Video: BBC News finally covers Corbyn assault – with no sound. Then no punch

BBC News finally gave some coverage to yesterday’s physical assault on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this morning. Sort of.

A quiet Carrie Gracie on this morning’s BBC News channel

The BBC News channel – in both its televised and online broadcasts – lost sound the instant the brief report on it began and resumed sound the instant it finished. Half an hour later, it had restored sound – but still only mentioned ‘egging’, not the punch that it in fact was:

Meanwhile, right-wingers have been expressing a wish for Corbyn to have been stabbed or shot – and fading celebrities have joked about the attack, with one even offering to buy the assailant breakfast.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Of course, abuse is only by left-wingers. Apparently.

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  1. I am not surprised as I am still awaiting a reply from the last anti-Corby incident weeks ago when a BBC camera crew or a freelance happened to be on hand when a couple of idiots were daubing a Corbyn poster. BBC News and Current Affairs are a total disgrace when it comes to the anything involved Jeremy Corbyn..

    1. The BBC repeated the poster piece just the other day. Not a word to suggest it was a little less than authentic; on the contrary the casual viewer would have assumed it had just happened. Interestingly it was in the same theme as the guy attacking Corbyn; apparent anger at the ‘betrayal’ over the 2nd Vote. It’s the route to take if you want to bash Labour. The BBC poster graffiti brilliantly sums up the complaint; normally politicians have to pay for adverts but the BBC is happy to do it for free, if it accords with their politics – and Labour bashing is part of their ‘mission’. Taking the piss?

  2. No more than we would expect of the BBC, the propaganda wing of the neo-liberal elite.

    1. BBC The public funded, by force, mouthpiece of a burgeoning UK totalitarian regime.

      1. I keep imagining that presenter (Carrie Gracie) in the still wearing a uniform but can’t quite make out what it is…

        This question from Matt Kennard on the current propaganda campaign and LP response is most apt.

        “Has any propaganda campaign ever been seen off by accepting the premises of the propaganda and promising that we’ll try to do better? “

  3. This morning’s BBC R4 Today programme: John Humphrys interviewing Siobhain McDonagh MP for Mitcham and Morden. No balancing point of view, no serious challenge to her ridiculous assertions.

    S McD: “I’m not sure that some people in the labour party can, because it’s very much part of their politics – of hard left politics – to be against capitalists, and to see jewish people as the financiers of capitalism.”

    Humphrys: “In other words, to be anti-capitalist you have to be anti-semitic?”

    S. McD: “Yes, not everybody but absolutely, there’s a certain strand of it and these people are not labour, have never been labour but we now find them in our party.”

    Humphrys: “Don’t they become Labour when they join the party?”

    S. McD: “Not as far as I see it. I believe that the labour party has a very strong set of values related to how we see society should be run and about being anti-racist, which they cannot be part of.”

    New depths plumbed by the BBC – and Siobhain earns the title McBrain-donor.

    1. Ha, ha, ha! This must be the interview that has sent Monbiot into meltdown about the current anti-Semitism propaganda (as opposed to real anti-Semitism) conflating anti-Semitism with anti-Capitalism.
      So now all Socialists and anti-Capitalists are now anti-Semites, unless not real Socialists/anti-Capitalists but closet neoliberals aka extreme centrists.

      Well blow me down, whoda thunk that was where this dangerous, divisive anti Corbyn LP campaign would end up?

    2. Some Tory ‘think-tanker’ will get a gong for that one.

      W⚓️: Thank you so much, Mrs. May – by the way, re. your Q of last week, we’ve finished the calculations – with surprising results.
      It turns out stabbings cost us surprisingly little – there’s the wasted cost of education of course, but then that’s a given, heh heh.
      Basically the profit/loss comes down to whether the stabbee is alive when it reaches hospital, and how much effort the police put into finding the culprit.
      As you might imagine the cost of treatment can be immense so DOA is far cheaper. Clearly DOA also terminates any responsibility on our part for the expected life span of the victim.

      May: And the other thing?

      W⚓️: Ah yes, very perceptive of you to have asked that, Prime Minister – as you suspected, the cost of a police officer does indeed far outweigh that of a dead teenager – by about four to seven times on average – so we seem to be saving far more than we thought.
      Amazing how little the cost of crime affects the exchequer isn’t it?

      TM: Thank you, Sir Dumbphrey – and there might even be a little something extra in your Christmas stocking this year – I hope you like ermine?


    3. She also supported MrWatsons call for complaints to be sent to him(despite the fact that experts have clearly stated that would break data protection law ) and described Ms Formbys letter on the subject as very rude. I have asked the BBC to explain how it was that immediately after Mr Corbyn was physically attacked the BBC chose to interview an MP openly hostile to him who was likely to further fan the flames of hatred,which Ms McDonagh duly did.I expect an extremely patronising reply saying it is all to do with editorial choice and some people may not like the decisions made.Problem is,like an Australian cricket umpire,all the decisions go one way.

    4. Oh dear what a numpty SM is and shows how poorly read these right wing political imbeciles are.
      We are for diverse working people whatever their background and against the rich and powerful whatever their background.

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