Video: Media ignored Corbyn speech on Brexit and future – and accuse him of silence

Jeremy Corbyn speaking to the Party of European Socialists this month

A major speech delivered in Lisbon earlier this month by Jeremy Corbyn to a European group addressed Brexit, its causes, effects and the UK’s future in every respect from jobs to the environment, from fighting xenophobia to creating a prosperity shared by all – and the cooperation this requires with other groups across Europe for the good of the many.

He also covered such topical issues as the environment, the economy, the abandoned Brexit debate and Theresa May’s policy vacuum.

Yet it was ignored by most of the mainstream media and broadcast by none. Meanwhile, talking heads routinely tell those stations’ audiences, unchallenged, that Corbyn is not leading on the European issue – and even that he has been silent.

It’s up to the alternative media and social media activists to make sure it’s seen as widely as it deserves to be:

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  1. By contrast BBC News’ endless plugging of a second referendum is shameless. The BBC represents not the nation but the upper class and upper middle class interests of its own higher echelons.

  2. Nick Boles MP just accused Corbyn of employing the “gimmick” of a no confidence motion if May doesn’t give a date for a vote on the deal “because he knows he can’t win a vote of no confidence in the government.”
    What kind of vapid little mind would try to claim that May’s cowardice in dodging a vote on her ‘deal’ is more defensible?

  3. Thank you SB for the video. The amazing thing is not that the MSM did not show even 1 second of the clip. Not because of their absence. As a matter of fact, the Sky News political editor interviewed Corbyn in-situ on DUP’s Damascene moment regarding their governing partners. The amazing thing is that the MSM failed to grasp the message conveyed. The message that it is the currently predominant neo-liberal economic policies that have brought about Brexit and is now threatening global peace and stability.They did not ignore it. They completely failed to grasp the import of the message. If they had, I know for a certain that they would have tried every trick in the book to ridicule it and broadcast their ridicule to all who cared to listen.

    Yet we were fed un-edited, un-interrupted 59-seconds clip of Johnson’s address to the DUP Conference ad nauseam by Sky News a week before. Indeed, …everything else is public relations!

  4. I live in Portugal and was delighted to see JC who was given full tv coverage of his speech. Good news today as he’s dropped the confidence bomb on Theresa.

  5. Interestingly, there are three references to the Skripal saga in the ‘handbook’, each of them inferring that the whole affair was staged, and especially the first two. What possible other interpretation could there be? None of course (but no doubt the usual suspects will magically appear to argue otherwise!):

    ’14. Dirty tricks (eg Skripal)’

    ‘Implementing discernment and media literacy training prog. (using Skripal as a case-study).’

    ‘Produce questionnaires for RU speaking audiences, inviting them to rebut Western analyses of key media stories (e.g. MH17, Litvinenko, Skripal , doping) and invite reasons for supporting RU counter narratives’

  6. Sorry Skwawk but while I agree ALL the broadcasters including Jon Snow have been aggressive towards Corbyn while easing up on others, making a speech in Lisbon is no substitute for making a speech on the same subject here in terms of coverage. If Jeremy wanted to have that position of Labour covered, his team could organise an event here quite easily to get him and his message across. Instead they have deployed the fabulous and articulate Barry Gardiner, and a couple of unknown inarticulate and inadequate loyalists, while Keir Starmer has been remarkably quiet. There has to be a reason for that! It is because he would go too far in the direction of saying on air Labour must go for another referendum./ The message is that Corbyn can’t land a punch and Corbyn dithers and Corbyn is pulled several ways…and helping that incompetent dangerous May to win. The problem is, May is right, another Referendum would not ‘hold’. It would be challenged in courts, overturned, and would leave us high and dry as well as cause civil war. We need the DUOP and we are not going to get them. We are frankly fucked!

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