Excl: Mail’s ‘terrorist grave’ pics – ‘NO match to Corbyn wreath images’

It’s been a weekend of desperate Corbyn smears by the Mail. Today’s Mail on Sunday attacks Corbyn for attending the wedding of a man who is then alleged to have done something four years later.

On Saturday, the rag showed a series of images it claimed proved that Jeremy Corbyn had laid a wreath at the grave of Munich terrorists in Tunis.

But while presented as if they’re a self-evident match, the reality looks very different – and the key is in the very commemorative plaque at which the paper claimed Corbyn was laying a wreath.

The Mail published images of a plaque marking the graves of the Munich terrorists. But that marker has a very distinctive, wide, rough-hewn stone base:

tunis plinth1
An image of a different event – one that is at the Munich graves

tunis gravestunis plinth

However, in most of the pictures published of Corbyn allegedly at the grave no marker is in sight:

corb tunis 2

But in the one picture that does show a commemorative marker, the distinctive stone base is missing – the plaque near Corbyn clearly has a narrow base, allowing feet and legs on the other side to be visible:

corb tunis

The SKWAWKBOX asked a graphics expert to analyse the whole series of images to see whether there is anything in them to indicate Corbyn was at the graves of the Munich terrorists. The response came back:

There is absolutely nothing in those two pictures to suggest the grave in the wide shot that includes Corbyn is the same as the close up. There’s nothing similar in the two photographs at all apart from the red shelter – which could be widespread across the graveyard – and the fact both images are in colour.

The Mail had people visit the cemetery in Tunis to take pictures. These were apparently the best they came back with.

Tell people what to see and they’ll often think they see it. But in this case a closer look at the evidence suggests that Corbyn – at least in the evidence that has been released, which would presumably be the strongest available – was not standing at the graves of the Munich terrorists and was, as he has said all along, laying a wreath at the graves of those killed in an airstrike.

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  1. Spot on Steve. Also, if you look at the photo showing the whole courtyard covered by the roof, you will see there are several black poles (in the pic with Corbyn, you can see to the left of that pic a pole with a white chain attached) There is absolutely no evidence to say or show which pole he was stood by.

  2. A concrete example of “fake news”. Might be worth pointing out the next time MSM bang on about “fake news” on social media.

  3. You have digitally altered the first picture to make it look like the plaque base is wide.

    Everyone – download the picture and you can clearly see they have added thickness on the left. Other photos of the same event show the same man standing at the same spot with the same base shown in the Mail’s photos.

    Desperate, desperate stuff.

    1. Who are you saying has altered the pics? Those images are taken from the Twitter feed of a Tory journalist who is claiming they prove Corbyn was there. The only alteration has been the addition of the text and arrows pointing to the plaque bases. The legs and feet of the people standing behind the ‘Corbyn’ plaque are clearly visible.

      The exact same image you are claiming has been altered on the Daily Mail site here. There feet are still visible https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/newpix/2018/08/10/22/4F002E0400000578-6048807-image-a-77_1533936200539.jpg

      The image showing the wide base of the ‘Munich’ plaque is also available on the Daily Mail site here https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/newpix/2018/08/10/21/4F000C8D00000578-6048807-image-a-64_1533934470829.jpg

      It matches. If you are suggesting this blog has altered anything, you’re a fool or a troll.

  4. Nope. I am referring to the very first picture in your article. The one you captioned with “one that is at the Munich graves”. This has been digitally altered to make the base seem like a larger block of stone.


    This is the unaltered photo and it is the same, boulder-like plinth shown in the Mail’s photos.

    Retract your article.

    1. BWB, you may have misunderstood the point SB was making – look BELOW the approximately one inch thick rectangular plaque in SB’s photo carrying the label “NO WIDE STONE BASE.”
      Trousers of the two gentlemen standing behind and the tip of one shoe belonging to a third gentleman can clearly be seen.
      Given the size of the roughly-hewn base of the plaque in both the photo you linked to and SB’s first photo carrying the label “WIDE STONE BASE” – whether or not they look exactly the same – it would clearly be impossible to see those trousers and that shoe.

      1. I considered your argument but it doesn’t stand up.

        The photo from the Mail shows the boulder tapers away at the sides, therefore permitting the view you describe.

      2. The boulder is not there in that picture at all. You can see straight past a narrow base to what’s beyond – and the picture matches the Mail’s exactly apart from the added arrow and text. Now jog on.

    2. That image is not at the same event. The article points out that it is the ‘Munich’ grave site, but that’s not when Corbyn was in attendance. Even the Fail doesn’t try to claim it is. Stop trolling or you’ll be marked as a spammer and unable to comment

    3. Bird. I wouldn’t waste your time if I were you, because we all know that unless you wanted to commit political suicide, no politician is going to lay a wreath at the grave of the Munich terrorists, and anyone with just a tiny bit of intelligence would know that. And this is the Daily Mail after all!

  5. This blog used to give us news on the corruption of the Tory party.
    Recently all it seems to have done is put out negative news about the Labour party or try to defend the Labour party from negative news.
    Whilst the latter issues need to be dealt with I think the best form of defence is attack and so perhaps we could have a few stories that have nothing to do with Labour and everything to do with the horror show that is this Government.

    1. Tories are on their holidays and Johnson’s racism is being reasonably well covered in msm and elsewhere, so it hasn’t yet needed to feature prominently here. In the meantime, there are battles to be won against attempts to neuter the party by its own right wing.

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