Oops: Guido screws up – highlights 15.5% FEWER Jewish people thinking of leaving UK under Corbyn

Hard-right smear site Guido Fawkes opens its big, ugly trap and insert a ‘strangely small’ foot yesterday when it tried to propagate the claim that a Corbyn government would trigger an exodus of Jewish people from the UK:

fawkes oops.png

Like the rest of the Establishment, Fawkes wants people to believe that this represents a grave worsening of the situation.

However, three and a half years ago – when Ed Miliband was Labour leader – the 2015 version of the survey was highlighted by the Guardian. And it showed that fifty-four percent of Jewish people feared they had no future in the UK. Miliband was, of course, Jewish – and attacked antisemitically by the Establishment.

Author Michael Rosen was quick to spot the significant of this:

rosen 14.png

Actually, Michael, that’s not quite right.

If you look at the detail of the Fawkes nonsense – yes, it’s painful but in this case the SKWAWKBOX braved it for its readers (and will be undergoing decontamination as soon as this article is finished).

The visit revealed that Fawkes is ’rounding up’ for effect and the current number of Jews who are considering leaving the UK is actually thirty-eight point five percent:

gf 38.png

Which means that the ‘Corbyn effect’ is even bigger: 15.5%. fewer Jewish people are considering leaving the UK.

That is still, of course, far too high a number. But with the rise of right-wing groups in Europe – including overtly racist governments in some Eastern European countries and a right-wing party in Austria proposing to force Jews to register if they want to buy kosher food – that’s hardly surprising.

Even in the UK, worrying numbers of people have expressed support for far-right groups – yet with Corbyn as Labour leader, the number of Jewish people considering leaving has fallen.

It’s a very different story from the prevailing Establishment line – and one you’re unlikely to hear or see highlighted in the mainstream media.

But Guido Fawkes managed to flag it, albeit accidentally.


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  1. Anyone who from the left who reads Guido’s rancid outpourings deserves a medal.

    1. I once spent some time in the Guido Fawkes forum and had to leave because I felt so depressed. It’s full of racists and sexists who say really abusive things. Guido has some front even talking about this issue when he runs a cess pool website.

      1. I agree.

        Depressingly I’ve noticed a pattern with RT and Sputnik as well. There’s a definite pattern of sexism ie. tabloid style articles accompanied by thumbnails of scantily clad women etc.

        There’s also a blatant transphobic agenda being pushed by RT which has shocked me. I don’t understand Russia’s hatred of all things LGBT.

        It’s a shame because there is some very useful reporting within RT. But I shall avoid it from now on.

  2. A few observations and a prediction.

    1. fawkes is undoubtedly a simpleton, incapable of holding his own p1$$. He’ll still think he’s clever by blaming the left.

    2. Michael Rosen obviously knows fawkes’ deficiencies and chose to go off the headline rather than actually go to the godawful, advertisement-riddled webshite and read the ‘article’ for himself. (Shrewd choice.)

    3. I predict berger will either avoid this or dismiss it outright, if confronted with it.

  3. Dear Skwawkbox. You made a very common mistake by saying that the number of Jews wanting to leave dropped by 15.5%.

    The correct thing to say is that the proportion dropped by 15.5 percentage points, which is completely different.

    If you recall what a percentage decrease is, it is the fraction change/original number, converted into a percentage. Therefore, the change is 15.5 percentage points over 54, which gives a decrease of 28.7%.

    28.7% less Jews want to leave the UK.

    Maths is my gig, by the way.

    1. I’d like to add that it would be very uncommon and quite correct to express a change in proportion the way I did in my example (28.7% less) since the absolute number of Jews in the UK does change year on year (immigration, emigration, birth, death…).

      So it would be better and simpler to stick to “a change of 15.5 percentage points.”

    2. Not LESS Jews, FEWER…

      Pedantic attitude to minor grammatical error is my gig, by the way. 🙂

      1. You’re right but I have to say it’s difficult to proof read when rushing to right sitting on the bus.

        Finding reasons to deflect blame is another gig of mine.

    3. Thinking of it, if the number of Jews living in the UK fell down dramatically since 2015, those finding would not be good news at all. It would show that a high number of Jews did act and actually left…

  4. Mathematically, it is even better !
    From 54% to 38.5% is a reduction of 15.5 percentage points.
    The actual % reduction is 28 %

  5. Would it be a bad thing if all LFI supporters, actually fuck off to Israel,because that is the nation they support!

  6. If ANY Jewish people are seriously considering leaving the UK if JC becomes PM, then apart from those who are politically motivated to say as much (and who know full well that the whole thing is a smear campaign), then THEY are the victims of the ‘anti-semitic’ smear campaign, and have been led to feel the way they do precisely because of it. And THAT of course is despicable beyond words – ie creating anxiety and consternation in people for political ends. Totally abhorrent and disgusting.

      1. Anti-Semitism won’t be the real reason for Jewish people leaving the UK even if it does happen more once Labour is in government – their own anti-Socialism will be the real reason whatever they say, as everyone here knows.

        Unless, that is, the AS mongers get so slipshod with their lies that the general population finally see the real motive behind their pretended ‘fears’.

        The far right will think it’s Christmas.

  7. Why dont more people visit guido fawkes and other sites that hold views that are often the antithesis of our own. Isnt this the whole point. Too many of us feel safe having our views and opinions ratified and validated rather than having them challenged and berated. Im in no psition to judge as i go on but dont say a word but ive read contributers on this and other left wing sites who could do some re- educating and spread the knowledge and the truth. I know people will say it is pointless task and the real enemy are those labourlist faux socialist light supporters but i feel we need to be convincing other potential comrades who didnt realise that they had red rather than red white and blue blood coarsing through their veins.

    Niave or what?

  8. My question is why? Why would these Jews want to leave?

    Is it because they’re rich and they fear being taxed more? Is that what this is really about – class?

    I know of two disabled people who would love to leave the UK so they could live in a more civilised country where they are valued and protected instead of being punished and demonised for being sick. But they don’t have the luxury of being able to leave.

  9. Has Guido ever pointed out that according to Haaretz, because of fraught living conditions more Jews are leaving Israel than arriving?
    And where are many of them going? According to the Jerusalem Post this week:-

    “Israeli emigration to the United Kingdom surpassed British immigration to the Jewish State by three-to-two, offsetting any Israeli population gains caused by aliya, according to a new report released Wednesday.”


  10. https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-more-israelis-left-israel-than-moved-back-data-reveals-1.5442809

    From the Haaretz ‘comments’ section:-

    “Z.Latz 01:04 09.01.2018
    This is an official number, which does not represent the reality. I’m sure the number of israelis leaving each year is at least 30,000-40,000 and climbing. Not many people want to continue living in a place where radical nationalism is rising, many more people wearing kippah and tzitzit, where the whole mini-state is getting surrounded by a 10 meter high concrete wall, where the government keeps controlling the lives of 3.5 million Palestinians, and trying to control the place of muslim prayers, Temple Mount, which is 1300 years old.And this is just a tip of the iceberg”.

  11. Those Jews who want to leave, who are we to stop them?
    If they actually believe they are safer in their homeland than here in this Country, then stop your “RHETORIC” and leave quietly!
    Stop blaming Jeremy Corbyn and those you believe are anti-semitic, for your continually harping about what it is and who it is and who is causing your missguided assumptions that make you go against this man and those who back him, knowing he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body!
    Those who push the myth and lies are in the minority, along with the Right Wing Media who are only interested in their rights to write lies, fake news and propaganda!
    Because of the popularity of Jeremy Corbyn and his totally different way of doing politics!
    As the old adage of the right goes, if your not doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear!
    It does appear, the Right, have lots to hide!

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