Centrist fake-news site still claiming rabbis’ letter fake long after proven genuine



Last week, the SKWAWKBOX published a letter signed by twenty-nine rabbis of London Orthodox Jewish congregations in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and condemning ‘irresponsible’ claims that Jewish citizens are considering leaving the UK if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.

The letter, clearly deeply inconvenient to those who have a political interest in painting such a picture, was almost immediately attacked as fake.

The Jewish Chronicle published an article claiming a ‘nascent’ London group had

confirm[ed] and clarif[ied] the letter is fake and bears no authority from the assigned names.

It turned out, of course, that the claims it was fake were themselves fake news – as the SKWAWKBOX knew all along, since the source was impeccable.

The Charedi source told this blog that the attempts to discredit the letter were:

A sad state of affairs and a commentary on the lengths to which some people will go. Of course the letter is genuine.

The Jewish Chronicle did not publish a correction, instead quietly amending its article and noting that the signatories they had spoken to had confirmed that they signed it.

Unsurprisingly, one source of the claims has not corrected and is still claiming the letter has been ‘revealed’ as a fake. The right-wing so-called ‘Red Roar’, known in many left circles as the ‘blue squeak’ for obvious reasons, had chosen to use the supposed fake as an opportunity to attack this blog:



The claim remains online, unamended, as of the time of publication.

The squeak has a well-known obsession with the SKWAWKBOX, presumably because of the rumoured involvement of laughably-termed ‘centrist’ political figures whose misdeeds this blog has exposed.

Hilariously, the squeak’s article still attacks the SKWAWKBOX for not amending its entirely factual claim:

squeak fake

It is not the first time that it has published fake news about this blog and has failed to correct even when exposed.

The new left media continue to discomfit the Establishment and its attempts to hit back are routinely inept. It seems Tories just don’t ‘get it’ – whether the blue or the ‘red’ variety.

Original squeak article archived here, in case of the unlikely event that it scrabbles to remove the incriminating evidence.

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  1. I wonder which site the RW establishment will restrict if their so called ‘fake news’ (their name for inconvenient truths) campaign ever succeeds.

  2. I suspect that some of these fake-left news sites like ‘Blue Squeak’ are funded by the CIA. The Internet is an ideological battle ground and the establishment is terrified.

  3. Ironically, Blue Squeak is fake in itself which is pretty much widely known now. This proves they ain’t even hiding it anymore.

  4. When I went a rally for NEC decision for IHRA at 105 Victoria Rd, three young orthodoxies carrying placards saying Corbyn is their friend and more information that they wanted to make clear that they against Zionist. Their speech was so simple, clear and strong explained everything what we have to know. Yet, all medias ignored. So sad and shame!

  5. As I’m sure most people are aware, it is now being widely reported in the MSM (as of yesterday) that two ‘Russian spies’ tried to hack the Swiss laboratory where Novichok samples from Salisbury were being analysed but, as the Sun put it, it’s been “kept under wraps” until now.

    Does it seem remotely plausible given all that was happening at the time – if you believe it WAS – that this particular episode would have been kept under wraps AND not been all over the MSM, as it is NOW, months later. And isn’t it odd how the Dutch authorities just let them go, and although I’ve only read a couple of articles covering it, it would appear that neither the Dutch or the Swiss authorities made a formal complaint to the Russian authorities about it at the time they were caught and “expelled”, and if THAT’S the case, then THAT is inconceivable in the light of all that was (supposedly) happening at the time. There is of course no reason on Earth why anyone would think to keep it under wraps and, as such, I have little doubt that it is all fabrication, concocted and designed to reinforce the “Salisbury poisoning” fiasco AND that Putin/Russia were responsible.

    I mean if they caught them and then expelled them, then they would have obviously checked their passports etc to ascertain their identities (even if false), and they would of course have taken photos of them, and yet none of this has been provided to the media. I wonder why not! And what possible reason could THEY – the two alleged Russian spies – have had to hack the Swiss laboratory etc – ie what would it be that they hoped to achieve. It’s all complete nonsense of course, and just more machinations on the part of the black propagandists to try and prop up the Skripal poisoning bunkum.

  6. An article in the Sun on April 14th had the following headline:

    ‘Ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia were saved by bungling hitman — and rain which washed Novichok gel off door knob’

    Note the word ‘gel’

    And then three days later the headline of an article in the Guardian was this:

    ‘Nerve agent used to attack Sergei Skripal was liquid, says Defra’

    And as you will see if you read the Guardian article, it wasn’t just DEFRA per se, and it says the following in the article:

    ‘Defra is planning and overseeing the work based on expert advice from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) at Porton Down, Public Health England, the Department for Health and Social Care, the Home Office and the Ministry of Defence.’

    So it’s a gel on the 14th, and then three days later it’s liquid! Here’s a link to the Sun article:


    And as regards to what it says in the Sun article about “bungling hitmen”, with a sub-headline that says: ‘A former Moscow scientist, who helped develop Novichok, said the nerve agent is less effective in damp air.’ Ah, so those Russian scientists who we were told had tested delivering Novichok on door handles obviously forgot to mention this to the two would-be assassins. Drat….. foiled again!

    I mean it just couldn’t get any more absurd if they – the scriptwriters of this whole farce of a black op – were doing their utmost to MAKE the story as absurd as they possibly could!

    I’ve put a link to the Guardian article below (because if you put more than one link in any given post it has to wait to be moderated). And there is a link to the ‘testing on door handles’ story/rubbish in the Guardian article.

      1. And then several months later on July 5th there was a Sun article with the following headline:

        ”RAIN SAVED SKRIPAL’ Security chiefs believe sudden Salisbury downpour saved poisoned ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal’s life’

        If only they’d checked the weather forecast! (and of course if Mr Skripal and his daughter had happened to come back later, it might very well have rained AGAIN and washed it ALL off, and we would all be none the wiser).

        And given that the two men arrived in Salisbury just before midday, and the Skripals arrived in Salisbury town center around 1.30pm, then the would-be assassins must have gone more-or-less directly to Mr Skripal’s house and done their dastardly deed then – ie shortly after midday – but then, having done it, decided to stick around in Salisbury for the next three hours or so afterwards, arriving back at Waterloo Station at 4.45pm (the journey takes about an hour and a half). Presumably they were looking for somewhere to discretely dump the perfume bottle!

      2. Afterthought: Being highly trained proffesional assassins, they deviously caught a bus to Amesbury and chucked it in a charity bin so as to put the police off the scent (if you’ll forgive the pun), where it remained for the next four months until Charlie Rowley just happened to spot it. Yes, of course, it all sounds completely plausible, doesn’t it.

      3. Allan – You’ve written extensively pointing out the many things you consider to be implausible, have you managed to come up with a plausible explanation yet?

    1. I still can’t get my head around the completely sealed Nina R perfume bottle that was found weeks after, in the park, by another couple. I also cant figure out how they, the Russian men could have done the ‘job’ didnt arrive into Salisbury until 2hrs after the Skripsal left home. 🤔 Am I daft?

  7. I had not realised that the bottle was found miles away in Amesbury – about 30/40 mins by bus. What would be the point of taking it there?

  8. It’s not a case of ME thinking these things implausible…….. They ARE implausible. In fact they’re absurd. And if you’ve been following my thoughts on the episode during the past six months or more, then you will know precisely what I concluded more-or-less straight away (and for the obvious reasons) – ie it was all staged (as I have said on dozens of occasions, as if you didn’t know).

    Just about every aspect of it is implausible. If someone had written a book (of fiction) with such a story-line, every publisher on the planet would be incredulous that anyone could have dreamt up such a preposterous and inconceivable story.

    1. I’ve gone and done it again……. forgot to say who I was addressing – ie responding to! Anyway, it was SteveH

    2. The recent evidence on this website seems fairly conclusive to me, what do you think?

      “Skripal Suspect Boshirov Identified as GRU Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga”

      there are several other articles on the website in the same vain.

      1. Only just this minute seen your post Steve, but those of us who live in the Real World will know that what the guy is saying in the following article/interview is just plane common sense. Oh right, and bellingcat just happen to be cleverer than all the thousands of analysts working for MI6 and GCHQ and the NSA etc, etc:


        PS And in case you don’t see this, I’ll also post it in a current SB article.

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