Mail’s disgrace: front-page Gaza Corbyn attack is fiction

The Daily Mail’s front page for tomorrow is a fiction, as the rag stoops to such depths in its desperation to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that it features an almost full-page misrepresentation of the deaths of forty-seven people in order to smear him:

mail front-page FAKE.jpg

The Mail’s headline claims the picture is of Corbyn laying a wreath ‘at graves of Munich terrorists’ – but the rag can’t even maintain the claim past the first paragraph, stating that instead he was ‘stand[ing] feet from the graves‘ – and that he was attending a “service to honour Palestinian ‘martyrs'”.

Not laying flowers ‘at the graves of terrorists’.

A Labour insider told the SKWAWKBOX the true story:

The ceremony that JC laid a wreath at was not for the Munich terrorists, it was for the Palestinian victims of an airstrike onTunis, where the PLO was based. The Munich people just happen to be in the same cemetery.

This is a reheated story from last year. JC said then:

“‘I was in Tunisia at a Palestinian conference and I spoke at that Palestinian conference and I laid a wreath to all those that had died in the air attack that took place on Tunis, on the headquarters of the Palestinian organisations there.

And I was accompanied by very many other people who were at a conference searching for peace.”

Was he honouring Bseiso (involved in Munich)? Not at all:

Absolutely not, we were searching for peace in the Middle East. The only way we achieve peace is by bringing people together and talking to them. That was the whole point of that conference, that’s been, frankly, the whole point of my life.

The Mail’s fake news, plastered huge across its front page, is a scandal.

But in reality it serves to shine a spotlight on the bankrupt behaviour of large parts of the ‘MSM’ since Corbyn became leader, as the BBC and the commercial outlets have continually misrepresented – and on occasion invented wholesale smears and accusations against – the Labour leader who has poured his life into promoting peace and combating bigotry.

A campaign of smears and fake news that has only intensified in recent months as the Establishment disgraces itself in its desperation to destroy his public image.

Update: analysis of the Mail’s images show no match between the images including Corbyn and the Mail’s images of the plaque for the Munich terrorists – in fact, there is a serious mismatch. Details here.

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  1. I take it that makes any Tories visiting Highgate Cemetery Marxist sympathisers?

  2. As Malcolm X said:

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

    And when he said it, he of course understood that the MSM is, in effect, the propaganda mouthpiece of the ruling elite – ie the Establishment.

    1. I’m reminded of the quote attributed to Cardinal Richelieu:

      “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.”

    2. Agree 100% Allan.
      Taking some of that power back from the MSM should be our first priority and to my mind that means now, not after the next election, because they’re already hitting 70% on the bullshitometer.
      They’ll stretch every lying sinew in the run up to announcement of the next GE and just make it more subtle during Purdah.

      I say we need our own freeview channel – Steve and others do a brilliant job but nothing compares to the gogglebox.

      WeAreCorbynTV. I’ll contribute.

      1. Yes I agree we need our own freeview channel and I would contribute too. There are thousands of Corbyn supporters who would contribute we should be able to do it.

      2. It’d be worth people monitoring phone-in shows like the Wright Stuff (about to get a name-change) on Channel 5 and call in to call out the misinformation and outright ignorance that is routinely spouted by the mostly right-wingers who feature most days.

        Falsehoods about Novichok, Russia, Corbyn, anti-semitism, etc, etc are repeated daily as gospel (despite having been disproved) to an unsuspecting, susceptible audience.

        Honestly most of these shows (on radio too) are just propagandist festivals of ignorance, usually featuring the omni-present Iain fucking Dale. Who IS that guy anyway?

      3. That’s all very well, but it’s never going to happen. And it would be immediately dismissed as ‘Left-wing’ propaganda by the propaganda shills etc anyway. The most effective – and realistic – way to get the truth out there about all the lies and smears is by putting leaflets together which expose the lies and smears, and sticking them through peoples’ doors, and the two most obvious cases to cover and expose would be the hit-jobs on Ken Livingstone and Kelvin Hopkins. And another one – just for good measure – could be about the surreptitious privatisation of the NHS by the Tories (and Blair and Co) during the past twenty-five years or so AND the fake survey of junior doctors in the Sun in December 2016. Only THEN will the people who are being hoodwinked and manipulated wake up to the fact that they are being hoodwinked and manipulated:


      4. Allan, the only reason the MSM version prevails is coverage – more people see TV & newspapers than see the counter-arguments here and elsewhere.
        Of course the right would attack with everything they have but so what? You think they’re better than us? Smarter?
        All they are is richer.
        We would have the advantage of all the best comedians (all the comedians in fact), actors, stars of movies, literature and music for people to talk about at work – and we’d have the enormous advantage of telling the truth and giving any mistakes equal prominence to the original broadcast.
        The difference will be stark and other broadcasters will be forced to follow.

        I know the opposition of the intelligentsia didn’t prevent Trump winning over there but the UK population is inherently some way to the left of the US.
        Many ordinary people in the US see the Tories as lefties – gun culture really makes for a different environment.

        Again, the “MSM effect” is all about the coverage.

        I hope it’s obvious I’m not describing something relentlessly dull and worthy with politics injected into everything – it’s got to entertain to win an audience and the advertising that follows.
        A place for ethical products to be ethically advertised might even change the business landscape for the better.

        As I understand it TV stations also make profits.

        But if you say we lefties are too poor, too stupid or too late to succeed I’m sure you must be right.

    3. I couldn’t help but notice that you put some words in my mouth at the end of your post David. Hmm……

      As I said initially, it’s never going to happen – I mean just WHO exactly would get it all together? – and I repeat, that the simplest and most effective way to get the truth out there and expose the lies is at a grassroots level, with leaflets…..

      PS And I’d be grateful if you didn’t put words in my mouth again David….. that’s the sort of thing shills do.

  3. The trouble that the msm has now is…….. ..social media. The more they behave like this, the more they undermine themselves. The Daily Fail has become a joke….as has the BBC. No-one is falling for it anymore since mass communication has exposed them. And they don’t have a clue what to do about it! …..they just keep making the same mistakes. Keep fighting comrades.

    1. ‘…The more they behave like this, the more they undermine themselves…’; Well said.
      I think we are witnessing the demise of the MSM industry, both as a business and their ability to influence opinion – thanks to social media.

      Their business model is reliant on advertising revenue – no longer on circulation sales revenue. More like football teams where gate-takings have been surpassed by ‘media’ deals – which are essentially driven by advertising revenue. With dwindling circulation/vierwership/listenership numbers, the advertisers will soon completely abandon MSM. Advertisers are exploring more direct and cheaper avenues of reaching customers, like sending ads directly to our smart phones. Whoever is financing Murdoch in his politically-driven media take-over deals is shaping up for a huge loss in the near future as Murdoch will not realize the projected revenues. That’s another taxpayer funded bail-out in the making.

      The politicians who are reliant on Murdoch to assist them in influencing public opinion are soon to realize that he can’t. The relentless and sustained attacks on Corbyn proves the point. By now, if they were effective, Labour Party members should be calling for his removal. But his popularity is still high among the members. That is what is frustrating the right-wing faction even more. Thanks to social media, people are able to filter out the ridiculous smears by the MSM.

      This leaves them – the establishment – with two options: one, control of the social media, and two, outright ban of social media. And plans are already afoot to attempt either under the pretext of ‘security’, curbing ‘extremesim’, etc. That is why we must be vigilant and confront such moves.

      1. There is also the third option – rule by fear and repression. The plans for the army to take over our streets were put in place by May when Home Sec under the guise of planning for reduction in police numbers.

        The continued attack on democracy by this authoritarian far right govt seems to be going to plan.

      2. Stewart, we’ve seen advertising explode onto our mobile devices in the last few years it’s true – but I’m not sure how much more could be forced on us before we kick back.

        Sure, TV is less and less watched by young people but older people – many of whom vote Tory – are going to be watching TV for the foreseeable future.
        New voters are great but converting a Tory voter to Labour is worth 2 new Labour voters.
        Allan, my last sentence was just to tweak your tail a little for your negativity – leaflets v. TV as a persuader? Come on.

        By “WHO exactly would get it all together?” what exactly do you mean?
        We’re too poor? Too stupid? Too late? What?

    2. A rich, corrupt minority that built a vast propaganda machine to con us that without them we’d die of starvation…

      while at the same time killing us by starvation in war and austerity…

      will hardly balk at censoring/manipulating/shutting down social media if yesterday’s lies stop working.

  4. Today’s delight is the BBC reporting on Jim Murphy taking out a full page ad in the Jewish Telegraph to attack Corbyn on anti-Semitism.

    Yes. Jim Murphy. The man who managed to lose 40 out of 41 Labour seats in Scotland. You would think after that the only thing he had to offer Labour was his permanent silence.

    1. Without Jim Murphy, Corbyn would not be leader.

      The original plan envisaged 20%-25% of MPs being required to ensure a candidate got onto the ballot paper in the latest method of choosing a leader.

      However, fearing a true Blairite could not get nominated, Murphy argued for 10% and the matter was settled at 15%.

      Round of applause for Jim Murphy!

  5. Yes the MSM are getting desperate if they need to resort to Fake News!
    But it is true that the Mail had the headline in the 1930’s “Hurrah for the Blackshirts!” (supporting Mosley’s Fascist organisation).
    I remember reading that apparently the Mail also criticised the Kinder Transport (getting Jewish kids out of Nazi Germany).
    Complaints I think are due to the toothless press body.
    JC is a star but perhaps the question is: who has a suite of computers fully staffed in a buiding somewhere that is trawling through past speeches, articles, social media comments etc. of Labour MPs, Councillors and members?
    There is a lot of talk of suspected Russian possible interference in US elections?
    But is another country interfering in ours?

    1. With May, Johnson, Raab, Gove and ghouls do we need any external influences? They have already made their pacts through the arms trade with Saudis, Israel, etc .so the influences are hardly “external”.

  6. Isreal is behind this. He’s a threat to their continued immunity from criticism for their war crimes in Palestine

    1. I think you’re right on the money there, Carol.

      In fact I reckon this Blairite break-away party we keep hearing about is just waiting for Bibi’s green light.

      Should be any day now…

  7. Corbyn was photographed laying a wreath next to a plaque commemorating Salah Khalaf, the founder of Black September, Fakhri al-Omari, the head of Black September’s organization’s department of operations and assassinations who responsible for the squad that carried out the Munich Massacre, and Hayel Abdel-Hamid, a member of the Fatah central committee and its head of security.

    Corbyn later told the Morning Star, “After wreaths were laid at the graves of those who died on that day [of an Israeli air strike in 1985] and on the graves of others killed by Mossad agents in Paris in 1991, we moved to the poignant statue in the main avenue of the coastal town of Ben Arous, which was festooned with Palestinian and Tunisian flags.”

    In fact these three men were murdered not by Mossad agents in Paris but by the Abu Nidal group in Tunis.

    In my view, Corbyn was deceived by his Tunisian hosts, exploiting the fact that he does not read Arabic, and making a complete fool of him.

    1. Could you provide us with some links so that we can see the evidence for ourselves.

      1. The link you provided shows a picture of Corbyn holding a wreath and a picture of a different wreath on a grave. It is difficult to see how these 2 images can be directly linked to each other.

        Unfortunatly it looks like you’ve been fooled by the propaganda. I suggest you look a little closer before presenting your ‘evidence’ in future.

  8. While people suggest that the MSM does not have the same influence as pre- web days is only partially true as how can we explain the fact that we have the worst sitting government since Thatcher with regards to the impact of direct policy on not only the most vulnerable but a majority of the voting public and labour still cant make clear water in the polls. People will argue that polls arent a true reflection of reality and i get this but it only takes one panelist on day time tv to propegate false news regarding the everyday standard of living/ wage depression/ employment figures etc… to reach those we hope to attract and set the narrative. I think the question is how do we decrease/ minimise/ filter the oxygen of mistruths and outright lies that permeate everyday life for those who dont read the canary/ skwawbox/ evolve etc…and engage them to see the truth

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