Actual 2018 election result aggregate gives Labour 8.5-point lead over Tories

It’s often said that the only polls that count are those at the actual ballot box.

Polling this year has reflected a range of relative positions between Labour and the Tories, usually with Labour ahead although the Tories have enjoyed the occasional ‘bounce’ when the media have briefly succeeded in papering over the gaping cracks of their chaos and incompetence.

But of course, polling varies depending on the nature of the questions asked, the way they are framed and the polling company’s own pecularities.

But a poll of real polls – an aggregate of actual election results in 2018, comprising the May local elections plus council by-elections throughout the year – paints a picture of a far stronger Labour Party than the usual Establishment narrative allows.

Sterling work by Election Maps UK gives Labour a lead of no less than eight point five points over the Tories:

These numbers are in line with the reality of May’s results – but entirely out of line with the presentation of those results by the BBC and other mainstream media. The Tories lost almost three times more seats than the BBC led viewers to believe, relative to the seats they held the night before the election – and Labour’s strong performance in leave-voting areas showed the intelligence of the party leadership’s approach to the Brexit issue.

The shell-shocked faces of Tories as they congratulated themselves on holding onto a stronghold seat by the skin of their teeth spoke volumes:

Shell-shocked Tories in Wandsworth the day after May’s local elections

Of course, May’s local elections were more in Labour-held areas than in Tory-held seats – however, if Labour had ‘failed’, as the media attempts to portray it, they would have lost seats compared to a strong position, rather than gaining them and increasing their lead over the Tories. In spite of this obvious truth, the media even tried to use the results to suggest the UK had reached ‘peak Corbyn’.

But thanks to good work by Election Maps UK, the truth is on display from the most reliable polling numbers there are – actual election results.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

No wonder the Establishment continues to throw smear after cynical smear at Jeremy Corbyn and his party – and that Theresa May continues to run scared in and outside Parliament.

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  1. Hope so!
    Oh just read whilst the excellent RMT are fighting for passenger safety etc I.e. all of us, that South Western Railways gets £26m in compensation and Northern Rail £24 for their strike actions (upper class welfare state massive state intervention) if anyone didn’t think the Tories were on the side of Neo-Liberal profit – here is clear evidence.
    Kick the Right wing Tory Barbarians out and get a decent Left Wing Democratic Socialist Labour Govt. led by Jeremy in!
    We can then use money to benefit working people and not the rich, profiteers and Big Business.
    Tory Leeches out, Labour in!

  2. Northern Rail is run by Arriva which is owned by the German Government. South Western Railway is 30% owned by MTR corporation which is owned by the Hong Kong Government.

    Would anyone from the government like to explain why they are handing foreign aid from UK taxpayers to Germany and Hong Kong?

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