Left sweeps the board at Birkenhead AGM


The SKWAWKBOX has featured at length the ‘choreographed‘ smears by now-independent MP Frank Field and a string of councillors and local Labour figures. Happily, it seems to be failing to ‘cut through’.

At the Birkenhead constituency Labour party (CLP) on Friday night the left swept the board, taking all the executive and officer positions.

The CLP had already voted heavily in favour of a no-confidence motion in Field well before he resigned the Labour whip – and it looks likely that there will be clear red water between the next Labour candidate and Field, if the latter chooses to try to contest the next parliamentary election.

Clearly Field is not missed by many in what used to be his local party.

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  1. Does increasing success of the Left increase the likelihood of May calling another snap election?
    I’m assuming she’d prefer to risk losing to today’s Labour than one fully behind Corbyn.
    If Labour won with the right wingers still in place they could argue that ‘the centre’ won the election.
    The Tories would absolve themselves of responsibility for Brexit’s outcome at the same time as putting the Corbyn project back five years.
    Please tell me I’m wrong?

  2. Birkenhead putting Wallasey to shame. I never once thought I’d see it.

    Pull yer finger out, Wallasey ffs. A few local councillors were out getting signatures against the threatened closure of the walk-in centre in Liscard on Saturday. The look I got when I asked them where they were for the fire station closure petition…

    It might be that Birkenhead’s waking up; but it appears the rest of Wirral’s – Wallasey especially – is still infested.

  3. All is not quite as rosy as it seems. Take it from some well-connected people who have had a very close eye on the would-be replacements.

    You cannot start with a clean slate after being plunged deep into 39 years of mendacity. It would be a serious error of judgment by @birkolabour to anoint Wirral Council “Racism champion” Tony Norbury as a “left wing” candidate before doing their own due diligence.

    Check out the Twitter timeline of @wirral_in_it with searches for the keyword “@TonyNorbury2”. This needs to be researched and the question asked, “Why hasn’t Councillor Norbury, Labour’s alleged” “racism champion”, taken steps to investigate Frank Field’s election agent Councillor George Davies?”

    Please @birkolabour and the people of Birkenhead… be vigilant. Whatever you do, be careful you don’t replace a dud with a *sleeper* who may possibly have been groomed for purpose as Field’s retirement approaches.

    With a general election more than likely, I’ve placed an FOI request for Norbury’s voting record to get an idea of how truly left wing he is.

    He’s been a Councillor since early 2012.


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