“Inappropriate”, “unaccountable” – letter from branch to Field’s CLP lays bare dissatisfaction

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As the SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively in late July, Birkenhead constituency Labour party (CLP) overwhelmingly voted no confidence in him – and to demand the withdrawal of the Labour whip from him – well before he opted to resign the whip on Thursday.

Jumping before he was pushed, with maximum publicity.

But a letter sent by one of the CLP’s branches makes clear the genesis of the CLP’s decision – and the depth of dissatisfaction felt by Birkenhead members in their then-MP’s inappropriate conduct and lack of accountability:

bidston highlighted.png

The branch felt so strongly that Field could not remain as their MP that it brought an emergency motion for the late July meeting rather than wait until normal meetings resume after September’s conference to ask for the whip to be withdrawn – a move that would have instantly rendered Field no longer a Labour MP.

And the CLP’s delegates agreed – so strongly that the vote passed with barely a murmur of dissent.

As usual, you’re unlikely to hear this information from the BBC or read it in the press.

Field is now making noises about taking the party to court if it expels him for choosing to no longer be a Labour MP. But it’s clear that his local party felt he was not a Labour MP well before Thursday’s resignation letter.

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  1. Dunno what took Birkenhead CLP so long to get wise, meself.

    Still, got wise they have – and field’s infantile behaviour is the result. An all to predictable prognosis from the likes of him.

  2. He never once raised the AS issue and now quotes it has his reason for resigning the Whip. A little known fact which should be checked, it is claimed by some, he was he once a member of the Conservative Party?
    This would explain his affinity to Margaret Thatcher in the past and rescuing the struggling May Gov

    1. “In his youth, he was a member of the Conservative party, but he was thrown out for opposing South Africa’s apartheid system.”

      “And then there are his views on the welfare state, which place him firmly in a category all of his own, certainly within Labour. Put most simply, he believes it degrades the very people it is meant to serve, that it creates a benefit-dependent, work-shy sub-class. ‘It’s our fault as politicians to have put temptation in front of people,’ he has said. ‘If the system pays people more on incapacity benefit [than jobseekers’ allowance], it’s human nature to claim the higher amount. We have to remove the incentive.’ In short, Frank Field wants to sack the nanny from the nanny state”

      Both at; https://www.theguardian.com/society/2006/jul/02/publicservices.theobserver


      “n 2010, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron made Mr Field his poverty tsar ”

      And these are easy ones to find

    2. From Wikipedia: Field was born in London, the second of three sons. His father was a labourer in Morgan Crucible’s factory in Battersea, and his mother was a teaching assistant. His parents were Conservatives “who believed in character and pulling oneself up by one’s own bootstraps”.[5]

      Field was educated at St Clement Danes School, which was then located in Hammersmith, before studying economics at the University of Hull. In his youth he was a member of the Conservative Party, but was made to leave in 1960 because of his opposition to South Africa’s apartheid system.[6][7] He joined the Labour Party in the same year.[8] In 1964, he became a further education teacher in Southwark and Hammersmith.[9]

  3. Anyone else think the standard of jokes at John McCain and Aretha Franklin’s funerals is an embarrassment?
    Definitely not worth hour after fucking hour of unbroken BBC News coverage.
    You’d think Diana had risen again.

  4. The Liverpool Echo and Wirral Globe should be hanging their heads in shame.

    Their umbrella organisations “Reach PLC” and “Newsquest” respectively are private concerns owning hundreds of titles. These are engaged in either positively spinning the hard right Labour corner or failing to report crucial left wing political developments to their readers the length and breadth of the country across local battlegrounds.

    It’s their unspoken strategy. We raised an adult social services scandal in Reading recently, could not get it into the press for love nor money, but still managed to have the Council’s abusive Head of Adult Social Services removed using the power of social media.

    As Corbyn inches ever closer to Number 10 Downing Street, these tax avoiders will be digging in and protecting their bottom line, which is the ability to turn a profit by pulling the wool over our eyes and manipulating their content.

    It’s gonna get even dirtier than it is right now, here on Merseyside.

  5. Just seen a great piece on Field by Bob Pitt on the Labour Briefing website.
    If we had only had social media and sites like Skwawkbox in those days!

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