Breaking: Wirral W members accuse MP, council leader, others of ‘choreographed political attack’

The SKWAWKBOX has featured some of the strange events on Merseyside this week, as the properties of a councillor’s resignation letter – which accused local members of bullying and more – showed its ‘author’ was a senior council employee closely linked to the council leader.

The letter was published just a day after a similar attack by another senior Labour figure – and just before the resignation of the Labour whip by local MP Frank Field. A resignation by means of a letter full of smears extremely similar to that of the councillor.

The council leader appeared on BBC television on Friday evening to back Field and his comments.

Now an explosive email has been sent by Wirral West CLP (constituency Labour MP) – the local party of Corbyn-supporting front-bencher Margaret Greenwood – to all members in the constituency.

The email accuses some of those involved in the above drama of “dirty politics” and a “choreographed political attack” on pro-Corbyn Labour members in Wirral West and on their MP:

ww lab email highlighted.png

Councillor Davies, Frank Field and the others have been contacted for comment.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The behaviour of the Labour right on the Wirral has brought the party into disrepute – but it is an exemplar of attempts across the country by right-wingers to undermine the party’s electability for their own narrow political ends.

For the sake of Labour members and people across the country desperate for Labour government, the party must act decisively.

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  1. So these right wingers within Labour don’t care about the 120,000 deaths caused by Tory austerity. Their priority is fictional bullying.

  2. Repeat: Error in Introduction. The intro where CLP is explained as : Constituency Labour MP, should read: Constituency Labour Party. Most people on here know of course, but always good to get right. The other thing is I too saw C4 News report where not one balancing view from opposers to Frank Field was given. The Wirral Council Leader was given a slot to denigrate all members of Field’s CLP in Birkenhead by saying they (all) shouted down people but could give no evidence. Completely engineered . There was also a call for ‘London’s help from the CLP chair who said he had received no such help – , and that was on the ITV News at 6.30 which was a little more balanced with vox pops all against Field. I was a good Press Officer and am a Corbyn supporter, and can give my bona fides. So if the Chair would like my help contact me by leaving a message here and I will get a contact detail through.

    1. Bullying: Who was leader of the Labour Party when an octogenarian refugee from Nazi Germany was forcibly evicted from the Labour Party Conference hall (despite being an accredited delegate) and was then threatened with arrest under anti-terrorism laws when he tried to re-enter?

      Can anyone remember who was in charge back in those halcyon days?

      If you find out, please let David Blunkett know.


  3. ‘…The people of Wirral West (I will say, of the whole of Britain) need a Labour government and we are determined not to be distracted from that goal…’
    They have partially succeeded in distracting us from achieving that goal. We are no longer debating pressing questions of the day, which are adequately addressed by our excellent manifesto, but are stuck in having to expend negative energy defending against fictitious claims – from within – of one form or another.

    My suggestion is, since appeasement is not working, let us single out the ring-leaders of this right-wing insurgency and expel them from the party. Their number (MP’s that is) can’t exceed 20. This will not make any difference in the parliamentary arithmetic when a crucial vote is taken to topple this Conservative-led government. The number of Conservative rebels far out-number them. Besides, they have been defying the whip any way. It’s now time for that decisiveness.

    They can’t debate us on the contents of our manifesto which gives hope to the many, not the few. Hence the constant distractions aided and abetted by the MSM. The sooner we act decisively by ridding ourselves of these fifth-columnists and re-focusing on promoting our manifesto, the better.

  4. Great story, but may I suggest you use a proof reader to add more credibility to your work. It looks like lazy (Grauniad) journalism when simple errors have not been corrected. All in all I am very happy with the way Skwawkbox has progressed during recent months; especially in the current minefield of investigative journalism.

  5. Ivan Caplan on the Guardian site saying that the JLM are “honest brokers” in the dispute and that the row could affect Labour’s election chances (as if that wasn’t the whole bloody aim of him and his mates creating the row in the first place).
    The dishonesty of these people beggars belief.

    1. Shoddy stuff by me – his name is Ivor Caplin! You’d have thought that I might have got one name right!

  6. During the three years of Corbyn’s Labour leadership, the association of antisemitism with the Labour Party has been a relentless media narrative. The 2,087 articles published in that time have come at an average of nearly two per day.

    Yet in more than six and a half years prior to his election, just 178 articles were published associating the Party with antisemitism, at an average of one every fortnight. Is antisemitism 25 times more prevalent in the Party now?


  7. As we all know, the black propaganda operation to demonise Jeremy Corbyn as anti-semitic has trawled through numerous videos etc from the past (before he was elected leader) to find anything they can to distort and misrepresent so as to paint him as such, practically NONE of which they had an issue with at the time, if any – ie the Jewish newspapers, the MSM and the Blairites, that is.

    The CAA is well aware of this of course – ie this disparity – and so in their petition they explain away the lack of any criticism at the time of these ‘events’, as they describe them, as follows:

    ‘For weeks, events from Jeremy Corbyn’s disturbing past have trickled into the light. Among his many acts during his time as a backbench MP, when he could speak his mind without fear of scrutiny…….’

    The implication is of course that if you were a backbench MP, then the things he is now accused of – AND what he is alleged to be – were of no interest to the Jewish newspapers and the MSM etc precisely because he WAS only a backbench MP, and if THAT is the case, then presumably it was of even LESS interest to them if LP councillors or LP members etc said something that they deemed to be anti-semitic. And yet NOW – in the past three years since he became leader – suddenly just about EVERYONE on the left is under scrutiny, and anyone on the left of the LP who THEY deemed to have said something anti-semitic IS of interest and concern to them!

    The reality is of course – to further expose this black propaganda op for what it is – that HAD the leader of the LP been critical of Israel and supportive of the Palestinians at the time of these ‘events’ by JC, they WOULD have been taken up by the Jewish newspapers et al – ie the fake and fraudulent accusers, that is – so as to demonise and undermine him or her.

  8. In other word, to summarise the above:

    PRIOR to JC becoming leader THEY *DIDN’T* have any inclination to scrutinise LP members etc (on the left) to unearth any anti-semitic remarks (as they deemed them to be), but SINCE he became leader suddenly they *DID*.

    And the reality is of course that if the present LP leader were from the right-wing of the party AND uncritical of Israel, then NONE of the allegations of A/S that HAVE been made WOULD have been made!

  9. After some consideration I have come to the conclusion brothers and sisters that we are falling for a trap by being reactive to the constant attacks when perhaps we need to be setting the agenda.
    So dear Skwawkbox and all socialists, the charges against us are being addressed.
    So time to get off our knees and put down the defensive shield, the infantile fake stories will keep coming from the politically desperate.
    But time to take back control, just ignore them, let’s turn up the heat against the Real Barbarians – the Tories and the likes of Trump in the US, as working people are being hammered by them and people internationally are being hammered too such as the poor 5m Palestinian Refugees who are being pressured to give up their Right to Return by hundreds of millions of US aid cuts when the RTR would aid a peace process.
    So let’s get back to focus too on poverty pay, lack of decent housing, privatisation rip offs like rail etc.etc. and highlight again these as issues!
    Time to take back control of the agenda.
    ‘They beat you with the Barbarian’s stick.
    Before we realised we could smashthem with a mighty inrellectual kick!’
    Fight back brothers and sisters, don’t accept their adenda, TAKE THE POWER!

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