Tory local election losses almost 3x BBC’s published number – and why

The BBC has used a graphic showing the results from last week’s local elections that depicts a Conservative party net loss of thirty-three councillors:

bbc le final.png

However, other news sources quote a much higher figure, such as the Guardian and Press Association:

gdn le.png

The SKWAWKBOX contacted the BBC to ask for an explanation of the discrepancy. The BBC pointed to this site detailing its methods, which says:

Seat change is based on how many seats each party won at the previous comparable election, not what the seats were on the eve of the election

The total number of seats per party will be slightly different between the seats-at-dissolution and those won at the last election.

Fair enough as far as it goes – but ‘slightly different’ may not quite cover a seat loss based on standings prior to the election that is almost triple the number used by the BBC.

In addition to that, the Tories ‘gained’ two councillors by suddenly reinstating at least two candidates immediately after they were elected – who had been suspended for racist comments – in order to pad out their figures in tight boroughs. This reduced their loss figure.

Based on the change from the actual position of the parties to that after last week’s elections, the real swing in councillor numbers from Tory to Labour was 170 – or 172 if the two reinstated racist-comment councillors are excluded – not the 110 figure used in its broadcasts and on its website by the BBC.

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  1. Sadly the BBC thinks NORTH WEST area ends at the MERSEY RIVER ,LIVERPOOL and the Birkenhead voting area Wirral does not warrant a mention due to Labour Dominance of Wirral Borough Council .killjoys .from Herr Flick.

  2. Biased Broadcasting Corp , the arsehole of the Govt propaganda Dept . Ditch the BBC stop paying its Licence use alternative sources ( internet for news and entertainment )

  3. I’ve just watched part of a talk being given by that war crime accomplice Alastair Campbell. (The BBC seem to go to great lengths to try and ‘rehabilitate’ him and Blair his ex boss)

    Campbell was complaining that he no longer recognises the Labour Party because of the new path it has taken. Well, tell you what Alastair that’s good news to many of us because you were part of the corrupt New Labour project and we’re glad to see the back of you and it.

    Copying the BBC spin, Blairites such as Campbell tell us that when we demand evidence over events like the poisoning of the Skripals or the use of Chemical weapons by Assad, we are either supporting Russia, not being patriotic or supporting tyrants.

    When we talk to the Palestinians we are supporting terrorism.

    When we criticise Israel we are being anti-Semitic.

    When we question Zionism we are being anti-Semitc.

    When we criticise Zionist MPs for attacking Corbyn we are being anti-Semitic.

    When we criticise Zionists for making false accusations we are being anti-Semitic.

    Alastair Campbell types have difficulty in knowing the difference between right and wrong, therefore they are flummoxed when decisions are made in compliance with Socialist principles rather than for expediency. One thing is certain, they will always have a voice on the BBC.

  4. He’s just a txxx , hey Ali have another Gin and Tonic you know you want to and it makes you talk more sense

  5. Great article in the Indy by Matthew Norman re this topic
    ” So that’s that, is it? One set of inconclusive local election results, and the undertakers at New Labour Bereavement Services are polishing the brass handles of Jeremy Corbyn’s political coffin once again.” Brilliant couldn’t have put it better .

  6. How much longer do we have to pay for Tory propaganda? It’s so obvious now that they have overcooked their goose.

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