MSM go into ‘full-on fake-news mode’ as May capitulates to Corbyn

As was always likely, Theresa May has crumbled before Labour’s intelligent threat of a no-confidence motion if she didn’t specify a date for a Commons vote on her shambolic Brexit ‘deal’.

And the ‘MSM’ have gone into what a Labour source termed ‘full-on fake-news mode‘.

The reality isn’t complicated. Corbyn said a no-confidence vote would be called if May didn’t confirm a date – and May duly caved and called a date. May was outmanoeuvred – and showed the complete cowardice and weakness she has displayed time and again.

Instead – and with no seeming trace of embarrassment – the Establishment media are presenting it as a Corbyn u-turn or change of mind, including the political editors of both ITV and BBC:

The comments are particularly astonishing when both had tweeted, barely an hour earlier and perfectly clearly, before May’s statement, that the no-confidence motion was from its conception dependent on whether May provided a date for the vote.

Corbyn’s decision not to table the vote did not ‘seem extraordinary‘, nor did it require that he ‘changed his mind‘. On the contrary, it was the plan all along if the threat achieved its purpose.

Which, thanks to May’s weakness and cowardice, it clearly did.

A Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

This is the Establishment going into full-on fake-news mode. Jeremy has completely outplayed Theresa May yet again – and yet again the media are calling up down in order to cover for her weakness.

This is a clear win for Jeremy, but you’d never guess it from the news coverage – once again the media are misleading the country.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Jeremy Corbyn and his team are almost the only people in Parliament fighting not only for the best for both leavers and remainers, but for the democratic and parliamentary integrity of this country.

But you won’t hear that from the so-called ‘MSM’.

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  1. Anyone looking forward to their family Xmas meal and trying for the umteenth time to convince them they’re being totally flannelled by the MSM? That there even IS such a thing as the MSM?

    We’ll try because we care about them, but, boy, they won’t half put up a fight. As Mark Twain said, “it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled”…

      1. Indeed. The most relevant quotation is one by Frankie Howard
        “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it infamy”.

        (That’s sorted out the Tories!)

      2. Nahh RH surely that was the late great Kenneth Williams quotes in one of the Carry On Flics

      3. Rob,

        It was Carry on Cleo, which was one of the better Carry On Films, and yes, it was Kenneth William’s who spoke those lines.

      4. Thank you Christopher bout time we bought some haute-culture and high brow intellect to this blog ,, ;-))

      5. Apologies to the ‘Carry On’ fans – you’re right. It was Kenneth Williams.

      6. Spot on with the intended comparison , RH , at least the Carry On crew were to some extent funny , May and her crew are well just excruciating

    1. Totally agree my brother & family vote for the Tories. Spoke to my sister-in-law last night after ten minutes of her complaining about her treatment within the NHS, I thought wow they must be realising what their precious Tories are doing to the NHS & Country so I brought up NHS privatisation etc etc but shamefully they are not interested she just said I don’t want to talk politics, although she did say TM is making a mess of Brexit but they are thinking of the future of their children.
      My parting shot if the Tories are not removed you can forget about leaving them the house as all your savings and property will be used for care, they are both in their eighties, I just bloody well give up, they are selfish.

    2. It doesn’t really matter who said it. It could be the barfly philosopher on the next stool along or Albert Einstein himself.(also oft-mis-quoted).

      The point is, the wisdom of the remark still stands.

  2. WTF do you expect ,,, these are jurno twats of the first order , as IF they are going to be honest re Labour and Corbyn !
    I’d be more worried if they even semi honestly reported anything Corbyn said or did !
    SOOOOOO glad I no longer pay the Biased Broadcasting Corruption fee .

  3. Either kuenssberg & peston are full of shit, or they’ve got the attention span of an amoeba.

    …In reality, it’s both.

  4. He he, according to the Guardian, The Guardian is the most trusted newspaper……… For people who would prefer the Labour party was led by Anna Soubry maybe, for everyone else it’s fake news central

    1. I agree, plus it hardly registers as being a cause for celebration when the bar is set so low..

    2. If Katharine Viner (a woman who can’t even spell her own christian name properly and so not someone to be trusted) says so, it must be true.

      Methinks the lady doth protest too much!

    1. It’s bottom of the barrel stuff.

      Labour position: Tory MPs who voted against May in Tory party vote of confidence last week, but who vote against Corbyn’s motion of no confidence in May (i) have higher standards for their party than they do the country as a whole (ii) are lying hypocrites.

      ERG position [confirmed via ERG spokesperson]: Corbyn motion against May called on party political grounds and tantamount to vote of no confidence in the government on the sly with sole intent of debstabilizing and ultimately bringing down government their party leads, so will support May.

      DUP position [confirmed via Sammy Wilson]: Corbyn motion against May called on party political grounds and tantamount to vote of no confidence in the government on the sly with sole intent of debstabilizing and ultimately bringing down government their party plays kingmaker to, so will support May.

      Yes, the Labour position may be correct, but this motion will change nothing and do less than negligible damage to the Tories who will easily brush it off as party political gamesmanship on Labour’s part.

      A complete and utter waste of time.

      1. The bottom line is that neither the Tories nor the DUP will commit hari-kiri. As said – nothing changes.

  5. This morning (Tuesday) I noticed that immigration caps are now being described as a Cameron policy. Is Theresa May trying to distance herself from a failed policy that she has championed for 8 years?

  6. It is and always has been about the numbers. Tabling a no confidence vote against May is a censure. Tabling a No Confidence vote against the Government is a once in 12 months affair and if won, can trigger a General Election. If you haven’t got the numbers you lose that opportunity. Not only do the MSM Political commentators attack Corbyn for nothing, they misinterpret for the viewer -a mixture of ignorance and malevolence on their part. Jon Snow when haranguing Barry Gardiner (which he did not do to others interviewed, and Barry handled it well), asked why Corbyn had not tabled the motion of no confidence when he had just done so. Snow does not understand what tabling is. Unbelievable ignorance.

    1. I accept what you are saying that a no confidence motion in the government is a big deal but it should be noted that there is nothing in the Fixed Parliament Act that prevents JC from tabling as many no confidence motions under the Act as he wants to.

  7. With so much ‘well informed’ Media information, we must be the best informed nation on earth. Seems we have gov;t by Media, but not truth!

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