’s life, warrant a Public Inquiry, as well of course as the full and immediate implementation of Leveson 2.

  6. The main issues with how Jeremy Corbyn is represented in the MSM ‘Perception Industries’,is to construct a dominant narrative which paints him as an incompetent; Jew hating; Ira sympathiser & supporter of terrorism. To colour him victim in any way would be unthinkable. The enemy must first be dehumanised.

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