Watch: video analysis shows Corbyn did NOT say ‘stupid woman’

Tories desperate to divert attention from the catastrophic collapse of the government and of their leader have today put out a video claiming Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a ‘stupid woman’.

What Corbyn said as May made a fool of herself could not be heard – but the Tory video was handily subtitled with the words they wanted everyone to believe he said.

And sure enough, broadcasters have been repeating the Tories’ claim as if that second and a half or so was all that happened during PMQs.

Let’s be clear: Theresa May’s literally pantomime performance in the Commons today was not only stupid, it was profoundly embarrassing for our nation. And she is a woman.

But it’s not what Corbyn said.

Corbyn’s first word appears to be ‘stupid’ or ‘stop it’ – those are hard to distinguish without sound. Corbyn himself has told the Commons this afternoon that he did say ‘stupid’, so that word is not at issue.

But a close look at the second word shows that, while what the word is cannot be conclusively determined, it most assuredly is not ‘woman’, as this short video analysis makes more than clear:

Labour’s excellent Laura Pidcock summed up the reasonable observer’s view of the Tory nonsense:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

It’s not hard to see what the Tories hope this fiasco will distract the nation from: a Prime Minister so bereft of authority, credibility and ideas that she is reduced to literally imitating a pantomime dame to try to distract from the utter vacuity she displays on every appearance now.

Tory desperation reaches new depths.

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  1. The word he said started with a P, not W that is very clear, I’m 99% sure he said people it doesn’t look like he said person either it was not aimed at T May it was aimed at all of them

  2. Tories clearly think May is stupid as they readily admit by their fabricated stories.

  3. Replying to @BBCPolitics

    Unless there’s sound on tape then he said nothing. Words mouthed under one’s breath can’t even be said to have been spoken.
    The stupid pantomime mare’s arse was well out of order herself.

    1:28 PM – 19 Dec 2018

    BBC Politics hasn’t got back to me for an interview yet but it’s only a matter of time 🙂

  4. If, & I mean if & I do not doubt the word of the honourable member, but if those words were mouthed under his breath……….which of those words are inaccurate?

  5. Meanwhile Brexit Britannia BURNS ffs , these are the total and utter cretins that supposedly govern this country , from what I can see most of the comments across the MSM are ripping Mayhem and the Tories to pieces over this .
    Pathetic just pathetic…….drivel !

  6. So didn’t Corbyn say they will table a vote of no confidence in May and May then ran out of the Chamber to seek advice?
    Then the Tories refuse to give this time then blame Corbyn then the opportunists SNP & Lib Dems try to table their own (which would be lost) perhaps more like a Farce with May playing the Brian Rix part!
    Perhaps the Chamber needs a trap door under the PM so when she is lost for words in future she can make a quicker escape – Strong and Stable – more like Quick and Feeble and perhaps add a pantomime puff of smoke for effect?
    May Today ‘Puff!” Gone Tommorrow!
    Labour should not give up on its demand for a vote of no confidence in May which is SERIOUS although the Tories act like spoilt children – I don’t envy Jeremy having to face these Rump Fed Right Wing Tory Barbarians every day – I would have called them Evil Bastards a long time ago for Windrush, the Bedroom Tax, Massively increasing homelessness, Pay Freezes & Austerity for working people but tax cuts for millionaires and corporations and £145m tax cuts for hedge funds (who gave £50m to the Tories), Northern Labour councils losing £6.9b in cuts since austerity and Southern Tory Councils gaining £3.8b (apart from the politcal imbecile ones who outsourced everything “private good, public bad?”)
    A Merry Xmas and a Peaceful New Year to all decent non-Tory human beings and may the Tory Barbarians in every country get the Christmas they really deserve if there is any justice in the World!
    Theresa – 117 reasons why you should not be cocky!’
    ‘May today, gone tomorrow.
    Though the EC call you nebulous.
    You dodo Deal will bring on more sorrow.
    I made my wish under yon Christmas tree.
    ‘Puff!’ 2019 Tory Free!

  7. Anyway, I’m sure bercow’d disagree anyway. His money’s on loathsome being stupid(er)

    The rest of us are spoilt for choice…

  8. The tories stand up and knowingly blatanly lie, time and time again nothing is said.
    JC calls someone who is bringing pantomine season into the commons, Stupid and there moral indignation.
    its about time these gobshites got binned. (Sorry i meant hypocrites)
    Oh and throwing away 2billion in an attempt to scare people into voting for her pathetic deal.
    She and they begger belief

  9. MPs clearly care much about position, dignity, standing, expenses, personal advancement and power – and little about getting any work done on our behalf once they’re comfortably ensconced.

    They should get a good slap from a pauper every time they walk through the door to remind them of just who the fuck they work for.

  10. After what appeared to be a false accusation against Juncker this really is childish. Playground lies to get Corbyn in trouble with the headmaster.

    She needs to be told what the rest of us call her.

  11. As someone said on Twitter –


    2h2 hours ago
    SO @jeremycorbyn absolutely does not say #stupidwoman he says ‘stupid people’. My qualifications, deaf for nearly half a century, and I am also a qualified Lipreading Teacher (amongst other things). If you want to know why, read this thread. 1/6”

    69 replies 538 retweets 778 likes

  12. I wish JC had called her a stupid c**t. A little more Anglo-Saxon perhaps but apt enough and far easier to lip read.

    1. Absolutely! In fact it seemed to me that he started off saying Woman but wisely switched to People. Look again. It’s definately Wo-ple

  13. I am getting angry now. It seemed obvious to me that he said “stupid people” even before I learned of Jeremy’s explanation. Having seen tomorrow’s front pages I am enraged at the way they all shout Corbyn’s supposed guilt. Funny how they all decided on the same lead story. Perhaps JC should sue all involved for defamation of character.

    According to the morals of the press, his alleged statement is a crime more terrible than the misery and death inflicted upon the sick and disabled by May and her expensive camp guards ATOS.

    I pray that enough of our electorate will not believe the endless campaign of vile fiction against the Labour party. If these evil bastards get power for 5 years with a good majority their cruelty and injustice will know no bounds.

  14. They’re all brilliant lip readers one would believe – otherwise – gosh they so hate Mr Corbyn don’t they as to slap some unsubstantiated calumny upon him?

    Say ‘woman’ and the mouth needs to pucker up closing lips into a kiss-like shape. Say ‘people’ and the lips flatten with a slight opening and with corners of mouth pushed away stretching mouth and keeping mouth pretty much closed. Mr Corbyn’s mouth did NOT pucker as far as I can tell from the video evidence. My view is that, with pause while the Tory baying was loud, Mr Corbyn paused and then reacted ‘silently’ to himself in response to all those raucous Tory turkeys making such a din. He muttered “stupid people”.

    Talk Radio does an extremely good analysis of the event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQIL32OcK1s

  15. We know that this is all pantomime season stuff – a complete nothing.

    What really pisses me off is not that the media are out to get Corbyn in this instance – it’s the more dominant impulse to celebrate and focus on the totally trivial and treat a stage-managed stunt as newsworthy.

    It’s more lazy than venal journalism – a dogging club in Westminster exciting each other.

    The other irritation was listening to those boring virtue-signallers treating it as something to do with ‘feminism’ because the word ‘woman’ was involved.

    Politics in this country has become an operation in trivialisation.

    (Which brings us back to the referendum.)

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