Govt accused of ‘social murder’ in peer-reviewed study

The government has been accused of the ‘social murder’ of vulnerable people in research conducted by Lancaster University and published in the peer-reviewed journal Critical Social Policy.

The study, by Lancaster University’s Dr Chris Grover, observes that the Tory government’s policies are designed to force people into low-paid work by means of a ‘structural violence’ – and observes direct results of government austerity measures and deaths among vulnerable people, including:

  • an additional six suicides for every 10,000 work capability assessments done
  • increasing number of people Britain dying of malnutrition
  • increasing numbers of homeless people dying on the streets or in hostels

The study also states that the government cannot claim any ignorance of the effects of its policies, describing them as ‘known and avoidable’.

The findings are entirely in line with the conclusions of UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston published last month, who added that the government could fix the worst effects of its policies ‘overnight’ and almost without cost – if it wanted to.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Yet again the Tories are accused of murder – but where is the coverage or comment in the mainstream media?

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  1. Same austerity imposed by Troika throughout the Eu, but manifests itself most obviously in Mediterranean countries such as Greece; Spain & Italy. A Zombie economy based on ever increasing debt. will very soon implode as debt cannot increase forever without consequence, but those who pay the price initially will be the poor. Merkel knows that Germany’s economy needed cheap labour & as the EU expands eastwards into the Balkans, it can signal yet another military threat to Russia. The same globalist austerity that Thatcher/Blair/Maybot practice depends on reducing the price of Labour by attacking conditions of employment, leading to casualisation of Labour & the ‘gig economy’.

  2. No good trying to blame the EU.

    Indeed, the EMU has had dire results in southern Europe. But we aren’t in it. Austerity here is entirely home grown, and more of the same is the game plan envisaged by the authors of Brexit. Labour needs a distinctive electoral strategy to prevent that.

    1. We abide by European laws, in or out of the Euro, we still attempted to run a small surplus as EU law requires. Home grown or European, austerity was/is European economic policy, the Tories have only dumped it because we are leaving, if we stay in it will be resumed again. Didn’t you say before that you intend to by a retirement home in the EU? That’s taking advantage of Spain’s weak economy and causing house price inflation, just like it did in London….the four freedoms aren’t any such thing for poor people, they exclude them from areas so that rich foreigners can buy holiday homes and/or investment portfolios. There will come a time when the people from the Dordogne and the Costa’s will rise against wealthy foreigners excluding them. Neoliberalism won’t last forever and for Europe, it will be replaced by nationalism…. All caused by the EU.

      1. “Didn’t you say before that you intend to by a retirement home in the EU?”

        I fear you’re indulging in a Brexit flight of fancy there! 🙂

        “Neoliberalism won’t last forever and for Europe, it will be replaced by nationalism…. All caused by the EU.”

        Yeee…ooowww! Another flying pig followed by sky pies. 🙂

        There are other scenarios than back to the knuckle-dragging future, I think.

        What an amazing illustration of Fintan O’Toole’s analysis of Brexit as self pity mixed with fantasy about ‘the other’.

      2. @ RH I would be interested for you to explain why you seem to think that the RW fascists are not on the rise in the EU
        as your response “ Yeee…ooowww! Another flying pig followed by sky pies.” seems to imply ?
        Please provide some facts to back your argument in the face of to the recent factual evidence of the RW activities in the EU.

      3. Didn’t you say before that you intend to by a retirement home in the EU?”

        I fear you’re indulging in a Brexit flight of fancy there! 🙂

        No matter, it was your fellow troll then. The point is still relevant, you’re not Socialists nor likely Labour supporters and given that Ireland is going to be in the shit when we leave, I wouldn’t expect anything else from Fintan. Your sneering however, is another matter, it exposes you for what you are.

      4. What I like about your posts is the way they confirm all the analysis about the roots of Brexit – dependent on a distortion of reality when it’s not simply denied (‘No matter’), the casting of those who disagree as ‘the other’ (see the usage of ‘troll’ and dismissal of Fintan O’Toole), defining the path of righteousness as an echo in a pretty empty room – and of course the self-pity induced by the hypocritical use of the term ‘sneering’.

        As O’Toole so perceptively suggests, it makes the illusory self-aggrandizement coupled with pathetic self-pity that Hancock embodies the most representative image of Brexit Britain.

    2. Indeed we do have our home grown austerity dogmatically imposed by the Tories and that is why Labour has clearly stated that they will end it , regardless of Brexit.
      Quite right that the Tory authors of austerity do indeed plan for more , they know nothing else , and that is why it is imperative that party members who want a socialist Labour Govt fully support Corbyn and his team to ensure we get one and stop with the constant undermining/denigrating of the leadership . This only plays right into the hands of the Tories & Centrists ( Blairites) within Labour who are using any and all means stop that from ever happening .
      The question is , do YOU want a Socialist Labour Govt ?

      1. Blimey! A pretty long chain of assumptions there!

        “Indeed we do have our home grown austerity dogmatically imposed by the Tories”

        You neglect the key additional fact that the Tories were given permission by the electorate (many actually working class votes). The imposition was tacitly agreed to, and clearly manipulated by the same propaganda press that backed Brexit. Changing that requires political nous – not blind belief.

        “Labour has clearly stated that they will end it , regardless of Brexit.”

        The core issue. My view -backed by the majority of evidence and the probabilities derived from it – is that the adoption of Brexit both inhibits the possibilities of electoral success, and, even given a positive outcome, hamstrings the country in such a way that such an outcome is entirely unlikely as the scope for turning around a deeply flawed economy disappears. At the same time, the genuine problems of a worldwide neoliberalism remain, whilst the UK is the weaker client in negotiating trade relationships.

        “stop with the constant undermining/denigrating of the leadership”

        I think Corbyn himself would be scathing about that sort of nonsense – which is one of the reasons why I have supported him. You’re talking religion, not mature politics.

        And – as I’ve said, the problem is that the leadership is, on this issue, out of kilter with the Party. That’s what has to change. It’s not a Politburo.

        I do indeed want a democratic socialist government. It isn’t going to happen with the present farting about with the membership touching its forelock like Tory serfs.. That’s my point.

      2. In a nutshell Rob a hard as these Blairite Centirsts try muddying the water with utter inane drivel the fact remains Labour’s Manifesto was fought on respecting the referendum but heavily aimed at home grown austerity, Any scenario under a Tory Government must not happen. ‘Proper Remain and Leave voters’ are already making peace and will unite when the time comes just like the last election.

      3. RH, regarding the statements you have made , then the implications of them are pretty clear .
        Leaving aside the insults in some your retorts and dealing with the content of your replies then it appears you and I , and perhaps the majority of the commentators here ,want the same thing and that is a JC lead Socilist Govt .Thus do you also agree that the Labour policies have so much more to offer the people of this country than just the issue of Brexit.
        You jeopardise the opportunity of governing with trying to make Labour a one issue party. It is not , and the continued attacks on the Labour leadership team for being useless ,out of kilter , not leading , not clear on Brexit etc etc plays directly into the hands and strategy of the RW inside and outside of Labour. It is not about a religion , cult or fore lock tugging ,Politburo. as you put it , but of knowing when to unify in the face of forces who would happily see the utter destruction of a Socialist Labour party.
        One only needs to look at the “debate” here over the past week or two , to see “Left attacking Left” and the degeneration of that discourse into destructive and divisive slanging matches. Bereft of facts , high on inflated opinions and assumptions/interpretations , what ifs/buts and guessed possibilities , on ALL sides.
        You can just imagine the smirk on Umunna ‘s face and glee of the Blairites over that fact.
        One fact is clear though , Labour and it’s polices are best for the majority of people here in this country.
        This was clearly demonstrated by the incredibly positive results of the 2017 GE . Conversely a party that was a ONE issue party The LibDems didn’t quite have the same vote of confidence from the electorate as Labour got did they ?

        It’s a pity you are so aggrieved at the result of the democratic referendum, many of us are , me included , yes it was full of flaws , but no democracy is perfect and to continue to demand a re-run until the “ right answer “ is achieved , simply weakens that democracy further.
        Far better would be a vote on any “deal” achieved by power of negotiation and debate which is exactly what Corbyn is trying to do and this was encapsulated in the motion agreed at Conference .
        The issue really is the timing or sequencing of actions. Here is an exert from that Conf motion and is, I believe , the key point illustrating the timing.
        “If we cannot get a general election Labour must support all options remaining on the table, including campaigning for a public vote. If the Government is confident in negotiating a deal that working people, our economy and communities will benefit from they should not be afraid to put that deal to the public.”
        We have not yet got anywhere near that point in time and any campaigning for a PV is highly premature.

      4. Southhay@ Proper Remain and Leave voters’ are already making peace and will unite when the time comes just like the last election.”
        Yes , Yes , and Yes again providing that unity results in a Labour Govt that is all that I am concerned about at present and thankfully I can see some flickers of that sentiment underlying some more recent comment threads .
        A trend I hope that will continue.

      5. Rob – “[We] want the same thing and that is a JC lead Socialist Govt .Thus do you also agree that the Labour policies have so much more to offer the people of this country than just the issue of Brexit.”

        My central point is that the issue of Brexit is central to the ability to achieve anything representing a progressive change.

        I agree that it has been to a major distraction from really key issues. But it is vital for the health of the country to retain influence within the EU. ‘Socialism in one country’ was never an essentially clever idea.Although Cuba was forced into making a go of it to some extent, it hardly provides a parallel.

        I won’t go again into all the other subsidiary issues that flow from the central argument – they are there in other posts. But the shallow arguments about ‘democracy’ (the worship of a divisive and entirely flawed referendum and opposition to measures to address the mess that was made) and solidarity need to be turned around to make the Party effective (Party and voters before leadership cabals using top-down imposition reminiscent of Blair).

        [As a footnote – the so-called ‘insults’ in my posts tend to be ripostes to pure unsustained nonsense, such as the paranoia that casts the majority of the Labour vote as ‘Blairites’ or ‘Centrists’, and Corbyn as a messiah rather than a politician].

  3. The Tories retain power entirely thanks to the Blairites- the anti-socialist candidates parachuted into the constituencies by Mandelson’s NEC. The current NEC ought to be helping local democracy winkle out those MPs who are a Tory Fifth Column. Instead they are obsessed with the non-issue of antisemitism, allowing ultra right wing zionists to pick off the most effective and sincere candidates. As in South Thanet.

  4. Brilliant language against the Tory Neo- Liberal Barbarians we need to get rid off and Neo-Liberalism is all about CHEAP LABOUR!
    The politically thick rich and middle class Barbarians (not the progressive middle class) delude themselves in thinking they stand on their own two feet but they are subsidised to the hilt as the upper class welfare state offers massive tax reliefs and incentives on everything (socialism for them but not for us) as the Tories make massive state interventions to give tax cuts to millionaires, big business corporations, hedge funds etc. and the better off but based on their political ignorance and blind class prejudice (as Right Wing Political Imbecile Barbarains) they practice screwing the poor as the true little people of the planet they are and they know no better.
    As Dickens brilliant Christmas Carol argued (and to the Tories as the little political children they are) “this child is ignorance – beware this child most of all!.”
    King of the Right wing Barbarians Trump (despite being left 200m dollars) went bankcrupt 8 times and the last time he was bailed out by a Right Wing US Billionaire Barbarian – (who he later made a Secretary of State) so he was bailed out by upper class welfare/charity – Trump The Charity Case!
    Yet the rich globally stash trillions in illicit offshore banks TO AVOID GIVING TO HUMANITY as the little people stuff their mouths with gold as they the legal capitalist thieves nick the surplus labour of working people in EVERY country.
    The Right Wing Barbarians know no better -you could pity them if their actions weren’t so evil and THEY have to CON the masses in every country every day whist WE just need to wake our diverse brothers and sisters up once!
    With a Corbyn type Govt (Left Wing Democratic Socialist) in every country we can peacefully and democratically win the world for working people.
    X and International Solidarity!

    1. “THEY have to CON the masses” (or some of the less wise members)

      Indeed they do. As Brexit shows.

  5. It is interesting that so many DWP staff have been rewarded in the New Years Honours

    Julie Gillis. Programme director, Department for Work and Pensions. For public service. (Woking, Surrey)

    Richard Ian West. Disability Services and Dispute Resolution director, Department for Work and Pensions. For public service. (Leeds, West Yorkshire)

    Simon Patrick McKinnon. Digital director for Children Health and Pensions Services, Department for Work and Pensions. For public service. (Shenfield, Essex)

    Hazel Elizabeth Renwick. District manager, Work Services Directorate, Department for Work and Pensions. For public service. (Gateshead, Tyne and Wear)

    Pamela Sutton. Operational Leader, Department for Work and Pensions. For services to Disadvantaged and Unemployed People in South Wales. (Swansea)

    Fiona Bailey. Executive Officer, Troubled Families Employment Adviser, Work Services Directorate, Department for Work and Pensions. For services to Vulnerable Families and Social Justice in Essex. (Essex)

    Lyril Berisford Rawlins. Disability Employment Adviser, and Coach Selly Oak Jobcentre Plus. For services to the Department for Work and Pensions and to the community in the West Midlands. (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire)

  6. “Yet again the Tories are accused of murder – but where is the coverage or comment in the mainstream media?”

    Yes, the MSM are ALL complicit in the deaths of thousands, and also in the premature deaths of probably tens of thousands, and the stress and anxiety of hundreds of thousands deliberately caused by the psychopaths who run the show. And THAT’S just in the UK!

    1. I think it goes without saying what people would have had to say about it, and would have amounted to a lot of anger being expressed.

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