Watson sending Xmas cards – to members he’s blocked on Twitter

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson

Christmas cards from Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson have been landing on doormats in the last few days, bearing a message of thanks for hard work done in the cause of a Labour government.

But the cards have left recipients feeling not only underwhelmed, but also bemused:

The bemusement stems from the fact that the West Bromwich East MP, who is infamous for a hair-trigger when it comes to blocking anyone critical on Twitter, has blocked many of the recipients.

The SKWAWKBOX received one of the cards this morning, pictured above – apparently being sent to CLP chairs, vice-Chairs and Secretaries – but an attempt to open Watson’s Twitter profile suggests a different message:

Watson was contacted for comment on the mismatch. He has not responded.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Mr Watson’s profile says he has ‘no space for hate’ – although he once made time for Mail columnist Dan Hodges. He does, however, appear to have a room for conflicting messages to Labour members working hard to bring about a Labour government and helping to maintain the party’s social media dominance.

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  1. Perhaps he is using Christmas cards to butter people up to support the Blairite coalitionist second referendum in order to scupper Corbyn.

    1. The corrupt old Labour Right , which fed on the ever- generous EU gravy train teat for their political class for 40 years must know that a second referendum would take about four months to organise, at best, and would not be encompassed by a simple binary question, and would not meet the brexit timetable. For them it is all about splitting Jeremy Corbyn from his naive Left Wing member base – too many of whom really think the EU is a benevolent organisation for social progress, and a vehicle for working class internationalism. The Labour Right just want ”their corrupt old gravy train party back, and don’t care that a new referendum would create a mass far right violent street movement during the referendum, and a mass neo-fascist party feeding off the narrative of ””betrayal” , the like of which the UK hasn’t seen since Mosley in the 1930’s . The regular, uncritical, Pro EU trolls on here, are either utterly lacking in socialist politics , or just stooges of the Right.

      1. jpenney, we know from your previous comments that you too have no regard for Jeremy Corbyn and any support you appear to show for him is self serving.

        Labour better get on board quickly with proposing a second referendum because when the Tories come out in favour as they certainly will, we will be wrong footed again and lose support.

      2. jpenney 15/12/2018 at 10:34 pm

        a new referendum would create a mass far right violent street movement during the referendum,

        But that would be a pathetic and cowardly capitulation to the far right and quite possibly the worst reason I have heard for not having a democratic vote. It also sounds scarily like the argument that fascists have used throughout history whenever they have wanted to ‘suspend’ democracy. There is little hope for any of us if we don’t embrace and defend democracy instead of abandoning it in the face of threats from a small minority of right wing extremists.

        Doesn’t it give you any pause for thought the fact that the most prominent proponents for Brexit are RW nut jobs.

  2. I’ve been blocked by Watson for over 12 months ago. I have never spoken to the man or tweeted to him. No idea what the reason is, only that I have a ‘Support Jeremy Corbyn’ logo on my profile. Must be too sensitive for him

  3. There was a mass ‘Blocking’ by him & others when the Owen Smith campaign kicked off – they don’t want any negative comments on their page to spoil the propaganda.
    I was blocked by Tom Watson Jesse Philips & Angela Smith – Owen Smith blocked me too but later he opened up again.
    His Deputy Leader Campaign Leaflet said he would support Whoever won the Leadership Election & Membership 100% Didn’t fulfil his promises.

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