Corbyn attacker charged with ‘assault by beating’ – media still saying ‘egging’

As the SKWAWKBOX reported yesterday, the supposed ‘egging’ of Jeremy Corbyn reported by a few of the so-called ‘MSM’ was in fact a violent assault in which the Labour leader was punched by a right-wing assailant.

When the BBC and other media got round to reporting it at all this morning, they described the incident as an ‘egging’ – and continue to do so, when they mention it at all.

But the attacker, 31-year-old Barnet man John Murphy, has been charged according to the Metropolitan Police with ‘assault by beating’.

Writer Afua Hirsch observed correctly:

Former interim Labour leader Harriet Harman, not a natural Corbyn ally, also added to the condemnation – although she had apparently not heard about the charges laid early this morning:

Diane Abbott, who was at Finsbury Park Mosque with Corbyn when the attack happened, described its violence:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The truly scandalous aspect of the reporting of this incident is that ‘trivialised’ is a step up from ‘ignored’, which is what the BBC and other outlets did for hours after the attack.

Truly the ‘mainstream’ media do not want the public to be aware of the consequences of the media’s relentless and shameless misrepresentation of Labour’s leader – let alone empathising with him.

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    1. Has UK reached peak fantasy land news yet? A friend was only saying today that what he sees on TV how great things are, economy doing well, unemployment low etc. etc. bears no relation to what he sees driving around UK where all he sees are people on the streets in sleeping bags, queues at food banks, skeleton staff at mega profitable companies causing over work, stress and huge waits for delivery drivers who don’t get paid for their time, just minimum for a job which could take seven hours or more around London.

    2. I saw no mention of the attack on Corbyn on Monday’s CH4 News!

      Sky News—saw a propaganda piece in favour of that bloke who wants to take over Venezuela.

  1. If it had of been Blair, Berger, May, Boris, Mann, Umuna, there would have been wall to wall coverage and it would have been Corbyn’s fault.

  2. The MSM don’t care that Jeremy Corbyn was physically attacked. They verbally attack him EVERY DAY. They and their allies in parliament incite hatred against him EVERY DAY.
    We have had a member of the PLP ( Jess Phillips) say that she would stab Jeremy in the front.Jess claims to have been a friend of the late Jo Cox who died after being stabbed but has never retracted her vicious remarks.
    We have a member of the Hard Right is currently in jail for trying to kill Jeremy and for killing a poor man who had been worshiping at the Finsbury Park Mosque at the time of the attack.
    We have seen our MPs set out to destroy Jeremy as a man as well as a politician in the vile coup led by a Hilary Benn who Jeremy regarded as a friend. Hilary’s treachery must have devastated Jeremy and would have destroyed a lesser person. How Hilary Benn can look Jeremy in the eye I will never know. If I was him I’d die of shame.
    Jeremy Corbyn has never retaliated to any of this. He has shown immense strength of character and dignity in the face of the disgusting attacks on him. He treats everyone with respect, never gets personal – with him its always the issues -and refuses to descend into the gutter with his detractors.
    People admire his stoicism and his ability to rise above all the mud that it thrown at him. To quote Len McCluskey , Jeremy is a man of steel and our next Prime Minister.

    1. “We have had a member of the PLP ( Jess Phillips) say that she would stab Jeremy in the front.”

      Little time as I have for Jess the Mouth, I have to say that emulating the MSM in distortion is not the answer.

  3. Harperson rarely replies to correspondence never mind speaking out in support unless it’s someone bad mouthing Corbyn!

  4. Do we know WHERE the assailant punched Jeremy? Was it in the face/head or what?

  5. I just did a web search for >jeremy corbyn punched mosque< and not ONE single result came up to that effect, and ALL the relevant articles referred to an egging.

    Anyway, something just occured to me that was, in effect, staring us in the face – ie why would anyone who had it in mind to punch Jeremy think to have an egg in their fist when they did so? If your answer was: 'So that the media could widely report it as an egging, then you are almost definitely correct and, as such, there are dark, sinister forces at work here. And I have no doubt that the Brexit angle – first claimed by Murdoch's Sky News – is and WAS a Blind (as I had little doubt that it was when I first heard that that's what Sky were saying)'

    And if it was just an egging, as no doubt most of the British population have now been led to believe, then when he just gets a slap on the wrist when he appears in court, then no-ONE who thinks it was an egging will question it.

  6. Just spent an hour or more checking out the coverage, and here’s some extracts from some of them, starting with the Belfast Telegraph:

    ‘A man has been charged with assault after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was egged during a visit to a north London mosque.’

    And a bit further on, and in relation to the assailant, John Murphy, it says:

    ‘Murphy allegedly screamed “When you vote you get what you vote for” as he came from behind and smacked Mr Corbyn with an egg.’

    On the BBC News website it has an ultra brief article – under the headline: ‘Jeremy Corbyn egged: Man charged over Finsbury mosque attack’ – with a picture of Jeremy at the mosque (presumably), with a caption that reads:

    ‘Jeremy Corbyn was visiting Finsbury Park Mosque when an egg was thrown at him’

    In an article on the Sky News website under the headline ‘Jeremy Corbyn: Man charged with assault after Labour leader egged outside mosque’ with a sub-heading which reads ‘Mr Corbyn was taking part in the annual Visit My Mosque day when a man allegedly crushed an egg onto the politician from behind’, it says the following:

    A man has been charged with assault after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was egged during a trip to a mosque.

    John Murphy, 31, from Barnet, north London, was charged in the early hours of Monday morning, the Metropolitan Police said.

    Mr Corbyn was unhurt in the incident as he visited Finsbury Park Mosque in north London on Sunday, when the egg was pressed down on his head rather than thrown.

    The Sun headline was ‘BR-EGGS-IT Man, 31, charged after Jeremy Corbyn egged ‘by pro-Brexit campaigner’ during visit to Mosque’, and here’s some of what the article said:

    Sky News reported that the man is said to be a pro-Brexit protester.

    John Murphy, 31, was today charged with assault and will appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on March 19.

    Murphy allegedly screamed “When you vote you get what you vote for” as he came from behind and smacked Mr Corbyn with an egg.

    Diane Abbott, who was with Mr Corbyn at the time, claimed he “punched Jeremy very hard” and “happened to have an egg in his hand”.

    It is understood the alleged attack was not a regular guest at the mosque.

    Metropolitan Police confirmed an “egg was thrown” at the member of Parliament on Sunday afternoon.

    And of course there were the usual derogatory and/or infantile comments, the vast majority of them no doubt posted by the Sun’s own shills. Oh, and they of course make Diane Abbott out to be a liar:


    In the Standard it says the following:

    Mr Corbyn had been sitting and chatting with community leaders when a man came from behind and smacked him over the head with an egg.

    The Morning Star:

    The assailant is alleged to have posed as a visitor before approaching Mr Corbyn from behind and punching his head with an egg in his hand.

    The Independent has it as “an egg thrown” at Jeremy Corbyn

    The Metro has it as JC having been “pelted with an egg”

    The Daily Mail went with ‘Mr Corbyn was sitting and chatting with community leaders when a man came from behind him and smashed an egg on his head, according to the Press Association.’

    Interestingly, the Mail DIDN’T have a Comment section, and obviously decided it wouldn’t look so good if they had hundreds of vile comments about Jeremy with thousands of upvotes, under the circumstances, that is.

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