The local election overview you won’t get from the BBC

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In a 1984-like misrepresentation, the BBC – and of course the right-wing owned media and Blairite Labour back-benchers – have painted Labour’s significant gains in Thursday’s local elections as a failure.

Coincidentally, many of those pushing the ‘failure’ line have also independently decided to push a ‘have we reached peak Corbyn?’ line as well.

Here are some objective facts from the night that you might be excused for being surprised about based on the majority of ‘MSM’ coverage:

  • Labour had its best local election results in London since 1971 – almost fifty years – and its second-best ever
  • Labour had its best results nationally since 1996
  • Labour took 600 more seats than the Tories
  • Labour held twice as many councils
  • Labour made gains – while even with a boost from returning UKIP voters, the Tories still made a net loss
  • Labour had a huge swing to take Plymouth Council in the mostly-Tory South west
  • Labour took Kirklees – a council it hasn’t held since 1999
  • In Westminster and Wandsworth Labour took more seats than at any time since 1986
  • Labour now hold a record number of seats in Croydon, Ealing, Redbridge and Waltham Forest.
  • Labour have never won Barnet under any leader. Ever. But in spite of a constant media narrative of antisemitism problems, Labour’s vote increased by almost 3% in a borough with the highest percentage of Jewish residents in the UK
  • Labour are now the largest party in Trafford. The Tories lost control of their only council in Greater Manchester
  • In the last result to be declared, Labour took control of Tower Hamlets in London, almost doubling its seats to forty-two:
    tower hamlets le2018.png
  • The Tories lost almost every seat that Theresa May visited during the campaign

Share the good news, because there will be a lot of people believing a very different version of events – and a lot of people pushing them to believe it.

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This article originally stated that Labour’s overall results were the best since 1971. It has been corrected to reflect that these were its London results and that the national results are the best since 1996.


  1. Its like fucking ground hog day with the BBC/SKY/ITV/C4/ the only decent news channel is RT I see Alistair Campbell is being tested to the limit over labour maybe he should have thought about the parents who lost their loved ones in an illegal war that he created along with TB

  2. There’s an horrible smell in the UK TODAY!
    Created by the right-wing of neoliberalism.
    Who are shitting themselves!
    Over their many losses in the local elections.
    What next from this “MORALLY BANKRUPT RIGHT-WING IN THE UK”?


      There is a fine example here of the BBC’s response to multiple complaints about photo-shopping Corbyn on Newsnight

      “Decision to show photo of Labour leader in ‘Lenin-style cap’ in front of Moscow skyline was ‘based on sound news judgment’”

  3. BBC spin:-
    Disaster for Liverpool, they only beat Man U 5-0
    Victory for Man U they only lost 5-0 and not 10-0 as expected.

    Apologies to Man U supporters.

  4. Whilst it is blindingly obvious to the vast majority of the Labour Party’s membership who’s really to blame the ‘usual suspects’ are betraying a really profound lack of self awareness by advocating a bit of pseudo public navel gazing exercise as the way forward.

    Our real problem is staring the ‘usual suspects’ in the face, everyday single day of their lives. Do they really never look at themselves in the mirror or is this just another thinly disguised attempt to undermine Corbyn?

  5. I have no idea why I still allow the media to get to me but they still do. Well done to all activists, voters and socialists. They can’t deny the figures. Oh no, they can. Best wishes to all. Congratulations to the waking electorate. Pip, pip.

  6. Yes Blair sticking his Neo-Liberal Nose in, and sadly we seem far away from a trial of him and Bush at The Hague, and Alistair Campbell has questions to answer too on the Dodgy Dossier but then again Alistair would say ABC – Anyone But Campbell!
    Then someone told me today at a May Day Rally that Chuka what’s his name has suggested the NEC look inrto the poor local election performance but perhaps they should look into the Right Wing Labour political imbeciles continually undermining the chances of a Labour Transformative Govt and as argued on here Labour did well and there is more to come!
    The Right demonstrate how poorly read they are and how they are far from being deep critical thinkers.
    Meanwhile the rank and file and Progressive Labour MPs will continue to graft non stop for such a victory!

  7. Read a local paper. Refreshing as it was not for any party. Yet said labour had done well.if a general election was held the result would be 280 for conservatives and 283 for labour. Admittedly not a resounding win yet it said labour would be the largest party. Nationally labour getting the most gains. Jeremy Corbyn party chipping away and gradually getting there. Maybe not a landslide win like Blair got in the 1990s yet despite all the bias and negativity from Msm .All the crap about being a terrorist.murderer.doddery idiot. Etc etc he is doing pretty damn good. even those in the party like Watson and chukka to name but a few having a snipe at himcabt bring a good man down .

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