The picture that tells the real story of the local elections

The media – and of course the Tories and Labour right – are spinning madly this morning to portray last night’s results as a Labour failure. The fact that Labour has made significant gains in many areas is dismissed as just ‘some gains’, while extensive focus is placed on expectations that were only created by the media and Labour’s opponents in the first place.

But the truth will out – and one particular short segment on the BBC News channel told a very different story from the Establishment line.

According to the media, Labour were expected – so the media say – to win control of the Tory stronghold council of Wandsworth last night. It didn’t – but it took eight seats from the Tories in a borough they have controlled for forty years.

The BBC showed Theresa May’s appearance in Wandsworth to ‘celebrate’ the victory – but gave away more than they or the Tories will have wished. There were some forced cheers – but in between those, the faces of the assembled Tories told a story the Establishment is desperately trying to keep from you:

wandsworth faces.png


Look at them. Look at those faces.

Shell shock. Relief. Even disbelief. But they know they are gathered to celebrate ‘only’ losing eight seats and managing to cling to control – in a borough they have controlled for four decades.

That’s how scared the Tories are of Labour.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well this picture shows that Corbyn’s Labour has remade the landscape and his enemies are scrabbling desperately to downplay the slope they are now on – and will lie or misrepresent in any way they think will fool some of the people.

Such as patting themselves on the back for not suffering total defeat in an area they would have considered impregnable barely a year ago, when Theresa May called the General Election.

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