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Since the SKWAWKBOX’s last update 3 weeks ago and in spite of the holiday period, the blog has been as busy as ever. Here are just some of the items it has published either exclusively or against the flow of the mainstream narrative:

  • the real narrative – and the outright fake news pushed by the Establishment media – when Corbyn outmanoeuvred Theresa May yet again to force her into disclosing the government’s legal advice on her Brexit deal
  • exclusive news of Labour’s surprise no-confidence motion
  • video of Theresa May’s flight from the Commons chamber as Corbyn sprang his motion
  • news that Corbyn’s strategy is bearing fruit as the government warned returning officers around the country to prepare for a new general election
  • polling results ignored by the Establishment media as they rushed to cherry-pick figures to attack Corbyn
  • the news – forcing the mainstream press to run with the story – that Jeremy Corbyn spent the pre-Christmas weekend talking to homeless people at a homelessness resource centre as the rest of Parliament went for a long festive holiday
  • video analysis showing media and Tory claims about Jeremy Corbyn’s words during PMQs was desperate fake news
  • a major speech by Corbyn that had been completely ignored by the media
  • video demonstrating Theresa May’s complete vacuousness in front of EU leaders
  • an exclusive conversation showing Alastair Campbell’s arrogance – and his inability or unwillingness to answer questions about his doctrinaire claims about a new referendum
  • the exposure of a centrist – and non-Jewish – figure’s call to ban what he called ‘non-useful’ Jews from the Labour Party
  • key facts showing the so-called “people’s vote” was out of reach even as the campaign stepped up its attempts to damage Labour
  • exclusive new figures proving centrist claims of falling Labour membership were fake newsexclusive information about MP Ivan Lewis’ resignation from the Labour Party
  • news of Twitter slashing the ‘viewed’ count on videos posted by key Labour figures including Jeremy Corbyn, leading to the social media giant reinstating the numbers
  • a massive strategic blunder by the “people’s vote” campaign that risked giving Theresa May an escape route from her self-inflicted chaos
  • news of the overwhelming vote for strike action by Birmingham refuse collection workers after a ‘bad faith’ payment to workers not involved in their successful 2017 strike over earlier bad faith that brought down the council’s leader – and an exclusive letter that the council ignored when answering might have averted or at least postponed strike action
  • the farce of Labour deputy leader Tom Watson sending party Christmas cards to people he had blocked on Twitter

In these ways and more, the SKWAWKBOX continues to help create a more honest media landscape and narrative – and to change outcomes for the better.

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