Video: LBC’s Labour-critic Maajid Nawaz in ‘look like a Jew’ stereotype during show

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LBC’s Maajid Nawaz has been one of the most vocal right-wingers in his attempts to paint the Labour Party as antisemitic – often making no attempt to disguise his contempt for the left in the process:

nawaz contempt.png

But while such accusations against Labour leader and lifelong anti-racism activist Jeremy Corbyn are patent nonsense, Mr Nawaz himself will struggle to claim the same about himself after straying into clearly antisemitic territory during a diatribe on his radio show:

Nawaz was rightly pulled up on his comment by Twitter user Luke Collins and by others who watched the video clip Collins posted:

collins 1collins 2

The idea that Jewish people look alike is a well-known antisemitic assumption. So, to follow author Michael Rosen’s theme, which of the well-known Jewish people below was Nawaz referring to when he said “somebody who looked like a Jew“?

Maajid Nawaz was invited to comment but had not responded by the time of publication.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Not only are the smears against Jeremy Corbyn nonsensical, but many of the people making them are also shot through with hypocrisy – from the ‘Enoch Powell’ comments of a former Chief Rabbi with a history of supporting racism to the slurs of Maajid Nawaz who slips casually into a ‘Jews look alike’ comment as he develops an anti-left rant on a radio show.

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  1. The IHRA definition is constantly being described in the MSM as “Internationally recognised.”
    Surely that would only be an honest description of the situation if, say, half the world’s nations had enshrined it in their own law or if it was part of International law, whereas only a relatively few nations have formally adopted it as far as I’m aware.
    If I’m correct that “recognition” has well-defined meanings in international relations and law then this abuse of the term is a deliberate attempt to normalise the definition, avoid debate and make it appear to have been already accepted by all decent people – something I think should be firmly resisted by lawmakers everywhere.

    1. Good point David. I think 31 out of 197 countries have adopted it, so I think that’s about 12% of countries so this is perhaps stretching universally recognised a bit?

  2. Events in Chemnitz suggest that racists need little encouragement.
    Most refugees to EU at present are Muslim – it follows that greater numbers will increase anti-Muslim sentiment and aid the far right.

    Anti-Muslim feeling could be expected to reduce support in the EU for Palestinians and thus favour Israel – the nation that wishes to be seen as a bulwark against Islamist terror.
    Given its treatment of Palestinians I doubt Israel would hesitate to foment conflict in Muslim nations specifically to increase refugee numbers and thus further Europe’s grass roots support for their land grab.

  3. Look at this hypocrite! At least now we know without any doubt that this subject is only used as a tool for Labour traitors to smear the socialist project. These right wingers need to be sued for harming the real fight against racism but the board of deputies is to buzy advancing their own pro israel agenda then actually taking care of their honest constituency. i am waiting for Owen Jones reaction now… Or not…

  4. The four who kept this malicious government in power must be expelled otherwise NO one will ever vote labour get Tory government again

  5. The power & purpose of MSM is to change perceptions; even car adverts (Mitsubishi) brag about it as though that’s ok. Media Studies taught @ school or even @ university analyse how to construct CD or Magazine covers. That’s education.

  6. I know I’m a little naive about many things, despite being a very old man; but I hear & watch Media debates on refugees & migrants & where they should be allowed to settle or find sanctuary……but israel is located next to Syria…….why doesn’t MSM ask why such a modern democracy provide some of them with a home, or is there an elephant in the room & some questions must never be asked?

    1. Maajid is the stripper-loving former candidate of the Lib Dems in Brent who backed Tory calls for air strikes on Syria so his friends in ISIS could take control….

  7. Nawaz might look like a Jew ,or some Jews,because he’s racially a Semite too ! There are all kinds of Jews…Arab Jews, European Jews , American Jews, Oriental Jews, African Jews…I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Eskimo Jews…..Nawaz has fallen into the anti Semitic stereotype !
    He’s just another media attention seeker looking for ratings !! Blah blah blah

    1. Elias, your post reminds me of that old ‘favourite’ about jews…

      Two fellas in a chinese restaurant having a bit of a debate about the jewish diaspora, when one calls the waiter over:

      ‘Ere mate, do you have any Chinese jews?’ He asks

      ‘We have orange jews, tomato jews, and pineapple jews, but I’m afraid we have no chinese jews,’

      (Yes, I know – and the taxi’s on it’s way)

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