Excl: Bakers’ union on NEC backs Code of Conduct – attacking it through media is ‘cowardly’

BFAWU President Ian Hodson

The SKWAWKBOX spoke exclusively to Baker’s union (BFAWU) president Ian Hodson this morning about his take on the current and increasingly ridiculous smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and a full article on his hard-hitting comments will be published shortly.

But one of the key elements of the discussion was his statement about BFAWU’s take on the attacks on Labour’s Code of Conduct, which represents – according to NEC member and Momentum founder Jon Lansman – a ‘gold standard’ in the fight against antisemitism.

Asked whether BFAWU’s representative on the NEC will support the Code if the matter is brought up for discussion again at the NEC, Hodson was emphatic – and he had some strong words for those behind the attacks and the kind of tactics they are employing:

Jeremy Corbyn was one voice on the NEC when that was discussed. There was a lot of people in that room, including representatives of other unions. That’s democracy – whatever the way the vote goes, you’re tied to it whether you like it or not.

And to record that meeting and to play it in the media in the way that it was done – I think that’s appalling. And anyone who’s standing for the NEC now to do that or not to admit who it was – I think that’s cowardly and I think they should be called out for it.

BFAWU only has a single representative on the NEC and two larger, right-dominated unions have stated they will now support changing the code of conduct. But the strong voice and commitment to democracy and due process of Ian Hodson and the Bakers are an example to which the other, smaller unions on the NEC as well as the parliamentary and member representatives need to pay attention.

And to emulate.

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  1. We have Unite but how many NEC seats does this union have? My Union Unison is a disgrace and is about to face a major loss in memership including mine.

  2. Any union which attempts to shut down debate about apartheid Israel in the Labour Party is, de facto, acting as a surrogate of apartheid.

    As surrogates of racist apartheid, those right wing unions are in clear breach of Labour policy and the values of the party and should be disaffiliated from the Labour Party.

  3. Ian Hodson shouls also explain to his NEC collegues that backing off will only make things worse. These people, the labour right wings and other israeli apologists, who last interest is to really tackle racism, have childish behaviour and they don’t understand anything else but strength and stability (have you heard those words somewhere already?). So as John McDonel just did yesterday, stand to your words, don’t back off and putt these divisives bullies back to bed, that is a way better strategy.

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