Attack ‘was a punch, not egging’. Corbyn shaken but unhurt

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been physically attacked

Reports have been circulating of an attempted ‘egging’ of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The SKWAWKBOX can confirm that the incident was an attempted punch, not merely an attempt to throw an egg.

A Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

It was an attempt to punch him in the face not just egg him, but thank God little contact was made. Jeremy was shaken but not injured.

The incident took place at the Finsbury Park Mosque – the same mosque attacked by right-wing terrorist Darren Osborne, who admitted he had hoped to kill Corbyn.

One Twitter user locked his feed after being reported for saying he wished the egg had been a bullet:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Last year an attack by a terrorist who hoped to kill Jeremy Corbyn and today a physical attack on him by a right-winger while others wish for worse – a glimpse of the potential consequences of the shamelessly biased and constantly escalating media campaign against Labour’s leader?

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  1. It looks like there is a need for some additional but discreet security to keep JC safe.

  2. The way I have seen many of the horrible comments on news threads against JC I think he is the most likely person to be at risk of threats and violence. He just keeps quiet about it although I hope he is reporting any threats to the police. The MSM and the right are stoking up hatred against him.

  3. If anything happens to Jeremy the MSM & the RW of the Labour Party & the Independent Group will have stoked the hatred towards him & have blood on their hands, why can they not see all their false allegations are dangerous & will have consequences, or can they and they just don’t care.

  4. I am absolutely sick of this and so are thousands of others – it is causing so much stress as people are silenced or abused for supporting him. As for ‘Tommy Watson’ now writing to Google – just what is he up to? One look at Twitter shows he has just lost us thousands of potential votes – I despair, but like thousands of others, I will not be silenced and will not give up

  5. Maybe Jeremy should have a few minders with him when he appears in public..? There are a lot of angry and deranged people around these days ! What with the Right Wing Media drumming up lies about Jeremy and Labour , it only takes one brainless thug to try to attack our man !

    He’s too valuable to lose. That’s why he’s hated so much !

  6. Thank heavens Jeremy is alright though of course shaken. Best wishes to him and his family who will be very concerned.

    This is what the vicious media and political environment towards Corbyn and his supporters is fomenting.

  7. Shame there’s not an “Arthur’s Honour guard” anymore. They would have sorted out would be assailants, no problem!

  8. Shocking news here of the attack on Jeremy Corbyn. It seems that his enemies are now stepping up their aggressions from verbal/psychological to physical. This is deeply worrying.

    Am I the only one to wonder if the Deep State was involved in this? Or am I just being paranoid…..?

  9. When did this happen? Right, I just did a web search, and in the Express it says it happened today (Sunday, which in fact just became Monday about 50 minutes ago) at around 4.00pm.

    In the Express article they say that Sky News is linking the attack to Brexit, but that could very well just be speculation, and not based on anything concrete. I say that, because I can’t help thinking that when vile and abominable smears/falsehoods are dissembled, such as those by Luciana Berger and the Sunday Times yesterday, then it of course increases the risk of violence towards Jeremy being perpetrated by some nut-job, or even someone who is normally quite rational.

    1. I was referring specifically to the “hand-delivered letter” Berger refers to AND especially the claim she made about someone – at some point in the past two weeks since she quit the LP – threatening the life of her unborn child. I mean how low can you GO!

      I posted an extract from the article in another thread yesterday, but in case you didn’t see it, this is what it says (mostly quoting Berger):

      There have also been horrific personal threats. “In the wake of the murder of Jo Cox, someone sent a picture of a massive machete and said I was going to get it like Jo Cox got it. A guy was arrested for making death threats and when they seized his phones and so on, it transpired he’d downloaded terrorist material.” A letter was hand-delivered to her office. “It said I was going to have acid thrown on me and be stabbed. That was signed off by people who said that they were supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, but who knows? Sadly, the police didn’t find them.”


      Now if you bear in mind that she said in the ST article that the threat to her unborn child’s life was made since she left the Labour party – ie sometime during the past two weeks – but she DOESN’T say when the “hand-delivered letter” episode happened. Anyway, I just did a duckduckgo web search for >luciana berger hand-delivered letter acid stabbed<, and nothing to that effect came up in the results (and I've never heard anything to that effect prior to reading it in the ST article either, though it's not impossible that I could have missed such a story, but unlikely). Given the gravity of the threats made in the letter, it is inconceivable to me that such a story wouldn't have been all over the MSM when it happened, and yet their's nothing!

      But what is very, VERY interesting, is one thing that came up in the results when I did a search. And it refers to a "hand-delivered letter" delivered to her "constituency office", and signed anonymously by “Corbyn supporters", who say they are black, refer to Corbyn as “Jezza”, and includes the fascistic statement that “Jew Scum” should be killed in gas chambers.

      Hmm….. It doesn't explain why they referred to "Jezza" ie what they said in the letter in relation to him – but I have a sneaky feeling that, yet again, sadly, the police didn't catch them.

      Anyway, here's a link to the page I came across, and if you want to get straight to the relevant bit, then scroll down to where it says Meta on the left-hand side, and it's the paragraph AFTER the paragraph that starts in line with where it says Meta (but then you'll no doubt want to read what was said beforehand so as to understand where it was reported etc):


      1. Bonehill Paine has previous. He joined the kippers and then fell out with them, they had to get a restraining order.
        Berger is gaining political capital from people with mental health problems and the media are stirring it.

    2. There seems to be a concerted attempt to use right-wing nut-jobs with the Labour Party.

      “said I was going to get it like Jo Cox got it.”

      … which, of course, was the act of a … *right wing nut-job*.

      It’s quite easy to work out which groups benefit from idiocy being attributed to Labour Party members.

      1. You will be blamed of being an Anti Semite, for defending him and calling out the people openly cheering the attack. Was being sarcastic. But his security needs increased.

  10. I am just glad Jeremy is all right and I hope the yob responsible is charged with assault.
    Jeremy Corbyn is not a violent man and this attack on him was cowardly and provoked by the demonisation of Jeremy by the MSM the PLP, the Funny Tinge group and their allies in the Tory party. Shame on them all.

    1. “Shame on them all.”

      Well yes but they have no shame because they have no morals, integrity or shred of decency which are required to feel shame.

  11. BBC News seems to have ignored it so far – or maybe assaults on Leaders of the Opposition always go on the “and in other news, cat saved from tree” shelf as end fillers?
    Could be the political editor’s having trouble figuring out how to imply that ‘Corbyn had it coming’ and putting the blame on ‘Labour antisemitism’ – without actually saying anything actionable?
    Can hardly wait for the mealy-mouthed expressions of sympathy and solidarity from May on Wednesday, while she slyly equates it with ‘Labour bullying of Berger etc.’ and proposes a committee to research censoring social media.

    1. I think the Beeb could employ Smith’s dog (see Twitter feed) and get a cheaper and better result.

  12. It COULD have been a bullet. The incident underlines how the Left is too frailly dependent on the continued health and life of one individual.

    Since sadly the Corbyn leadership (in its broader sense incl. NEC Left) has chosen not to usher in an era of strong party democracy, leaving our party still far too top-down, the identity of the Party leader remains seminal. It is important that the Left has leaders-in-waiting otherwise we will end up with falling back on the nowadays constantly-vacillating Mr McDonnell.

    Unfortunately the PLP “Left” does not present us with a very sound choice.

    1. Pacifism is an intellectual choice – don’t confuse that with frailty.
      Civil wars have caused brothers to fight on opposite sides – when the country is split down the middle it would be unwise to dismiss the possibility.

      1. Jeremy claims he isn’t a pacifist, he just doesn’t support imperialist wars or the madness of nuclear war- though apparently his parents were. Unconditional pacifism is in general a pathetic slave mentality*, and a tiresome affectation by the comfortably off middle classes who are safe in their beds protected by the ever available second hand violence of the state’s “bodies of armed men” should their persons and property be threatened. Pacifism wont help the Left when the Far Right once again decides to break up our meetings and try to dominate the streets as the NF attempted in the 1970’s, and as Tom Watson’s big mate, Max Mosley’s dad, with his BUF thugs tried to do in the 1930’s. Left self defence is no offence , and if the police personal protection officer who should have been present with Jeremy and Diane outside Finsbury Mosque yesterday wont protect him, it’s time Jeremy was accompanied on these outings by a few big lads from the local Party.

        * or in a few cases a time and place-specific successful political tactic, as per Ghandism in India , or the US 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, where an overwhelmingly militarily superior oppressing power can in historically particular circumstances (really only where the oppressor is also some sort of bourgeoise democracy – inhibitted by public opinion) be exposed and beaten in the propaganda battle by the sacrifices of pacifist non-violent resistance. Doesn’t work as a tactic against fascist street gangs though, or against Chile-style military Coups.

      2. Ha’penny – you have perfectly good arguments against pacifism as a philosophy, but you pollute it with knee-jerk and simplified generalisations about class that are out of ‘Noddy’s Big Book of Marx for Dummies’.

        Your comment ” it’s time Jeremy was accompanied on these outings by a few big lads from the local Party.” is naive at best.

        You really don’t understand how it works.

      3. Like I said, jpenney, pacifism is a choice to be made or unmade as required by circumstance. Pacifism may also be active or passive.
        Previously I’d pin someone against a wall or lamppost to hurt him as little as possible until he quietened down – teaching pacifism by example.
        Now I’m older I’ll be obliged to strike an attacker hard enough to pacify him quickly before I run out of wind – although enforcing pacifism on others is only permissible as a last resort I’m fully confident that my age and infirmity will justify his physical condition in court 🙂

  13. Only report I ve found is on the rag Indy and it headlines is of a “egging” not a punch , actuate as usual ! .
    Whatever the case the police must act and a tough sentence be imposed by the judiciary , or more will follow and we don’t want a Joe Cox V2 .

  14. The right wing hate merchants, the real threat, are stoking up hatred towards the most peaceful, loving anti racist, honest man I’ve ever known in politics. The MP’s in Westminster are directly responsible for stirring up hatred for this man. If anything happens to him I will point the finger at all the MP’s who seek to drag his name into the gutter for their own political gain. Shame on Berger, shame on Watson, shame on Smeeth, shame on Blair, shame on Streeting, shame on Austin, shame on Umuna, shame on Smith, shame on Ryan, shame on Mann, shame on #I’ll stab him in the front Phillips. Shame on them all.

    1. Don’t forget “shame on the BBC”, who doorstep him, don’t get interviews, then spitefully put video of his front door and street up on Twitter, fanning the flames, encouraging reprisals, but ever ready to step back and absent themselves, looking for others to blame should there be a Jo Cox Mark II.

      Sick,Tory bastards.

      1. I worry, I really do, and you’re right they are most definitely sick Tory bastards, with a sick Tory bastard MSM. I swear quite a lot these days.

  15. Very sad news and I have argued for a while JC needs better security.
    The truth being ignored by the media.
    When will some people learn that you have to engage with ideas and if you disagree with someone you only dehumanise yourself if you resort to violence.
    Someone told me recently about how their brother-in-law became animated over Brexit (he is a middle class passionate Remainer) and he suddenly clouted them across the face when they had been avoiding the subject – they have since deleted all contact with this person).
    Perhaps some good can come out of this -beef up security!
    Solidarity with JC!

  16. To paraphrase Jimmy Carter, ‘If I haven’t read about my speech in the newspapers, I wonder if I ever made it’. A physical assault on Jeremy Corbyn never happened, at least not in MSM world. Perhaps we should employ Bellingcat to find the perpetrator, rather than depend on the police?

    1. Corbyn assault – John Murphy, 31, from Barnet, has been charged with assault by beating, the Metropolitan Police said.

      He is due to appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on 19 March.

      1. There is no info. on MSM No coverage of an assault by anyone. MSM news blackout, only Social Media sources. Perhaps ‘Fake News’ is not reporting?

  17. Interesting doubling-down on the ‘antisemitism’ tropes in the Guardian today, with John Harris (usually an interesting read) spewing more generalised bile about endemic antisemitism in the Party.

    It is an interesting piece,. in so far that Harris is usually pretty good at painting a pretty rounded picture of the encounters that he has.

    But here, he quotes one or two anonymous sources who claim to have experienced antisemitic comment within the Party.

    Now, given that Harris doesn’t, in my book, fall into the category of ‘journalist-of-little-brain’ – how has he become engaged with such a one-sided narrative?

    One sided? Yes.

    Let’s take one example as a start :

    “Just watch the video that eventually led to Derby North MP Chris Williamson being suspended from the party, and consider not what he said about Labour’s approach to antisemitism”

    Well – I re-watched it. And Williamson said nothing that could be cast as ‘antisemitic’. He fervently defended Labour’s record on anti-racism and was making the point that it *didn’t* tolerate antisemitism, and had nothing as an institution to apologize for.

    Now why would an intelligent journalist such as Harris spin Williamson’s remarks otherwise? Is this perhaps the most insidious feature of the whole business – that an all-inclusive dominant taken-for-granted narrative infects the imagination of many whilst reason departs?

    It’s known as ‘propaganda’.

    It is the absence of a balancing narrative that is atypical of Harris that is most worrying. Whilst citing anonymous sources who claim to have experienced antagonism, he omits *all* the following :

    i. The fact that Israeli involvement, through the Hasbara initiative is well evidenced – directly in ‘The Lobby’, and indirectly in the previous Channel 4 documentary. Such is dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’.

    ii. No examination of the roots and role of the JLM or LfI

    iii. The recorded evidence of a number of Jewish people who have supported the Party in public, stating that the accusations of ‘institutional racism’ are rubbish.

    iv. No reference whatsoever to ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’, and the mountain of rational contrary evidence accumulated by them.

    v. No examination of the sources and validity of antisemitic messages aimed at Labour MPs. For instance, the false claim that Luciana Berger needed special police protection at Conference is unexamined.

    vi. No referencing of the *actual* incident at Conference where a JVL meeting was called off as the result of a bomb threat.

    vii. A linking omission of the evidence of vile posts and messages sent to victims of ‘antisemitic’ allegations.

    viii. No reference to the mound of statistical information from non-partisan sources that contradicts the accepted narrative.

    ix. No reference to ordinary members who. from long experience of the Labour Party (including Chukka Umunna before his canonization) , will testify that they have never seen evidence of anti-semitism in the Party.

    Now, John – that ain’t investigative journalism as we know it!

    There are some who will label Harris simply as a shill in all this, employed by a paper that has obviously pursued a biased agenda on this.

    I think it’s actually more serious. Ironically the Zinoviev letter comes to mind – a parallel that should give pause for thought.


  18. “I think it’s actually more serious. Ironically the Zinoviev letter comes to mind – a parallel that should give pause for thought.”

    Of course it’s more serious. People such as Harris, perceived as more balanced, are even more dangerous than the likes of Rawnsley who it seems has published another fantasy hatchet piece on LP and anti-Semitism. Monbiot, another snake in the grass, is having a melt down because anti-Semitism is now being conflated with anti-Capitalism… I just laugh at such fools who complain when propaganda is turned against their pet projects. It has been obvious to me this whole propaganda campaign against Corbyn led LP is about keeping everything the same at home and abroad.

    1. “… anti-Semitism is now being conflated with anti-Capitalism”

      I have to search my soul now because this idea apparently emanating from Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh and Humphrys agreement on Today programme is being seen by some as an attack on Jews using the old trope of Jews are rich and powerful etc. whereas I saw it only in terms of trying to discredit Socialism via conflation with anti-Semitism. Does this mean I am one of those ignorant anti-Semites that requires ‘re-education’ to be accepted as a non racist/anti-Semite or does it mean I have never internalised those old anti-Semitic tropes so don’t think through that lens?
      Food for thought anyway.

      1. I have done some thinking and decided “I have never internalised those old anti-Semitic tropes so don’t think through that lens?” is me and I don’t wish to be ‘re-educated’ to always think through a particular lens. I am not a member of the Labour party.

  19. I believe the expiry date of the ‘justifications’ of Capitalism is coming soon and that recognition of that fact may have triggered the desperate attacks on the Left by the neoliberals through their stooges – like Trumpf and his “Perils of Socialism.”
    (Good management, entrepreneurship and trickle down being the claimed justifications)

    Though they continue to make the previously true but now false claim that more tech always creates more jobs, they’ve understood the inevitability of AI perfectly.
    How could they not?
    What they can’t be sure of though is how much time they have left to poison socialism and bury their parasitic control structures deeply enough in the body of society that cutting them out would kill the host.

    When AI/robotics makes employment a rarity – as it will within a couple of decades – the jobs lost to automation will include those of the university-educated middle classes who, with the tabloid-reading numpties, keep the Tories in power.
    When the ex-employed suits see their privilege disappearing they’ll be incandescent to be joining the rest of the feckless in the poverty-stricken wastelands up-trickling markets are turning our countries into.

    If the 1% believe they’ll have to fight us for the planet why wouldn’t they take the obvious strategic decision to weaken us as much as possible first?

  20. Perhaps Comrades in the Labour Party will take seriously the rising violence of the Right, instigated by the Tory bastards in Parliament (and that includes those in the PLP) by their cavalier attitudes which culminate in vicious verbal attacks, supported by the MSM, which inflame the Right wing extremists! We’re not yet in the situation as a country when the out and out NAZIs and Fascists have quite the guts to march in on our streets, attack Labour Party meetings and so on en masse but we’re getting there! Although the opportunists and besuited, wanna be ‘respectables’ coupled with the naive Socialists in Labour who continue to believe that our corrupted ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’s Club’ called Parliament is somehow not at risk of failing genuine Democracy will shout loud their objections to this along with recognising that the Labour ‘grassroots’ should be organising, at a local level, defence groups to protect those Leftist individuals who are aiming to enter Parliament and or any other of the institutions where they seek to represent the ordinary (the many and not the few) people of the UK! Take heed of what has gone before, in other Countries, when the Extreme Right have felt courageous and crawled out of their sewers with the aim of destroying people because of their differences and Democracy because it has, when not undermined by the rich and powerful as is happening in the UK, the potential to lift ordinary people rather than drive them into despair, despondency and isolation! Organise Comrades, and become rigorous in your responses to personal and physical attacks upon those who would stand for genuine justice and genuine freedom rather than what we have now! Don’t rely upon the protection of those lackeys of the State who take an oath to the Queen, wear weapons openly on the street saying it’s for ‘our protection’ but who have been shown to be quite willing to allow those peoples representatives who they see as dangerous Leftists to be shot or attacked in other ways and then turn those weapons against us the ‘working people of the UK! Do not forget how the State allowed Thatcher’s Government to use the Police Forces to violently attack miners and miner’s communities when they stood up for their rights to earn a livelihood! Furthermore, when NAZI ism and Fascism took over much of Europe very few, if any, of the individuals who wore the badges and gave allegiance to the State, in the police and the armed forces, objected to the setting up of concentration camps, taking part in throwing people, who were deemed to be illegal for being ‘human’ and killing them when ordered to do so! Be warned by history! The forces of the Right, when allowed to get out of control soon become those who control the rest of us! It starts small, becomes frequent, often accompanied by random violence in the streets of cities and towns, which are more about social conditions rather than any type of harebrained political view,s and before too long the Right are in the ‘driving seats with their Rich and greedy mates stamping on all of us! So, time begin protection now rather than wait for things to get worse!

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