More ‘centrist’ fake news – Labour’s head of governance has NOT resigned

The ‘Red Roar’ centrist smear site’s latest fake news claims a key member of Labour’s governance team has resigned

The ‘Red Roar’ – usually referred to as the blue squeak, blue boar and other variants reflecting its entire lack of being red or of roaring – has a long history of outright fake news and smears, as well as of theft of film-makers’ hard work.

In particular, its claims about Labour staff, elections and appointments are as regularly wrong as – well, as Dan Hodges and that’s saying something.

The rag’s latest fiction is that Labour’s ‘head of legal and governance Thomas Gardiner has resigned:

He hasn’t. He’s on his holidays. And the squeak is entirely typical of the complete lack of principle and fibre among so-called ‘centrists’.

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  1. The Blue Squeak surely must plagiarise Dan Hodges it’s unimaginable they both could be so wrong, so often, so regular.

  2. I’m reading rumors PLP is doing to Formby what they did to Corbyn… attacking her one after the other… who needs enemies when you have ‘friends’ like many in PLP…

    1. I get the impression tweeting or messaging what was going on in real time went on… tally ho… reminds me of the fox hunting crowd on the scent of a kill.

    2. Jennie Formby is an employee with employment rights. She is also a former senior Trade Unionist with expert knowledge of how these rights can be enforced. She will be more than able for anyone in the PLP trying to deprive her of her job or diminish her employment rights.
      The the usual suspects in the PLP know this and therefore will not try it on with her – they know she’d eat them for breakfast. They will probably just snipe from the sidelines – much Jennie will care – the PLP has no authority over her whatsoever. She is answerable to the NEC where she is widely supported and greatly respected as a person of the highest integrity. She is also thoroughly competent and an excellent General secretary and of course that is precisely why the PLP have a problem with her – she’s her own person and they can’t control or manipulate her.
      So Jennie keep up the good work and stand your ground. You have more decency and integrity in your little finger than the lot of plotters and schemers on the PLP and the party needs you.

      1. If Jennie Formby is so good, why is she not intervening in the suspension of decent people guilty of nothing and not insisting on the suspension of dreadful people such as Margaret Hodge? Does she not have any input on these matters? I’m sure Iain McNicol did!

        Jo Bird a Jewish Merseyside councillor was suspended yesterday for a trivial joke. Most of these suspensions are themselves a joke.

      2. Great, informative comment and it appears the ‘seven bullies’ didn’t make any impact.

  3. I suspect Ms. Formby will leave a trail of Red Raw Rectums in her wake if she so chooses.

  4. I have never met or spoken to Ms Formby & I’m afraid I’ve taken little interest in her career development, so it’s early days yet to make a judgement, but I wonder………….why did she appoint an old chum/flat mate of Tony Blair to investigate Anti-Semitism & why does she not question the adoption of the IHRA definition?

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