Wirral Labour echoes ‘choreographed’ smear accusation – and calls for national investigation

On Saturday, the SKWAWKBOX revealed the damning letter sent by members of Wirral West Labour party, accusing a Labour councillor, the council leader, Birkenhead MP Frank Field and others of a ‘choreographed political attack’ on pro-Corbyn members – and their Corbyn-supporting, front-bench MP.

Now, in an even more dramatic development, Wirral District Labour Party – representing Labour members in the entire Wirral peninsula – has echoed Wirral West in damning the behaviour of Labour officials, elected and unelected in an open letter.

It has also asked Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby to launch an immediate formal investigation:

wirral labour highlighted.png

The comment about ghost-writing spin-doctors refers to the SKWAWKBOX’s exclusive revelation that the ‘author’ of a centrist councillor’s vicious resignation letter was not the councillor, but a PR professional closely linked to the council leader.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The allegations on the Wirral are a dramatic representation of the behaviour of the Labour right across the country as so-called ‘moderates’ scrabble to hold onto control at a local level.

The condemnation of using the serious issue of bullying as a political football could also be applied to other themes – as could the response the letter recommends.

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  1. Payback to field, eagle & mcgovern for treating their members like sh*te and their CLP’s as their own personal fiefdoms.

    There’s no disguising it now…The worm’s turned. The ‘plebs’ are sick to their back teeth of the lot of ya.

    eagle & mcgovern and their supporters in WBC should all be left in NO DOUBT they’ll be going the same way. eagle’s already used groundless (malicious) accusations of vandalism, bullying and homophobia – backed up by local councillors who made/ bore false witness to those claims on eagle’s behalf. They’ll be punted alongside eagle and it’ll be no surprise to see them risibly attempt a go at antisemitism and/or a repeated claim of bullying once their turn comes, a-la field & sullivan.

    mcgovern will just turn on the taps as she usually does. She doesn’t do anything else BUT whinge. She can’t make a claim of antisemitism in her CLP because a recently elected councillor in her constituency is jewish. Might not stop mcgovern from trying, though. They’ll use anything they can, no matter how futile. They certainly put the ‘tory’ in ‘Nugatory’.

    Nevertheless, nobody’ll be convinced by any of it, despite the MSM spinning their usual crud on their behalf.

  2. The much touted International definition of Anti-semitism, effectively makes all and any Criticism of the Israeli State’s actions over Palestine impossible, as all such criticism is deemed Anti-Semitic. Which is untrue.
    No other Country or State in the World enjoys such freedom from criticism as Israel does by citing the catch all phrase of Anti-Semitism.

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