Ryan dismissed no-confidence vote as ‘distraction’ – but emails members a plea for support

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Enfield North MP Joan Ryan

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed at the weekend, Labour MP and LFI chair Joan Ryan faces a motion of no confidence tabled by local members angry at “false allegations of antisemitism” against a Labour member, Ryan’s readiness to use the press to make accusations and what they feel are “cynical politics”. The motion is scheduled for discussion and a vote this Thursday.

Ms Ryan appeared to dismiss the significance of the motion, telling the Evening Standard that it was a ‘distraction’:

ryan es

Behind the scenes, however, it seems she places more importance on winning – and she has emailed a six-paragraph plea of over 550 words laying out her case and asking members to come and support her:

ryan ncplea.png

Ms Ryan was contacted for comment.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

One member of the group who has put forward the motion told the SKWAWKBOX that its supporters think it has a realistic chance of passing. Ms Ryan seems to think so, too.

Her email told members:

I wish I was writing to you about some of the major issues facing our community and our country over the coming months – the Brexit negotiations, the appalling effects of the Tory Government’s austerity agenda on our public services, or laying out a radical and progressive vision for a future Labour Government.

Ironically, if she had given those issues more focus before the motion was tabled and less on attacking Labour’s leadership and electability – her 2017 general election letter claimed the Tories were going to win a large and possibly record majority – she might not be facing it now.

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  1. Hopefully Ryan’s days as an LP MP are numbered. She is one of the ringleaders in the campaign to undermine JC, helped by funding from Israel.

    If the NEC vote to include the IHRA examples, they will be kicking our Jewish friends in the teeth who do not support it and rewarding JCs enemies in the LFI and JLM. Is there any sense or loyalty in that whatsoever?

    This is a petition to the NEC from Jews against the IHRA definition:

  2. Do MPs have access to all members’ contact information for posting just their side of an argument while opponents have no equivalent access?

  3. “I won this seat … and it took a heck of a lot of hard work.”
    So she thinks it was entirely her hard work and sunny personality that won the election – a self-made woman.

    Nothing to do apparently with the hard work of all the activists she’s now appalled, alienated and embittered with her disloyalty to the party’s elected leader.

    If I were the kind of person to call people names – hers would rhyme with weevil hat.

  4. Perhaps she should receive the same kind of support she’s shown the Labour Leader.

  5. It’s a bit rich claiming that the vote is a distraction from all the important issues like Brexit and austerity. What about all the time she’s spent sending weekly letters to Corbyn demanding eg that he abandons support for Palestinians right of return? What about the morning she spent leading a ‘debate’ about alleged ‘incitement’ in Palestinian school materials? That last one just happened to be on the day that Israel was due to demolish the Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar btw

  6. One thing these people are not short of is Irony – There I finally found something Jeremy Corbyn was wrong about 🙂

  7. It’s becoming quite obvious that a number of right wing/ anti Corbyn Labour MPs are not very bright !!

  8. The ” distraction ” is Ryan herself , her actions have effectively provided the smoke screen for the Tories and their actions against her constituents and de facto the CLP membership
    The arrogance in Ryan’s statement ” it took a lot of hard work” illustrates clearly her self centred nature , contrast with Corbyn and his nature and it is like the proverbial chalk and cheese .
    One hopes that there will be a majority of supporters at the meeting in order to pass the no confidence motion in Ryan and the CLP will be free of this one sided MP who puts her private agenda before the good of the many constituents who desperately need a Labour Govt lead by Corbyn

    1. What a cheek! Her majority went up last year because of the Corbyn Effect! Some people have no gratitude.

  9. It would have been good to see the whole message – so we could assess how likely her plea is to succeed, or whether it will encourage Labour Members to come in force to support the motion.

  10. Questions:
    1. Is there some way to avoid Labour’s spending on the next election being dissipated – effectively added to the Tory pot – by supporting these right wing pseudo-socialists’ election expenses?
    I’d hate for the money honest Labour members contributed to be wasted on getting right wingers elected – obviously it’s for individual members to decide where and how they spend their own time.

    2. If you lived near Preston and had no attachment to the town or interest in local matters who would you canvass for, say within about 15 miles, given that Mark Hendrick has a 15.7K majority?

    1. At the last general election, you could contribute via a Labour Party website to a particular constituency campaign. I used it as I certainly did not want my money going to someone who was not worth supporting or who did not need it.

      Failing that, you could look up the address and send a cheque, I suppose.

  11. ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

    Except that at the end the last three words ryan says are: ‘OUR party’s values’

    Yes – the final three words.

    It’s surely no coincidence that like screeching, ‘moan cryin’ is adopting a more ‘conciliatory’ tone in it’s death throes, isn’t it?

    Democracy is Domestos to that lot. Bleach the lot of them into oblivion.

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