‘Tory Glasto’ yesterday was absolutely bouncing..

‘Tory Glastonbury’ – or to give it its official title, the ‘Big Tent Festival of Ideas’ – took place yesterday. You could be excused for missing it, since it seems almost everyone else did:

tory glasto.jpg

No, that’s not a spoof picture.

In case you think it’s a one-off or an unflattering camera angle, here’s another from Sky News’ interview with organiser, Tory MP George Freeman, showing more of the event:

tory glasto freeman

Still, with ‘draws’ Blairite MP Peter Kyle and right-wing ex-Labour MP Gisela Stuart as guest-speakers – at a Tory event – what other outcome could there be?

In the unlikely event that anyone needs a reminder, here’s what an actual ‘Glasto’ looked like last year as it welcomed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

When will the Tories learn?

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  1. Apparently Glastonbury music festival is full of Tories too. Only the middle classes can afford to go.

  2. These Blairite MPs just cannot help themselves, wether its going to a Tory festival, calling us members dogs, trots, antisemites and commies or attacking our twice elected leader instead of attacking the Tories. We need American style primaries to boot the lot of them out for good! Good riddance.

  3. The ‘Big Tent Festival of Ideas’ Looks more like Trump’s inauguration crowds.

  4. Disappointed not to find a video clip of it anywhere online.
    I know you haven’t arbitrarily selected photos showing only a smattering of people from all the others showing a packed house Steve 🙂 but can we not hire a disillusioned Tory to shoot video next time?

    1. Stephen Fry sharing space with Ruth Davison? How depressing.

      Fry is a creative genius, no doubt, but he is not working class. He’s not surviving on benefits and fearing the dreaded brown envelope. He’s never had to go cap in hand to a food bank. He’s never had sleeplessness nights worrying about being evicted. For him, all those those things are inconceivable.

      His world is a world where members of the royal family and celebs count as friends. It’s why he can’t understand the class dynamic which is driving this battle within the Labour Party.

      120,000 people have already died because of Tory Austerity. Imagine what that cemetery would look like. Ultimately he doesn’t care because he is safe.

      1. Perhaps this is wrong. Stephen Fry is a decent guy. I cannot believe this. He supports the Justice Alliance etc…

    2. What? Sorry I’m confused, what’s Stephen Fry done? What’s he got to do with “Tory Glasto”? Is “Tory glasto” the hate group you’re talking about? He organised it? From his Twitter a while ago he seemed to very much NOT like the Tories if I remember correctly.

      1. I really don’t understand your comment or The comment of June May in the link you posted. I don’t know what theyre referring to. President MAcron, rabbi Sachs… ? Supporting a festival, what festival? “Tory glasto”? huh? Where is the “Misson” part from?

      2. I agree. I took at face value – silly me.

        I can’t believe Fry is working to undermine Corbyn.

  5. Big feature on the event on this mornings politics show on BBC5. Journalist reported the place “erupted” when George Osborne appeared. Sadly it seems this wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

  6. is there nothing more news worthy or better to debate than this irrelevant Tory TRASH ?

  7. 120000 dead nah its a bloody lot more but then will the public ever get the true figures nah double this figure take half again then perhaps we get a Truer figure hmmm jeff3

  8. Talking to an echo chamber, full of Blairites and Tory wets, all given secret invitations to prevent protests from activists across the Left.

    When Glastonbury is back on next year, we will see the real feeling of the people, not this non event.

    All another dead cat bounce to deflect away from the internal Tory warfare over Boris Johnson.

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