Hodges’ latest fail even more vile than usual

Right-wing Corbyn-obsessive and Mail ‘journalist’ Dan Hodges has a remarkable history of ‘self-ownage’ and an ability to be uniformly wrong that can only be considered impressive.

However, while his ‘fails’ are often amusing even when he attempts to be offensive, his effort this week was a demonstration of unpleasantness without even the mitigation of being funny.

Hodges began yet another disaster with an snide attempt to imply something distasteful about Jewish author Michael Rosen – which Rosen put down ably:

hodges crass1

But when Hodge attempted a come-back, Twitter user Andy Greene compared Hodges’ Corbyn obsession with Hodges’ attack on Rosen and interjected:

hodges crass2

In response, Dan opened his mouth like a dank, fetid cavern and inserted a malodorous foot:

hodges crass3

Mr Greene’s Twitter handle might have been a clue, but Hodges’ snipe is made inexcusable by his response after Greene enlightened him – as another Twitter user pointed out.

Mr Greene – a father of five and a member of the DPAC (Disabled People against Cuts) steering group as well as managing a disability rights organisation – was born without legs or a right arm and so has spent a lifetime overcoming challenges, so having a failed Mail ‘journalist’ for breakfast was surely no great test.

Without question he was right in observing that he is a bigger man than any right-wing ‘gobshite’.

The SKWAWKBOX has not been able to reach Hodges privately for comment.

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  1. I suspect that one do fairly well at making the correct call on most things if one checked what Hodges had to say about them and then assumed that the opposite was the case.

  2. I don’t understand how some people get like that. It’s always best not to stoop to their level.

    I hate to imagine what kind of plan he’s hatched up with Tom Watson!

    1. Psychopathy Ella. It’s why the world is the way it is and our history is what it was.

  3. I am sorry to say this but the posts quality are going down recently, I find. Can we have proper news and not farcical infos on what we already know, namely how shit Hodges, all his followers and other blairites fraudsters are.

  4. geordie greig has questions to answer about hodges’ continued employment after this latest installment of ‘How much of a monumentally tiresome & imbecilic thunderc*nt do I have to be before I’m sacked?’

    hodges is gonna pick on the wrong one if he’s allowed to continue…I for one will say ‘meh’ when (not if) he gets his comeuppance.

    By then it’ll be too late for his employer to throw the towel in on hodges’ behalf.

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