Of course he wasn’t dancing. THIS is Corbyn dancing

If a claim is so ridiculous that even the Daily Mail decides to pull it, it’s a strong clue.

The Sun ‘newspaper’ has published a ludicrous claim that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was filmed dancing on the way to the Cenotaph for today’s service of Remembrance. It was initially also published by the Mail’s online version, but quickly pulled.

The claim was based on a series of stills designed, selected to make it appear as if Corbyn was skipping, twinkle-toed, to the Cenotaph. But to give that impression they had to crop out a veteran he was walking alongside.

If the images were of Corbyn dancing, he’s an accomplished dancer. I’ve seen him dance – and that is not him dancing. He has many great qualities, but a talent for dance is not one of them.

This is him dancing:


If the newspaper had claimed it was Barack Obama dancing, it would be credible:

obama dancing.gif

Here are the unedited pictures of Corbyn emphatically not dancing:

not dancing.jpg


Rather, he’s simply jogging to catch up with a veteran to walk alongside him.

Corbyn’s a ‘people person’. People people do that – they’ll make an effort to connect, rather than ignore them.

As if you needed one, it’s just yet another reason to not buy the Sun.


Even the Sun has now withdrawn the article – clicking on the link now returns a ‘404 not found’ error.

The only people who still appear to be defending this nonsense are a freelance photographer apparently seeking attention and the ridiculous Alain Tolhurst, the Sun’s ‘digital politics editor’, both of whose Twitter feeds still feature the uncorrected claims as of 23.38hrs 13/11/16:


Perhaps Tolhurst’s bosses at the Scum, who have realised how stupid they made themselves look, should have a word.

And Mr Corbyn should certainly be having a word with his lawyers.


  1. Seems the S*n has just pulled the article. So the only people still standing up the photos are PoliticalPics and Alan_Tolhurst (“Digital Politics Editor” of the S*n)… seriously if ever there was a non-job for someone who failed at journalism class that has to be it! He’s just spent today stitching the photos together to make a gif. I wonder if he wakes up in the morning and thinks “I hate my life… put the pay is to good to get a real job”.

  2. I sent in a complaint to ipso total waste of time I know, there was also a story about a house next to his up for sale for just under a million so I looked at the comments, a couple of people said how stupid it was none mentioned how long ago he bought it and that he’s still paying a mortgage not and not ripping of tax payers. Other numb skulls fell for it hook line and sinker, how the hell can those idiots be educated to see the S*n for what it really is a filthy lieing rag I wouldn’t even put on the compost heap!

  3. Shun the Sun. And stop buying from firms advertising in the SUN. Pocket protest revolution. Beats banners, demos and writing letters. But you could do that as well.

  4. Things like this are so ridiculous you have to laugh, but nonetheless, they have a real long term effect on public perception and voter intentions. Plenty of people will have seen it and believed it and let it sink into their subconscious even if the story was later removed. I don’t understand why freedom of the press incorporates freedom to blatantly and shamelessly lie in such a way as to undermine effective democracy. It’s not enough to shun the Sun (and the mail). Stronger action is needed.

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