Excl: victim of attempted assault, death threat by Ryan supporter speaks


On Thursday, right-wing Labour MP Joan Ryan lost a vote of no confidence moved by her local party. She responded by launching into a social media attack on the “Trots Stalinists Communists” [sic] – her own party members – who had carried the vote and made similar comments to mainstream media.

But as the SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively last night, Ryan’s attack on members was not the only abuse that the meeting occasioned – one of Ms Ryan’s supporters allegedly threatened to kill a youth member who intervened when he tried to pressure a female vote-counter and then tried to assault the same young man on a second occasion. The Metropolitan Police Service advised it was ‘assessing’ the complaint.

Now the SKWAWKBOX has an exclusive account from the youth member subjected to the death-threat and attempted assaults of the events – and what took place before. The member in question has asked not to be identified:

I was the youth member threatened by one of Joan Ryan’s allies in the hall for death threats (which I had to call the police for) and before the meeting, her allies were standing outside with cameras harassing members who were entering with chants such as “NO TO CORBYN, YES TO RYAN”, waving the flag of Israel. One of the the protesters, who had a camera, was apparently from the recent BBC programme “We are British Jews”.

The man shown above shouting at Derby North MP Chris Williamson through a megaphone last Tuesday, was identified by the interviewee as the person from the BBC programme who was also outside the Ryan no-confidence meeting.

Also about Press TV, I did note that there was a member in the room who was recording; but the chair knew and let him continue; even when he had his flash on, when the only comment made to him was to turn off the flash. The chair is closely linked to Joan and I felt he showed obvious bias. He let her have a reply even though he didn’t have to and let her go on for at least 30 seconds over the 3 minute limit applied to everyone speaking in the debate. He did not say anything about members recording or that it was against the proceedings to do so, so that was also a lie told about the meeting. Either way, the chair didn’t handle it well at all.

Before it even started, we only found out the motion was back on via Joan’s email asking for support and no correction was made by the chair until the meeting. How did Joan find out about the motion being back on before all of the members? She was probably told by the chair in which she then emailed everyone without a hint of a proper reply by the CLP that it’s back on.

Therefore most members against her didn’t even know it was back on as they either have her email blocked or ignore her emails.

Asked to describe the incidents during which a Ryan supporter allegedly attempted to assault him and threatened his life, the youth member said:

Only the counters, tellers, chair and sec are allowed to be around the table while voting. However multiple people who were not supposed to be around the table were there.

I wanted to get past these group of people, and in the process tapped on the offenders shoulder and asked him nicely to sit back down and allow the tellers to do their job. Suddenly, in a fit of rage he started to shout at me; telling me to fuck off and according to some telling me to kill myself or that he’d kill me.

He was then dragged away by another member, while I backed off in shock.

At the end of the meeting as we were leaving he started up again and threatened to “fucking slap” me.

He was then escorted away and I was advised to call 101 to get a Crime Reference Number to report him to the party.

He was a Joan supporter, and was presumably reacting as he found out that his side was going to lose. He dumped out all of his anger on me.

The CLP chair has been invited to comment.

Ms Ryan’s faction is under extreme pressure in Enfield, with a broad coalition of Labour members including council cabinet members deciding they have had enough and the Labour Party undertaking an investigation into allegations against senior figures, including council leader and close Ryan ally Nesil Caliskan.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Abuse in the Labour Party is a left-on-right phenomenon. According to the Establishment and the Labour right, at least.

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  1. did anyone get pictures of those outside the meeting with the flags or the guy making threats ?

  2. Ah-ha! So the chair sends all members an email telling them the motion has been ruled out of order etc (no doubt knowing that those who tabled the motion would then complain to the NEC and get the motion retabled), and then Joan Ryan, at the very last minute, emails members (all members?) to notify them the motion IS back on the agenda again and asks for their support! Couldn’t have all been a ploy to prevent people from turning up to the meeting to vote in favour of the motion, could it? No, surely these ‘moderates’ aren’t so devious and underhand as to pull a stunt like that. No, no, no, perish the thought!

  3. Michael Crick gesturing to the cameraman to get on the mouthy git and ignore what Chris W was saying – nice touch, give that man a bonus.
    Democracy is supposed to express the will of the majority – the MSM’s brainwashing of the less discriminating leaves them with no more free will than cult followers.
    We need to fix that.

    1. I have to disagree with you there David. I am probably a bigger critic of the media than even you are, but Channel 4 news (and in particularly Mr Crick) seem to have experienced a Damascene reversal over the past few years. They are probably the only media at least fairly balanced towards our side and I think he was quite happy to expose the other side. He was a complete prat a few years back but something has happened to channel 4. I’m guessing its something to do with Jon Snow.

      1. Channel 4 news lied about a female journalist supposedly thrown out of a mosque. As I recall CCTV showed no such incident. They are not to be trusted.

  4. Dear dear. As an aside to this, I have to say that Joan’s hypothesis is rather an eccentric one. Anybody with a functioning political brain should really know that the Trots and the Stalinists don’t rub along at all. The Trots believe that Stalin betrayed the worker’s revolution and substituted it with a cult of personality responsible for tarnishing the reputation of communism to this day, while the Stalinists actually approve of Trotsky’s assassination by Stalin’s KGB. Given this slight ideological schism, they’re rather unlikely to have coordinated their efforts to unseat her in a bizarre entryist plot. Finally, Trotsky himself was Jewish, so God knows how that ties in with this whole antisemitism shtick. Thankfully, her well-earned absence from mainstream politics, into the dustbin of oblivion where she presently deserves to be, will give her the ideal opportunity to dust off the old crayons and learn a bit of basic political history.

    1. I agree. It always tickles me when right-wingers and the politically ignorant hurl words like ‘Marxist’ about as terms of abuse without understanding what they mean. I’ve heard a few American commentators label Corbyn a ‘Communist’. I just roll my eyes.

      Most people would agree with some aspects of Marxism if they learned about them; such as co-operative businesses, whereby the workers own the business themselves and have a say in how it’s run and also receive a share of the profits instead of having a boss who sucks up the accumulated profits for themselves. This model threatens the Jeff Bezos types so it will always be derided by the mainstream media.

  5. It’s joan ryan, Paul.

    Impossible to expect ryan to make any sense at all with the crap she invents. As for educating herself; as the saying goes: ‘You can’t educate pork’.

    *Awaits shrieks of ‘antisemite’ from the likes of the other imbecile, chris bryant, for mentioning ‘pork’.

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